Pure Perception

If we were able to transcend interpretation and face pure perception without prejudice, the impression of a world of objects would vanish. In its place, we would witness energy as it flows in the universe. Under such conditions, the chain of other people’s thoughts would no longer have the smallest effect on us and we would not feel obliged to be or do anything. Then our senses would have no limits. That’s seeing. ~ Carlos Castaneda

So what are we waiting for? If the cause of all human suffering is bound to a world of objects, and it is, then let’s get our collective ass in gear and perceive energy directly! Oh wait, hold the phone, we can’t do that can we. Well we can and some of us are. And what I have come to find is that those of us who are happen to be considered muy loca.

I don’t pay attention anymore. Well, let’s just say that I pay attention in different ways, to different things and this causes most people to experience a high level of distress. The responses to perceiving energy directly tend to be negative and I have been accused of not listening, being inattentive, disinterested, unfocused, forgetful, short memory, indifferent…well, you get the picture. Add to this the fact that most objects just don’t interest me and then the response is that I’m callous, insensitive, detached (yay), unresponsive, etc. I’m sorry, I just can’t jump for joy with utterances of “wow” and “cute” and “sexy” over things like diamond engagement rings, exotic pets and the latest from Victoria’s Secret. I know, I know, there are pills I can take.

Then what am I paying attention to you ask? What is it that demands my focus and responsiveness? Well, it’s the beauty of the dance that I can witness unfolding while energy flows…the dance that energetically occurs between two people while they are conversing about creating something, the sparks that I observe when a thought connects with intent and out flows a myriad of ideas effortlessly into someone’s luminescent bubble of awareness; a spinning and beautiful pattern of constant evolution. The light and humming of energy that vibrates within the frequency of each individual creator immerses me profoundly into the pulse of the earth and into the rippling echo of the cosmos onwards to infinity. The beauty of a tree, knowing that as high and twisted as its branches are is as deep and twisted as its roots are and that it is in a state of constant movement as energy pulsates through it.

Even now while typing this it is not a computer screen that I see, not this object but rather, an infinite sea of beauty, watery fluidity with sparkling sunlight playing across its surface, breathing in the salty air and feeling the moisture within the cool breeze that skims lightly across the soft sand. And I sense the ecstatic play of the energies residing within the sea that have come to be known as “dolphin” moving with grace and ease and gentle abandon as their own energetic awareness does what all energetic awareness does…it flows. I sit outdoors in the darkness of the night and see the stars and the planets and the Milky Way with all of my senses and luxuriate in the totality of what it means to live in utter freedom.

Leave behind this world of objects, perceive and dance within the beauty of perception, allow yourself to shift your assemblage point to a place that resides far outside of the realm of time and reason because that belonged to someone else’s dream, long ago and far away. Become the totality of who you are within the pulse of the earth riding upon the waves on the beautiful sea of eternity.

We have received life as a cosmic gift, and it is our privilege to reflect that gesture with total detachment. Thanks to his indifference, the warrior is in the position of turning his love into a blank check, unconditional, an abstract affection, because it does not start from desire. What a marvelous thing! ~ Carlos Castaneda

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