How Do You Define What You Can’t Explain?

It is not definable. When you practice it, you perceive it. If you try to understand it, you block it. Don’t see it as something difficult or complex, because it is not something from another world; it is just silencing the mind. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

I have to admit that no matter how hard I have been trying there are just no words coming so I am posting some quotes that I find valuable. Feedback, thoughts and your quotes welcome, thanks for reading!

This is the nature of sorcerers’ knowledge; take it or leave it. You cannot reason it out; it is not possible to “verify it” intellectually. The only thing we can do with it is to put it into practice, exploring the extraordinary possibilities within our being.The power that governs us has granted us a choice. Either we spend life prowling around our familiar habits, or we encourage ourselves to get to know other worlds. The only thing which can give us the necessary jolt is the awareness of death.

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