2012, The Dream and Organic Beings

The shamans of don Juan’s lineage saw that the essential condition of animate energy, organic or inorganic, is to turn energy in the universe at large into sensory data. In the case of organic beings, this sensory data is then turned into a system of interpretation in which energy at large is classified and a given response is allotted to each classification, whatever the classification may be. Don Juan said that the only thing shamans know about this is that the immense mass of energy called the dark sea of awareness supplies human beings with whatever is necessary to elicit this transformation of energy into sensory data, and that such a process could not possibly ever be deciphered because of the vastness of the original source.

Since returning from the pyramids in Mexico I have come to realize that my intention of going down there to connect with intent and open up to dream was an incredible success. It has been difficult for me to post for the past few of months as a result of the constant spin of information going through my mind and body. I say body because everything within my experience encompasses all the senses as though I am consistently residing on the precarious edge of some multi-universe or somehow plugged into some kind of time-travel course in awareness. Surprisingly to me was the intensity of the gateway that opened up as the result of connecting with intent. As intended prior to arriving in Mexico, I stood before each of the Chacmools that serve as guardians of the dreamtime for several of the pyramids and silently spoke my intent.

In a sweat lodge recently my nagual was smacked into my tonal with a crack of lightening and I shared with the two other people in the lodge what had been impossible prior to that moment, finally able to find the words and ground these ideas once and for all.

With a bit of reluctance, I will reveal what has opened up for me. I’m reluctant because much of that awareness that has entered my consciousness seems surreal yet at the same time so incredibly tangible with a certainty that makes me wonder how it could be missed or dismissed by the dominant paradigm. I’ve done a quite bit of googling since the sweat lodge and have had much of my new awareness validated, in spite of the fact that validation is merely a novelty for me and not a necessity, yet, to be in alignment with the very same theories arrived at by dedicated scientists leads me to believe that the guardians of the dream time provided me with everything I asked for yet in an unexpected way.

Predominantly an iconoclast and skeptic who needs to look with full awareness at all sides of a coin before making any judgments, suffice it to say that after receiving the dreams, visions and then doing the research it seems quite certain that there are many possibilities that may present themselves with the coming of 2012. 2012 or acceptance of any prophecy has always been challenging to me because it could cause me to lose my energy to someone else’s vision and further strengthen their vision because of the energy I may give it by accepting it. Likewise, for me to even state my own, whether it is vision, awareness or dreams may serve to trap someone else’s attention and of this I am always careful.

Here is a brief account of what I was “shown”. That the pyramids on Earth, Mars and even the moon are all constructs of a group of highly evolved organic beings. They not only serve as navigational systems to be seen from the universal skies but are incredible energy vortexes that may have been used as some type of transportation portal at one time (or, perhaps, a time to come).

Another theory that presented itself is that technologically advanced humans have inhabited the earth before us and that we did not evolve from cavemen. Humanity may have resided here for nearly as long as the earth is old, 4.567 billion years to be exact. This being the case, humans before the current era have had the ability to evolve to a level of intelligence that may have surpassed our own. They also may have come close on several occasions to destroying the planet due to war, overconsumption, disease, etc. And at the times that this was imminent, perhaps the organic beings from faraway planets, galaxies or even other solar systems have stepped in to preserve some humans by providing them shelter in pyramids.

Think about it. Some of the pyramids have been constructed so precisely and tightly that you cannot even get a razor blade between the stones that form the structure. If there had been nuclear wars or plague, perhaps the pyramids had been built in this manner to prevent noxious gasses and biological warfare from getting in.

Another interesting thing that came up is the amount of creation stories that have people ascending from within the earth. If aliens helped to shelter humans from any of the aforementioned conditions, it may have taken hundreds of years for the earth to become cleansed meaning that the humans would have to reside in their underground and pyramidal refuges for at least that long before it was safe to exit. By then, many generations had passed and those who emerged were not those who were brought in to survive.

Maybe the pyramids were not funerary monuments but instead housed the dead because as people died their bodies had to be preserved and sealed up so as not to cause disease and decomposition. In any event, it all makes sense to me.

If we are alone in the Universe, it sure seems like an awful waste of space. ~ Carl Sagan

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