Vibrating at a Higher Frequency

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Everything is energy. The whole universe is energy. The social base of our perception should be the physical certainty that energy is all there is. A mighty effort should be made to guide us to perceive energy as energy. – Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming

We are energy but more than that, we are pure consciousness. We are responsible for the energetic frequencies that we choose to create and align with. We cannot experience anything unless we specifically choose to match a particular frequency. If we choose to align with higher frequencies, we will resonate within the pure state of universal mind. We will become invisible to lower frequencies due to a simple lack of resonance. Negative vibrations are not likely to affect us because they do not match the positive vibration that we have aligned with. We can observe a negative vibe but as long as we don’t give it any energy or power we will maintain our higher energy, frequency, and vibration and remain in the uninterrupted flow of awareness.

When we are aligned with the frequency of collective human conditioning we are aligned with density consciousness, a frequency that is heavy and causes our energy to vibrate at a lower frequency. Density consciousness has to do with the amount of merit we place, sometimes blindly, upon the stories that we’ve been told on how to assemble our realities in alignment with the human collective. This can cause us to feel as though we are dragging ourselves through our day, or life, with a lot of resistance, under the weight of the world so to speak.

The less attention you give to everybody else’s reality, the purer your vibration is going to be. – Abraham Hicks

When we are in harmony with universal life force energy we begin to increase our energy and align with the vibrational frequencies that surround us and flow through us at all times. We achieve a state of neutral buoyancy and are able to feel the positive effects of this by experiencing lightness, ease, and fluidity. Fear dissolves as it is displaced by the presence of purity and oneness; passion and creativity; peace and well-being. As we resonate with higher frequencies they will vibrate faster than the collective human conditioning creating a resonance that will allow for the simultaneous shift of the assemblage point of the planet. The things that are dense and vibrate at a lower frequency will be unable to align with the speed and force of the new vibration and we can only hope that the darkness of collective human conditioning will eventually dissolve.

The dark forces in the world exist because of one thing and that one thing is selfishness and the need to consume as a portrayal of power. That selfishness is the root of all suffering, evil, and destruction of the Earth. We cannot conquer selfishness, the only thing that we are able to do is remove ourselves from it by living in states of selfless love, compassion, freedom, and the ability to see through the illusions of separation. And as we do, we are able to become the example of what it means to live our lives from the purity of Spirit. This empowers others to witness our incredible state of well-being, and the beautiful energetic frequency that emanates from our very soul.

Keep Dancing!

9 thoughts on “Vibrating at a Higher Frequency

  1. Thank you Lorraine , that’s beautiful. I’ve made a habit of stopping and talking to homeless people. This is one thing that tugs at my heartstrings.
    Love to you all. May we meet one day .


  2. Hi Lorraine not to take away from your important message.. but ALL OVER THE WORLD HIGH VIBING.

    stay focused on the DANCING! IN The Harmony of Our True Life Force!!!!Another Great article
    I especially resonate with the understanding about selfishness. The fear based agenda certainly causes us to feel separate and powerless, leading many to greedy means for the false belief that it is necessary for survival.
    The video shows a great awakening of people coming together to truly help all, not in fear but in LOVE and Caring, and KNOWING that we do not need their controls. We are Whole and Powerful!
    Thank YOU!



  3. When I can take an objective perspective, I realize that nearly 100% of humans are focused on this consensual band. There are a scattered few that heighten their awareness for short periods, but even those (me included) are still observing this world from a bit broader place. Thoughts, words, actions…. Earthbound! Which is why dreaming is the best chance to have active participation in the 2nd attention. We are each living in several additional formed realms. And also a couple (so-called) formless ones! Additionally, our essence is totally aware. These are accessible from a dreaming position. The more we can actively dream, the more our daily moment-to-moment anchors are loosened!
    Great wisdom as usual, Lorraine!



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