an authentic state of freedom

I know people who were able to stop their internal dialogue, and they no longer interpret, they are pure perception; they are never disappointed or regretful, because everything they do starts from the center for decisions. They have learned to deal with their mind in terms of authority, and they live in the most authentic state of freedom. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

From the time of birth, human beings are bombarded with words that contain entire sets of cultural customs, theoretical paradigms, and oftentimes, deluded concepts. Entire realities are imprinted upon people and each individual methodically devises their reality in order to conform to these patterns through preconceived ideas and conceptual notions. These realities are the result of the words and definitions they have received. These words become thought forms and are upheld by most.

Mainstream culture upholds a representation of established attitudes and customary values which are often considered to be the norm. Those who do not adhere to the norm are referred to as a sub or counterculture, living in a state of opposition to the dominant paradigm or mainstream.

However, like mainstream culture, those who live within a subculture establish a particular set of values and attitudes that they expect others to abide by, the subculture is not so sub after all, it is merely a shadow of mainstream culture complete with agreements, protocols, and a hierarchal order. In both the mainstream and counter cultures there are a lot of people who are telling others what is right, correct, proper, suitable, appropriate and on and on and on and bla, bla, bla. Words and more words that hold expectations, conditions, judgments, rulings, verdicts, appraisals, assessments, blame. Weight, burdens, and encumbrances for a warrior.

The warrior who has an intimate relationship with knowledge perceives that which lies far beyond the sphere of language, interpretation, and reason. Warriors do not seek consensus or conformity because their world is one of pure perception. They don’t care what everyone else is doing, or how it’s always been done, or that others are imposing their will upon them. The warrior who has moved beyond the trappings of the human condition lives in the most authentic state of freedom.

While the mainstream is motivated by extrinsic factors, the warrior’s motivation is intrinsic, coming from the center of consciousness within them. They are not anchored to an internal dialogue because the mystery in which they reside is free of reason. Moving through life in vision and a deep appreciation for silent knowledge, warriors are fluid and create their reality based upon their state of presence. They are pure perception.

The warrior knows that they are a part of creation and as such are creative co-creators. They align with intent, manifesting their reality on an as-needed basis with efficiency and gratitude to the forces of the universe knowing that everything is ephemeral.

Here lies the conundrum. This post, all posts, everyone’s posts are just words, words that come from the perspective of the person writing them. Words have the power to trap the position of the assemblage point. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to write anything anymore. There is no truth, there is only perception. Some people align with other people’s perceptions and some just don’t. And that’s okay.

The whole point, I suppose, comes down to do what you love, love what you do! I love to write so I will continue to write, however, I really don’t have that much to say anymore.

Keep dancing!


5 thoughts on “an authentic state of freedom

  1. I remember being in high school in my mid-teens and seeing the various ‘factions’ that kids segregate into. I had an epiphany that they were all rejecting one set of limiting rules just to embrace another set of equal limiting rules. That if you wanted to truly be different that you had to embody the “I’am all things and I’m none of them”. If you wanted to experience the faction that was fine. Embody the mantle but don’t let it define you. As an adult looking back it feels like a first foray into stalking 🙂


    • Isn’t that the truth! I lived in a small rural town in New England and was in the same school from K-12 so I knew all of the same kids the entire time. It was really interesting to watch kids I had essentially grown up with shape their reality. I didn’t become attached to a particular modality or belong to any one single group and yet, danced from time to time, as the mood moved me, with them all. Always watching and observing the drama and the madness of the monkey mind, even back then. 😉


  2. When the line of words peters out, there are so many other modalities to knowing, being, exploring transcending. art as meditation, sculpture dance, song, chant, music more. Much that can be done with little or nothing to access the inner. With or without engaging the personal other, all paths to the transpersonal other, and the infinite inner world. This can work ;in solitude it can work in group. All a matter of predelection stemming from self knowledge and interaction with that immensity in there out there.


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