My Cat Taught Me Everything I Know


The first attention, the attention that makes the world, can never be completely overcome; it can only be turned off for a moment and replaced with the second attention, providing that the body has stored enough of it. Dreaming is naturally a way of storing the second attention. – Carlos Castaneda, The Eagle’s Gift

Zeus is my hero. He was born 9/18/18. Look at those numbers… 9-9-9. I almost named him Nueve, Spanish for nine. He is a stalker, a dreamer, pure love, a survivor, an innocent, a Panther,  an explorer, and an overall chill cat. Since the Covid Pandemic was announced last March my assemblage point became fixated in first attention; the Tonal. And then, an avalanche of repercussions were launched from the pandemic which all served to further fixate the position of my assemblage point. Rooted. Unmoving. Inflexible. Flight or Fight? I chose to rail against the machine. To battle the predator. Until, of course, the day on the river.

Chilling Out

Since my last post I have kayaked several times, hiked numerous times, did an eight day detox juice fast, went vegan and entertained the idea of becoming vegan again but settled, instead, on vegetarianism. I liberated myself from the news, smudged the house, did several sweats, and had a couple of Reiki sessions. I released some long time friends who were weighing me down, with gratitude for having had them in my life followed by more smudging and, more importantly, recapitulation. Ah yes, recapitulation.

Hanging in There

I realized, as I began to reclaim some of my personal power that I hadn’t recapitulated in a very long time. Hadn’t needed to and now, I have been working at recapitulating the past year. Restoring the essence of my life-force energy has filled me with a renewed passion to not only live again, but to live in alignment with intent, free from the predator.

During this time, two warrior seers reached out to me. Though I knew them through emails which resulted from my blog, both are people that I had never met in person nor spoken with. I spoke with each of them on the phone in the span of couple of days and perhaps they each think I’m crazier than they may have anticipated. One is a man and one is a woman. I’ve “known” him for perhaps ten years, very intermittently and her, perhaps five years. They saw me drowning and threw me a life preserver. Thank you both, I bow to you with humility and respect for pushing me to find the necessary rhythm to dance in freedom, with a passion for creativity, once again.

The second attention is an energetic configuration of awareness. In order to appreciate the position of dreamers and dreaming, one has to understand the struggle of modern-day sorcerers to steer sorcery away from concreteness toward the abstract. – Carlos Castaneda, The Art of Dreaming

Hunter Stalker (No lizards were harmed in this photo shoot)

That said, I am steering clear and away from the concreteness in which I had become enmeshed. It seems as though nearly everyone I know became caught in a mental loop of trying to makes sense of things that just don’t make sense. Trapped in density consciousness, I came to realize that I can only do what I’ve been talking about all along and that is to unplug.

A new creation has emerged and is evolving. It has to do with Dreaming from Within a New Band of Awareness. The balance between first and second attention occurs when we allow ourselves not to become fixated upon the everyday occurrences of the ordinary man. When we allow ourselves to become fluid and open to the beauty that lies within the dream of possibility is when we recognize that we are not bound by the so-called “official rules” of what it means to be human. I apologize for becoming trapped and I’m ready to move forward in a way that allows me to see through the darkness and I hope that you are interested in embarking on a new journey. The time has come to be impeccable with our energy, to create, and to live in a state of gratitude that we can create the reality that best supports us! Thank you warrior seers, for showing up when you did, and thank you Zeus for showing me how to just be in this world! It’s time to dance awake a new dream.

Seeing in the Dreamtime

Oh, PS. This is really cheesy but a poem actually emerged in my head the other day. I never wrote poetry, I’m not interested in poetry and yet…it emerged. So here it is:

Standing Stone Vortex

A new creation has unfolded, a spinning of the heart,
Whirling, swirling, spiraling, anew we have to start,
The stories are just stories, never-ending, incomplete,
We cannot give them merit, lest they become concrete.

Let the world with all its troubles begin to slip away,
Release the grand illusion, the time has come to play,
Drop your masks, seize the day, smile at the sky,
Dance with all your energy, and kiss the myth goodbye.

Ever flowing, ever fluid, co-creation is at hand,
A new band of awareness is the key, a strong command,
It comes straight from the Spirit, full of love and full of light,
So open up your heart, spread your wings, take off in flight.

Keep Dancing!!!

11 thoughts on “My Cat Taught Me Everything I Know

  1. I really was moved by your blog. To stay in touch with my friend Cindy who now lives in Kentucky I joined her Bible study via zoom and we just finished Solomons poignant wisdom found in Ecclesiastes. Anyway I couldn’t help but think how similar your medicine Morphis that you described was to his long journey from the bondage of life to the freedom of just being.

    Thank you Lorraine for sharing your journey with us from the bondage of all that drags us into life’s falseness and to the freedom of what it means to live real.
    From Bondage ~
    “Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Everything is meaningless!” (Ecc. 12:8)
    To Freedom ~
    “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all their toil—this is the gift of God. (Ecc. 3:11-12)
    Thank you — and Zeus for the inspiration he provides.


