Beginning Again

Trust and surrender. Be in the flow. Raise your vibration. Heighten your awareness. Live authentically. Dream a new dream. Create your reality.

These are all wonderful thoughts, exquisite goals. There are multitudes of books, courses, seminars, and workshops available in the world for you to learn how to do these things. You can listen to tapes and watch videos and read every book that has ever been written in order to learn everything you need to know in preparation for this endeavor. But once you have all of the required knowledge will you actually make the choice to follow through?

Have you stopped to consider how our connection with the Earth facilitates the awakening of our vibrational frequencies, brings us to states of higher consciousness and into realms of deeper awareness. Sitting within silence allows us to become empty vessels through which the Spirit may flow. With our minds empty our thoughts become pure and our awakening reunites us with our connection with the universal life-force energy (intent) where we are able to witness the oneness of creation. When we witness the magical beauty of creation we are able to align with the silent flow of primal energy, thus leading to our own creative evolution.

Although cliché, one of the first things that we need to consider is that we are spiritual beings having an Earthly experience. We have chosen to be here, to become embodied by the physical form of being human. Because of this we have to realize that we’ve manifested ourselves into this reality in order to be here now. If we were able to accomplish that feat, just imagine what potential we have!

Earth. Energy. Evolution. It’s really simple. We are beings of the Earth and we are made of pure energy. When we live our lives with an attitude of gratitude for all that the Earth provides for us and are aligned with the energy of the Earth, we become aligned with the energy of all of creation. And within this energy of creation we are able to live our lives in a state of constant creativity within our authentic life-force essence. When we exist in this manner, we are able to perceive beyond the limited paradigms that have been presented to us and a world of possibilities opens up. And then, evolution occurs.

When we sit upon the Earth in stillness, silence replaces the bombardment of words that have always shaped and formed our realities. We begin to become aware in a new way. The sounds of the Earth coax us into listening and a new form of conscious awareness opens within us. We hear in a way we have never heard before, sounds emerge from a living planet that have the potential to make us laugh and smile and appreciate the awesomeness and beauty in which we have the privilege of residing.

As we continue in this practice of silence and gratitude upon the Earth, we arrive at a state of humility, respect, and wonder and we have no choice but to see and intuit and know the deep connection that we have with everything within the entire web of life. Our gift for recognizing that we are but a mere piece of an enormous living whole comes through us in the form of knowledge and greater still, wisdom. We begin to recognize that to trust and surrender and to be in the flow is the only way to exist. Once our vibrational frequency has increased, our awareness becomes heightened and we come to know that the only choice we have is to live authentically. The only dream we have is the dream of the planet; the dream of the universe. And the only reality that exists is the one in which we are creators and co-creators.

Keep Dancing!

5 thoughts on “Beginning Again

  1. There is this thing I have been thinking about for a few days, that we are flow through creatures. Energy and matter flow through us, and connect us to the universe. Joni Mitchell said “we are stardust”. We are, and we continue to be. But we age too, so there is a controlling principle that selects and reassembles us on a continuing basis according to some need we only dimly perceive. It structures our bodies, and brains in our bodies, and gives and takes constantly. This is not just true within us, but all around us, and in our communities, human and otherwise. Our minds are mediated through our brains, and actualized through our bodies. Plans, and efforts, and insights and meditations all pass through in this constant stream of being. Truly it is a dance, a dance, a dance. Always good to get reminders of our ultimate connection to and participation in the creative cycles of both ordinary and non ordinary reality. So thanks to each and every atom of our being, for making us possible. To each and every tissue and organ, how much of a blessing just to be here. All the feelings, sensations, thoughts, oh how glad I am to have all this wealth of actuality. A walk on the mountain opens so many doors. Under the snow, secrets lie waiting to be revealed, and so it is in our lives too.


  2. the voice of the spirit, I always though it was a voice of a being at the center of the emanations at the prime source of creation, not at the prime source of my creation, does anyone have a legitimate answer to this riddle, we as seers love challenges so before answering the question I await the answer. who is at the center of the voice?


    • The way It works is the universe is a sphere with its center everywhere and its circumference nowhere. Like a fish in the water, with the water in the fish. Holy interpenetration for all. Tao.


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