The Indescribable Force’s Emanations

There is no way to describe in words what the Indescribable Force’s emanations really are. A seer must witness them. They are a presence, almost a mass of sorts, a pressure that creates a dazzling sensation. One can catch only a glimpse of them, as one can catch only a glimpse of the Indescribable Force itself. ~ Carlos Castaneda

Think of yourself just as you are at this moment, nothing more, nothing less. Now think about the things that you have created in your life such as the home that you live in, a partner, children perhaps, a job, friends, pets. Now think about the stories that surround each of those creations to include a yard, a street, your partner’s job and friends, your kids school and friends, relationship with pets, your job related duties, contacts, acquaintances, your friend’s family and friends. Now consider that all of those people maintain their realities, their families, their friends and the stories connected to them.

You are the origination point of this exercise, the source, and that makes you the Indescribable Force in this scenario. The connections that you have created are all your emanations. They start with you and you emit those outwards. There are those who will connect to your emanations and there are those who will not. The ones who are connected to your emanations have created their reality to hold you within their perceptual awareness and the ones who did not have no awareness of you whatsoever.

This is what happens when you venture from your fixated assemblage point and dare to connect to the Indescribable Force’s emanations. You open yourself to the possibility of perceiving something entirely new and different that exists outside of your familiar perceptual awareness. For some people, the thought of moving or meeting new people or looking for a new job is overwhelming and scary. These people have extremely fixated assemblage points and anything outside of that realm is a potential threat. For others, moving is adventure, meeting new people a joy and looking for a new job an opportunity. These people have flexible assemblage points.

For the warrior, moving the assemblage point is a necessity. They must be in a state of constant creation, maintaining the ability to continually deepen their knowledge and hone their awareness. The warrior doesn’t need to be surrounded by people or does not need to be constantly doing something yet she has to be able to sit in the center of her dominion with full awareness and attention at all moments. In her fluidity, she flows with the emanations that are in accord with her energy and she liberates the emanations with which she is in discord.

The warrior journeys through stories gathering energy and personal power. It is a never-ending cycle of attention. The consciousness of warriors, matured by the process of growth, can no longer be called awareness, because it has been modified into something more intense and complex, which seers call attention. Attention is the harnessing and enhancing of awareness through the process of being alive.

A warrior’s love is the world. She embraces this enormous earth. The earth knows that she loves it and it bestows on her its care. That’s why her life is filled to the brim and her state, wherever she’ll be, will be plentiful. She roams on the paths of her love and, wherever she is, she is complete. ~ Don Juan

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