Warriors are people of awareness who have been led to power by an omen, awakening, or intuition. No longer content to live life in an ordinary way, they choose the life of the warrior in order to touch the unknown. They are committed to cutting through the illusory world of man-made concepts in order to strengthen their connecting link with spirit.

These warriors do not bear arms; they arm themselves with awareness and are committed to assuming responsibility for their actions. They liberate themselves from self-importance by not taking anything personally. They adhere to the warrior’s way of humility and fluidity without self-indulgence.

The warrior shatters the mirror of self-reflection. They recognize that their own reflection serves as a distraction and can defeat their goal of attaining total freedom. The warrior knows that the position of self-reflection forces the assemblage point to assemble a world of sham compassion and pity. They choose, instead, to live in the moment and keep their assemblage points fluid.

Warriors are observers. They watch everything and recognize it for what it is. They know that they are constantly surrounded by a beautiful mystery that reveals information, knowledge, and awareness at the moment that it becomes necessary. A warrior is in the flow of Source energy and trusts that they will always have what they need.

A warrior is dedicated to the practice of recapitulation because they know that the recapitulation will allow them to amass the energy that is necessary for them to attain access to their double, their dreaming body, so they can enter into seeing. They are diligent in this practice because they recognize the ability that they have for returning to the abstract, Source energy, in a state of total awareness. Because of this, a warrior looks forward, not back.

The warrior’s love is the Earth. They know that the Earth provides nourishment, healing, shelter, and energy for them. They know that in the final moments of their lives, it is the energy of the Earth that gives them their final boost and propels them into freedom, into the universal flow of awareness for which they have prepared themselves.

Most of all, a warrior has set the intention to be their own person, a person of creativity who lives within constant acts of co-creation and rides the ebb and flow of life, of eternity. As more and more warriors emerge, we will have no choice but to evolve by looking forward. Humanity is once again aligning to the natural rhythm and flow of the universe in an extraordinary and mysterious dance of awareness!

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