Grounded Abstract Knowledge

A sorcerer asks himself: What is the sense of all this? Why invest my resources in something which won’t help me at all? The appointment of a sorcerer is with the unknown, he cannot commit his energy to nonsense. While you walk the Earth, collect something of true value from it, otherwise it wasn’t worth it. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

This past weekend was spent in communion with the earth; deep, heartfelt, intended unity. The earth is very abstract, abysmal, unfathomable and capable of escorting one into silent knowledge on a level that varies greatly from the silent knowledge that can be accessed by going up and out into the cosmic void of infinity. She is profoundly grounding and wise in the ways that allow you to fully grasp what it means to be in the world but not of it.

Humanity often aspires to touch the void of infinity, believing that it is through this particular abstract connection that peace, transcendence and enlightenment will be found. While that may be true, the ability to touch the selfless emptiness of Mother Earth is extremely nurturing, magnificent and cathartic. It’s an opportunity to sit within the womb of creation itself.

The Earth reminds us that we are human and that we inhabit a body. She reminds us that she is conscious and that we live on her body. She is selfless and gives so freely to us, everything that we need in order to survive. Food, water, fuel, housing, medicine, life itself! Not to mention the unparalleled beauty that can be found in every step you take upon her nakedness. Why then, do so many want to transcend this earthly plain? What is it that has so many billions of people believing that spiritual freedom comes from something so far removed from ourselves that you can’t touch it or see it?

The predator, that’s what. Well, away with the stupid predator, the foreign installation and all the other cheap, controlling buy-ins that prevent one from being warrior of freedom. Touch the earth, open your heart to her, release to her the things that no longer serve you, it’s all energy and she’ll transform it. Put your hands in her body, turning the soil, feeling the moisture, smelling the ocean, tasting the salt water, feeling the coolness of the shaded forest, the heat of the sun-hardened, dry desert. Sing her the praises of your gratitude for all she is, for all she gives. And this is all you have to do to boost the earth. And in return, she boosts you. And then you can know true love, oneness, unity.

People have forgotten to honor the mother. They used to. They used to ceremonialize upon her through feet-pounding dance, and rhythmic drumming to match her sometimes subtle, sometimes racing heart-beat. They used to gather her bounty of plants, herbs, medicines in a state of joy and gratitude. They used to honor her seasonal changes and were so in sync with her that they too experienced their own seasonal changes which kept them balanced. And then, something shifted and our attention was drawn to singing praises to something so foreign that we don’t understand it, can’t touch, can’t see it and in our constant desire to unite with it everything has become misguided and imbalanced.

Carlos said, the Earth’s assemblage point is very big; it has an enormous inertia. My mission is to start the fire, but it will take time to get the blaze going. In fact, that task is not mine only, but belongs to all the seers who must come.

The new seers are coming and they are more than ever before, holding greater levels of awareness through being attuned with Mother Earth once again and have an earnest desire to reconnect to her mystery. As we all reconnect to a mystery that we can touch, feel, eat, smell and hear we will find that we too are reawakening, no longer reaching towards the untouchable, unknowable that has kept people for far too long from knowing themselves.

The Earth is shaking and quaking as a form of wake-up call. If she wanted us gone she would sink islands and blow up countries but she doesn’t want to do that, she’s just trying to nudge us and the good news is that many of us are listening.

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