Losing Human Form

Everything we say is a reflection of the world of people. You talk and act the way you do because you’re clinging to the human form. ~ Don Juan, The Power of Silence

The dominant paradigm is a by-product of the foreign installation. It challenges humans to comply with a prescribed mode of behavior that does not inherently belong to them. It has been ingrained since the time of conception and is cultivated throughout the lifetime of each human, dictating to them how to act, speak, and conduct themselves in alignment with the unconscious culture, the people that keep the wheel spinning, each of them a mere cog in the wheel.

Humans are essentially following a value structure that has been handed down from generation to generation over a very long period of time. A hierarchy has been created that leaves little or no room for deviation. And it has been growing out of control for too long. It is time to break free of the mold, to lose human form. Daniel Quinn refers to this paradigm as Mother Culture. In his book Ishmael, Mother Culture is the constant hum in the background that we don’t recognize as a separate entity because she has always been here, will always be here. In his books, Quinn talks about how flawed this paradigm is in how it believes that if something doesn’t work then we’ll do more of it. If something doesn’t work then it doesn’t work and we must find a new way to approach it but Mother Culture leaves little room for ingenuity and instead changes the players thinking that somehow they can apply the old way more fervently to reach a desired outcome.

A warrior seeks to lose human form, to break free of the mold of man and all of the attributes that are associated to it. To lose human form means to enter into a high level of detachment, the state of being in which one overcomes his attachment to desire for things, people, and mostly, the concepts of the world. From this new, heightened awareness one moves more into the configuration of pure being…through perceiving. Perceiving with detachment becomes more like a knowing, it is an opportunity to align oneself while deepening the connection one has to raw energy and in essence, become many of the fibers of energy floating all around us, simultaneously.

With this said, human beings innately know how to conduct themselves appropriately to their surroundings and environment, no longer limited by attempting to adhere to the strict expectations placed upon them by the dominant paradigmatic structure. A sense of balance is restored as a deeper connection is reestablished with the earth. The ability to perceive is limitless and enhanced once the long imprinted perceptual filters of civilized behavior have been subverted.

There are millions of perceptory fields available to humans at all times and many of these are amazingly beautiful. It is the very thing don Juan spoke of with Carlos, freeing oneself from the entanglement of the lines of energy that don’t belong to you, making yourself free to grab on to the lines or fibers of your own choosing, of your own creation to valiantly go where no one has gone before.

We are living in a time where it is becoming critical to gently and ruthlessly assist people in waking up, to stop their world in order to allow them to become aware of the lie they have been living. The way of the Toltec warrior is not a secret and should not be treated as one. While it is considered to be shrouded in mystery, it really is not, it is a fundamental return to oneself that allows one to see the greater truth of all things, beyond the myth of civilization.

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