Knowing the Unknowable

Whatever is beyond our capacity to perceive is the unknowable. And the distinction between it and the knowable is crucial. Confusing the two would put seers in a most precarious position whenever they are confronted with the unknowable. Most of what’s out there is beyond our comprehension. ~ The Fire from Within

My journey has provided me the opportunity to engage with those who would consider themselves to be highly spiritual people. Most claim to have “memories” of having lived a past life or even many past lives. I have met numerous people who claim to have past life recollections of being Mayan Priestesses, Cleopatra, Siddhārtha, Crazy Horse, Pocahontas, John the Baptist, Gandhi, Joan of Arc, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, etc. How is it possible that so many can claim to have been one person?

I have never met anyone who has admitted to me that they lived a past life as Hitler, Lizzie Borden or Jack the Ripper. So the question to me is what are the people who claim to have been some of these deified beings trying to convey? Is it merely a self-important need to have a claim to have been a savior amongst a planetary belief that one must be “saved” or is it their self-created illusion of employing this fantastical delusion in their own attempts to be saved, by becoming an ultimate Salvationist.

Don Juan constantly talks about the lines and fibers, in the universe. He speaks of luminous fibers, lines of intent, cleaning the links… He guided Carlos on journeys with entheogens in his attempts to help Carlos to see the energy of all things and to align him with knowledge and truth. My own experiences with entheogens have allowed me to form an amazing and intimate connection with the lines of the earth and of things I can’t even explain and to see that which would be inaccessible by many.

My own glimpses into alternate realities have not really been concrete experiences but rather, intuitions into what appears to be more like a remembrance, or perhaps, a peek into a parallel reality. Molecules, atoms, protons, neutrons, quarks…Okay, I’m not a scientist but I am very connected to energy on every level…healing, tantric, organic and inorganic beings, etc. and here’s my theory.

These lines and fibers of energy that are the essential construct of the universe are the filaments that ultimately connect us all. They have been around since the beginning of time and they are that from which we become human beings. Human beings made up of these luminescent fibers that are pure energy that have been around forever. These luminescent fibers carry and hold the memories of all of creation and if one is open enough to perceive they will have access to more than they would have ever imagined. Don Juan even said that these luminous fibers are conscious of themselves and never touch each other when they are not encased in luminous eggs. There are an incalculable number of fibers in the void.

How else could one explain that multitudes of people have similar “past life recollections”, or the fact that we have the ability to access our “memories” and intuit on some pretty amazing levels? The human being has been conditioned for so long to underutilize the monumental capacity that we maintain when we can actually be so much more, to truly awaken and connect more fully to the unlimited potential that exists within us all.

All of this is why Carlos so adamantly and repetitively wrote about the necessity of recapitulating, losing human form, erasing personal history and breaking the mold of man because in so doing one can truly be a direct energetic function of the mass of energy that is so intrinsically connected to the cosmos and the knowledge of the universe.

The first truth about awareness is that the world out there is not really as we think it is. We think it is a world of objects and it’s not. You say you agree with me because everything could be reduced to being a field of energy. But you are merely intuiting a truth. To reason it out is not to verify it. I am not interested in your agreement or disagreement, but in your attempt to comprehend what is involved in this truth. You cannot witness fields of energy; not as an average man, that is. Now, if you were able to see them, you would be a seer, in which case you would be explaining the truths about awareness. ~ The Fire from Within

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