You are the Sea of Eternal Awareness

You are the sea of eternal awareness lapping on the shores of time. You are the way universal energies interface with a geographical world. You are the being of life touching a temporal domain, interpreting a matter world through a filter of humanity. As a human being you objectify the relationship between local spirit and local matter, projecting a body to assist you in becoming a lens through which universal consciousness can view localities of ever-unfolding dimension. You are a wave of eternity splashing upon this temporal shore, the Star Maker awakening beneath a sensuous film of water and biologically textured clay. You are a single field of awareness containing multitudes of constituent beings, each of whom individualizes certain of your qualities, aspects and interests.

You are each of these spirit beings. You are one of these spirit beings. And you are the field that contains them all. You rise in these material robes to introduce a second movement of the dimensional symphony. You arrive, surface, awaken in a species of cooperating life forms. A biological family becomes aware of you.

You are welcome behind these eyes, welcome in these warm-blooded temples, these windows, these porthole probes to explore terrestrial shores, ocean floors, and the galaxies that fill your soul.

You are with them now, within them, living, breathing. Through human eyes you see a world of frozen music/matter warming in slow biological combustion, a world where dreams take form, have formed, where vision lives are lived in song, where sensuous enchantment congeals conscious wishes in graceful, organic fields. Where geometric lives appear in shimmering waves of love’s eternal heat and rhythmic energies reveal patterns in the charged creative air. Melodies become beings, creatures here, in these fields…

You are moving now, moving within, lifting this cooler ocean-landed world. Awareness rises like tides of the seas. You are the current within, within the living melodies, the attention beneath these endlessly undulating tapestries whose mysteries ripple outward now, rise upward now, on waves, symphonic waves, the currents of your eternal whole. A panorama of magical, mathematical, musical dimension unfolds, in graceful, shimmering flows. Information, nova-like, explodes.

There are tongues in the trees, angels in these libraries…healing hands to knead the bread of centuries, and mouths of parted lips to breathe warm genes into all these things.

So you see letters leaving fragrance on these leaves, these leaves you asked to see. They lived once, you know, budding, turning, pages – once-forested terrain – and will live again. For a blue-white water world’s refrain crumbles history’s walls and lunar echoes sing, “awareness, awareness, awareness in these worldfalls.”

Ocean light year’s pupils deep, opening now, throwing off the tides of sleep. Eyes of fire in fertile, garden-rich terrain – conscious solar flames…streaming starbows’ stellar rains. .. cascading, tumbling … glowing colors falling, freely flowing … swirling round and white-hole vortex round,

Spilling deep…into these fields…

Eternal fields…

Fields of stars…

~ Ken Carey, The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World

* * *

Oh how I wish I could take credit for this. I just read this, it appeared at the end of the last chapter in the aforementioned book. And I cried. And I read it again, out loud, and I cried some more.

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