The Boost of the Earth

Mother Earth has always been a living being to me, from which we are all born. My path and journey have always included time in nature and when asked by others, my advice has always been to “give energy to the earth, even the negativity; she will transform it and utilize it.” Through increased energy and heightened awareness, working with sacred plant medicines and visions I have come to recognize that mother earth has her own awareness and consciousness far beyond my previous, limited perceptions of what she held.

While taking a 10 mile roundtrip hike to a nearby mountain recently my attention was focused on the earth in a new way. My last blog entry on moving the assemblage point of the earth has been in my mind for quite some time and as a result my own assemblage point has shifted. My connection with the earth has always been one of respect and honor and has recently become one of utter profundity as my understanding of her complexity, intricacy and insightfulness increases.

People have held the earth in reverence for eternity. Ceremonies have been created to honor the earth, all living beings, the cosmos, etc. To sit in nature for 4-24 hours is a simple way to connect to her and to see with microscopic eyes. It is with these eyes that a whole new world opens up. Sitting in silence in nature provides the opportunity to truly see the pulse of the earth and the way in which all things actually are connected. It doesn’t matter if one is on a mountain top, meadow, ocean, forest, river, desert or rainforest; during the day or night or both, what matters is simply the fact that one is completely present to their surroundings.

On my recent walk there were streams and mini waterfalls everywhere due to the massive amount rain we’ve been experiencing. The forest was alive in so many ways. There were little pools of water in shallow holes in the rocks. Mosses with varieties of mushrooms growing out of them provided mini ecosystems with bugs parading over them and over each other. Many different types of flowers were in bloom, the forest floor was lush and teeming with life. Ants pulled “supplies” five times their size, butterflies, bees and hummingbirds were flying all around, buzzing and humming and the larger birds were singing their praises from the canopy above. The earth, herself, seemed to be purring and vibrating with energy amongst the soft trickling sounds of small rivers.

The rich smells of the earth accompanied the visually stimulating environment. Moist pine needles were fragrant during this early morning hour and some plant that was unfamiliar to me was emitting an amazingly honey sweet smell. The moist, nutty scent of mushrooms enhanced the rich and diverse forest bouquet. The dusty aroma of the dryer areas served to further heighten the senses. At one switchback my only choice in that moment was to pause as I began to weep from being surrounded by so much simultaneous and beautiful sensory stimulation.

It then occurred to me that the assemblage point of the earth is already constantly shifting and boosting us. She is our organic being and we are hers. And it is time for each warrior to make an amazing power deal with her, to ultimately subdue the amoeba. Carlos said, We are children of the Earth, it is our ultimate source. The option of sorcerers is to unite with the awareness of the Earth, for as long as the Earth will live.

This is the power deal, to unite with the awareness of the Earth. To sit upon her in silence, for it is inner silence that induces the displacement of the assemblage point, ours and hers. And through this mutual power deal, more and more people will become attuned to the earth. The earth and we shall pulse with our combined energies and people will notice. An amazing, natural and holistic ripple effect will occur. Others will have no choice but to hear, see, smell, feel and know the pulse of the earth, to connect with it, to become one with it. And in so doing they will have connected with silent knowledge, will be more attuned to themselves and more in sync with all beings.

In spite of its indefinable nature, we can measure silence through its results. Its final effect, the one that sorcerers look for with avidity, is that it brings us in tune with a magnificent dimension of our being, where we have access to an instantaneous and total knowledge that is not composed of reasons, but of certainties. Old traditions describe that state as ‘the kingdom of Heaven’, but sorcerers prefer to give it a less personal name: silent knowledge. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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