  2. What wonderful and fun pictures of Zeus, I loved seeing them. Yes! animals, and especially our precious pets and best friends certainly know how to live in the moment, impeccably. They can teach us so much about right action, about observation without reaction, especially cats who will watch and wait for literally hours to make the right move, and they do not get stuck in the “cement” as we humans do, they adapt, and they keep trying.

    It has been a gift to me to follow your journey, Lorraine. Even though we have our unique experiences and stories to share, much of what you have felt has validated my own heart. When you wanted to fight, I too was there, when you wanted to step back and observe, I too was at that place, when you felt lost, angry and even afraid, I too could relate.

    I appreciate the chance to evaluate my life, by learning through you what it means to recapitulate. I too want for a joyful/better world. In all the distractions I got caught up in, I forgot what it means to dream anew.

    You have helped me to remember and cherish my love for Nature, and in turn what is Natural within all of us, to Imagine, to Dream, to have faith in our ability to create a better world.

    Definitely let us keep dancing into the World, the life, the experiences, we were created to accomplish!

    Your poem is fantastic, for someone not too interested in poetry. It’s magical and really should become a daily chant. It expresses so eloquently THE WAY, The Flow, the act of CREATING LIFE.

    Thank You!


    • Thanks for your heartfelt response, Kara, I appreciate you, your presence, and your perseverance as we bear witness to the Earth’s assemblage point being shifted. That’s how it is beginning to feel to me. And as her assemblage point shifts, so do ours. If we do not evolve with her, we will become stagnant. It is nice to share my perspectives and have them shared back. Like a dance, fluid and ever changing to each beat, anticipating what emerges. I’m glad you like my poem! Haha.


      • Haha there you go again, reminding me… Yes makes so much sense that Earth is shifting to a new assemblage point.. it is up to us to Flow along with HER!


  3. I wanted to reach out so badly… you were drowning in it but my nagual wouldn’t let me. He said you had to do this on your own. I’m elated you did. I wanted to tell you so many times to go to the edge of infinity & reclaim the power you stored there but you had completely crapped out. Welcome back



    • Thank you so much. There is nothing anyone can do for anyone else except be a witness and sometimes, give a little nudge. Power is and power moves. It’s all about the energy. I am swimming in it now that I got back on track. Reconnecting to second attention – the place that brings me most joy. Re-immersing into dreaming to tap into all potential.


  4. Hi Lorraine:

    I would usually never respond, but I have enjoyed your posts. Here is a little something I wrote April 8. .

    I have “Walked Away” from all the noise, idiocy and insanity of all that outside myself. It just isn’t important nor relevant anymore. Now the Journy inward continues deeper and deeper. Sadly, leaving behind those who will never get it, never look into the Abyss within and let their demons go. That world outside no longer being worth the time and energy, because as Morpheus said: “For those still stuck in the Matrix, no attempt to reach them should be done as they are not ready to be unplugged. Many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.”


    It has been interesting to me having left 99.9% of outside information behind, and even up to a month ago, leaving behind even the sites of information that I thought were informative and somewhat interesting. But even those have been deleted as they don’t provide me with Beauty anymore. The only thing left is my “Passion”, which I find much beauty, mystery, imagination and possibilities. The facets of my “Passion” either work or they don’t and I find the process fulfilling. I now share with only members of my Tribe.


    For myself, it feels like I have lived through the creation of our Universe, and have felt that way as long as I can remember. I am sure I will live through its destruction as well. Of that I am so confident that there is no way to debate it. Death is nothing, it is merely going back to the Source to learn again and again the lessons needed to learn. For me the Final Journey will be having learned all the lessons and meeting Mother Aya permanently. I look forward to it.


    Much Love and in total humility and humbleness.




    • Thank you, Karl, for sharing what you wrote here. It is very power full and I resonate with it very much. Every word. I believe that this year is the year of true knowing, true knowing as to who recognizes the Abyss for what it is and will stop at nothing to arrive. Many of those who have walked with me for decades have surrendered to the inorganic beings and petty tyrants that are doing the work of the predator; just gave it all over without question. I believe that I almost got sucked in as well. Reconnecting with the Earth has been the very thing I needed to fill my heart and soul and remove me from the flyers mind. Nice to briefly dance with you again.


  5. yes, you are reconnected within to that which you have never been seperate from. you are remembering again for the first time, as my teacher used to say to me when i had any realization of the wordless word. so long ago now, but then it is only within the limits of time that we are able to live in the eternal.
    you are so lovely when you flow with the spirit, when you bathe in the river of life, when you hang onto the wind, and trust. when you touch the earth with your heart, and pass joyously into the lives of your people. you shine like crystal star water. you are a spirit walker.


    • Thank you so much, Jack, for your moving response. I appreciate all of your effort in responses to previous posts to assist me in finding my way back. I guess I really did have to go through it. I watched everything from the Sumerians to World History of Religion to the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire and everything else in between and after to connect all of the dots. And I did. And nothing has changed and it probably never will as long as there are enough people to energize the stories. I never energized them before until this past year and now I know that I will never have my “attention hooked” again. Lesson learned. Thank you a million times. With humility and joy in your presence.


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