Moving the Assemblage Point of the Earth

The task which my teacher gave me, and my mission as a nagual for the era which is commencing, is to move the assemblage point of the Earth. Just like the other world has its mobile unit– the inorganic beings– Earth also has one, and it’s us. We are children of the Earth. The movement of the assemblage point of a sufficient number of warriors can change the modality of the time, and that is what I am working towards. We are children of the Earth, it is our ultimate source. The option of sorcerers is to unite with the awareness of the Earth, for as long as the Earth will live. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters With The Nagual

Shaman, medicine people, seers and spiritualists of long ago and to this day hold the awareness that we are all connected in the intricate, elaborate and delicate web of life in spite of the fact that so many people believe that we are separate and that we are born alone, live alone and die alone. Many have lost the connection of oneness and no longer or refuse to perceive the fact that everyone and everything on this Earth is a necessary piece of the whole.

A perfect example is the near extinct giant sequoia. Sequoia DNA shows that there is salmon in it. The circle is such: A bear catches a salmon and eats some of it and leaves the rest. A wolf grabs the leftovers and drags it into the forest to consume more of it. Smaller scavengers take those left-over morsels even deeper into the forest and through this and animal droppings the Sequoia seedlings were fertilized and thrived in areas far from rivers. A circle of life that has come to an abrupt end because man has moved into a level of reason that if the wolves were removed they would no longer prey on livestock. Without the wolves, the salmon never leaves the river’s edge.

The removal of wolves also eliminates the ultimate predator. As a result the deer and elk populations have increased to enormous proportions. Without a natural enemy those of the herd who become ill are not removed by predators but instead pass on their disease to other members of the herd. The result is inedible meat, disease and overpopulation. The droppings of diseased herds no longer fertilize the forest. The forest dies. This line goes on and on and covers many situations but you get the idea.

Carlos refers to humans, in this case, as inorganic beings to the Earth, I refer to them as the amoeba; Mother Earth the host. Years ago I had a disturbing vision of this: the amoeba or parasite (humans) feeding off of the host (Earth), slowly at first and accelerating over time to astronomical proportions. The amoeba grows and expands rapidly and becomes fearful and suffers the syndrome of not-enoughness. As a result the parasite begins to consume even more and feed off of itself as well (humans attacking humans, other animals, and natural resources), with a fervor that indicates their very life depends upon it.

We are at the juncture where this has become completely out of control. The amoeba has grown beyond the point where it is capable of sustaining itself. The result of this is evident as the amoeba prepares itself for persistent feeding. Visualize this utterly frightening scenario. The amoeba slides over the earth as a constantly growing force that consumes everything in its way. Down come the forests, trees and plants (to make room for raising livestock), down come mountain sides (strip mining, oil drilling, coal mining), the oceans become polluted (one big toilet bowl for toxic waste killing all sea life), rivers dry up (as the amoeba drinks and cleans itself), deserts die and become sandy wastelands (as the amoeba attempts to make these places habitable)…

The “healthy” part of the amoeba continues to consume and destroys anything in its path and the unhealthy part of the amoeba becomes diseased and begins to wither and die (Flu, Virus, AIDS, and pandemic outbreaks). Because of this imminent destruction, the natural food source begins to die as well and horrible factory farms or meat cloning takes its place. Disease runs rampant on factory farms and the animals there are treated with antibiotics and hormone treatments which, in turn, are ingested by the humans who consume them ultimately creating more disease and plague. The animals on the factory farms are not treated as living beings but rather, as commodities with the sole purpose of feeding the amoeba. They are mistreated, abused and neglected and essentially have no life-force. The amoeba consumes these animal commodities but does not get energized in the way that was intended by nature due to the lack of life-force and as a result its need to consume more constantly increases (obesity, heart failure, density) as it searches for life-force.

Tenuously connected though apart from the amoeba live the warriors. They walk on this Earth gently and in gratitude. Their lives are simple and they respect each other, the animals and all living things, including the water, the soil, the oceans, the rocks and trees. They grow and cultivate their own food or support others who do. What they eat is energized and wholesome. They respect their elders and nurture their young and teach them that all life is sacred, that water is sacred, that the mountains, oceans, forests, rivers and deserts are sacred, that all places are sacred. And in return the amazing Earth takes care of us, recognizing that we are part of the whole, that we are deeply connected to intent and to the indescribable force in this beautiful and amazing web of life.

To move the fixation of the planet is the only way out from the dramatic state of slavery to which we have been reduced. The course of our civilization has no exit, because we are isolated in a remote location of the cosmos. If we don’t learn how to travel along the avenues of awareness, we will come to such a state of frustration and despair that humanity will end up destroying itself. Our options are the way of the warrior, or extinction. ~ Carlos Castaneda

One thought on “Moving the Assemblage Point of the Earth

  1. Flyers have amoeba like features and their constant need for loosh keeps humanity in this state of hypnosis and out of touch of reality, leading us to self destruction .


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