Evolution begins with inner silence. When we take the time to sit in stillness and connect with the earth we begin to connect to the intricate energetic web of the universe of which we are all a part; of which we emerged!

In order to evolve spiritually we must recognize ourselves as creators within creation itself. We have to begin to focus on the strengthening of our energetic frequencies in alignment with those of the Earth and the Universe because as we come into balance with those congruently, our evolution begins.

It seems that our ability to cosmically evolve lies in our potential to merge as light beings or pure energy and into a collective consciousness that exists beyond Earth as eternal consciousness, whether we choose to manifest ourselves into human form again, or not. Suffice it to say that the only thing that we should truly be concerned with, while in human form or as pure consciousness, is loving creativity and selfless acts of creation.

As we evolve we open ourselves to the flow of the universe and we come to fully trust and surrender in the process of life while knowing that we have everything we need. With our focus on shifting our consciousness we are able to acknowledge and attain a transcendent level that allows us to access new realms of our spiritual deepening and growth. It is within these transcendent realms that we begin to witness and observe the acts of creation as they unfold and we recognize ourselves as creator and co-creator. We are moving into the process of self-conscious evolution and are beginning to realize that there are no limitations as to what we can manifest and create for ourselves in this beautiful journey of life on Earth.

The Earth doesn’t think about anything; she exists and she creates. An amazing teacher for us, here to remind us who we are as creators and co-creators who let our consciousness interact and dance with the fields of energy within the center of consciousness within us and the Creator Source that exists all around us. All we have to do is surrender and trust with the totality of our hearts and our souls; to let our passions take over and lead us in the magnificent dance with all of creation.

And so we dance, in carefree and wild abandon with the stars as our partners, our heartbeats as one with the entire universe, our every breath the breath of this precious life. Exuberant and alive we come to know why the wolf howls and why the horse gallops and why the whale breaches. We recognize why the wind sometimes dances lightly and why at other times it rushes with great force, and why the thunder and lightning explode with such mighty force. It is the grandest celebration of creation.