The New Seers

According to Don Juan, massive changes in energy are happening at the present time, which will inevitably cause the emergence of a new cycle of warriors. To differentiate them from their predecessors, I have called them modern seers, or seers of the new era. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

The Toltec Path blog has been up for one year and has visitors from over 80 countries and a growing number of subscriptions. First let me thank everyone who takes the time to read the content on this site and to those who offer their perceptions and ideas. My dedication as a warrior of freedom spans most of my lifetime and this blog has provided me with the realization that that there are a lot more of you out there than I had previously thought. Some of you may not utilize the syntax that is predominantly used here or associate yourselves with some of the predilections that are described her, yet you know in your heart that you are a warrior of freedom, a Toltec by nature, and that’s all that really matters.

During two journeys to Mexico over the past year some amazing things occurred. The first, a trip to the Yucatan presented a most amazing appointment with power and the minimal chance that don Juan speaks. The minimal chance is when the spirit intercedes to provide the awareness of one’s connection with intent and it provided, quite enigmatically, an unforeseen opportunity to participate in ceremony with a Mayan Shaman. This beautiful ceremony only included the shaman, me and my travel companion and the shaman opened up a portal into the unknown that could only be described as an opportunity to truly sit within and be a part of the pulse of the earth, her heartbeat. This shamanic journey and the visits to the ruins precipitated an extremely deepened connection to the Earth Mother, all of the sentient beings upon her and our place within the cosmos. The second trip, to Sonora, facilitated the integration and coalescence of the journey to the Yucatan and grounded it in a way I had never experienced before which seems like hyper-stalking in dream.

The awareness that presented itself was that the time is now for new seers, people who are consciously evolving towards freedom, to forge their connections with each other through whatever means possible, public gatherings, internet forums and in dream. By so doing we will support each other in shifting our assemblage points and collectively shift the assemblage point of the earth’s consciousness.

Carlos said that the modern warriors are inflexibly committed to each other. They have sacrificed their concerns as individuals for the sake of the group. Their bond of power gives them encouragement and provides a continual challenge to prevent them from lowering their guard, and their oath as warriors is based on the purpose of departing together to the third attention. Closer than ever to freedom, these warriors are more independent and more self-sufficient than their predecessors. But the most remarkable thing about them is their capacity of revision. At this time, seekers of knowledge are forced to thoroughly examine everything that has been said in the past, adapting traditional knowledge to the modality of the time, in order for the warrior’s way to be truly and finally understood by people.

It is through this a forum that the conversations will unfold and I invite each of you to contribute to the discussions and offer responses that will serve as the tools to gently and sincerely guide each person, including yourselves, into heightened awareness and vast amounts of knowledge that are available to each of us through our commitment as warriors of freedom, consciously evolving and taking responsibility to become sustainable, impeccable, and respectful to our planetary and cosmic family.

We are children of the Earth, it is our ultimate source. The option of sorcerers is to unite with the awareness of the Earth, for as long as the Earth will live. ~ Carlos Castaneda

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