Giving Thanks

When a person aligns with intent – the universal life force energy that constantly flows through and around everything at all times – they may come to find themselves floating in complete surrender and looking into or feeling into the unknown. Once they get their bearings, something magical begins to occur. The veil lifts so to speak, and the conditioning that may have prevented them from seeing, feeling, sensing, knowing, and intuiting things as they really are is gone. They begin to understand and come to know what it means to experience the oneness with the Universe.

This heartfelt joy of ultimate oneness ushers in such a deep sense of gratitude. Appreciation and gratefulness permeate the heart and soul of one’s being, while simultaneously bursting forth, from you, an immense emanation of gratitude back into the universe. The sacred hoop of eternal oneness has been restored, the connecting link that unites you once again to the profundity of an infinite and eternal universe, never to be separated again.

This is gratitude that is grounded in humility. It’s the sensation of knowing that you have touched Infinity and can feel a genuine and sincere thank you extending from the inner core of your being. Touching the very fabric of existence, the vibrational frequencies between you and the Eternal have facilitated such a harmonic moment.

You are overwhelmed at the sheer awesomeness of what you now know to be possible once you are able to get out of your own way and stop trying to make things happen. More than being in the flow, you have, by aligning with this universal life force energy, become the flow, an extension of it, because of it. You have become the creator, creation, created. And you come to realize that it is your humility, trust and commitment that have made this possible.

Another thing that we need to remember is to be grateful for the challenges that we face in our lives. Nietzsche said, “What does not destroy me makes me stronger”. Everyone faces challenges in their lives whether in their careers, relationships, finances, environmental factors, etc. The challenges that we have to contend with do, indeed, make us stronger as well as wiser. They teach us how to rise above uncomfortable situations, avoid confrontation, use wiser judgment and make sensible decisions. Because we are able to benefit from our challenges and ultimately grow as a result of these challenges, we should always give gratitude for that which has been the contributing factor.

Thank you to all of you warriors who have been reading this blog for the past six years. Thank you to those who offer perspective, insight, wisdom, and experiential knowledge – it is through your shared awareness that I continue to evolve and recognize that all perceptions are valid. Thank you, also, to the petty tyrants. If it were not for you I would not be able to rise above the petty tyranny of the world to dance on higher ground.

Keep dancing!

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