2012, The Dream and Organic Beings

The shamans of don Juan’s lineage saw that the essential condition of animate energy, organic or inorganic, is to turn energy in the universe at large into sensory data. In the case of organic beings, this sensory data is then turned into a system of interpretation in which energy at large is classified and a given response is allotted to each classification, whatever the classification may be. Don Juan said that the only thing shamans know about this is that the immense mass of energy called the dark sea of awareness supplies human beings with whatever is necessary to elicit this transformation of energy into sensory data, and that such a process could not possibly ever be deciphered because of the vastness of the original source.

Since returning from the pyramids in Mexico I have come to realize that my intention of going down there to connect with intent and open up to dream was an incredible success. It has been difficult for me to post for the past few of months as a result of the constant spin of information going through my mind and body. I say body because everything within my experience encompasses all the senses as though I am consistently residing on the precarious edge of some multi-universe or somehow plugged into some kind of time-travel course in awareness. Surprisingly to me was the intensity of the gateway that opened up as the result of connecting with intent. As intended prior to arriving in Mexico, I stood before each of the Chacmools that serve as guardians of the dreamtime for several of the pyramids and silently spoke my intent.

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