When we align with the energy of the Earth, we unite with the awareness of the Earth. To sit upon her in silence is an act of power. As we allow ourselves to pulse with the earth, our energy begins to vibrate at the same frequency.

One of the most powerful methods for connecting with the pulse of the earth is to consciously bring the vital earth energy in through our root chakra and then raise it up into our higher chakras through the breath. When all of our chakras are activated by the energy of the earth we begin to vibrate in sync with the combined energies of the earth and the universal life force bringing us to a state of complete inner peace and balance.

Connect with the earth; she will boost you beyond your wildest dreams. Sing her the praises of your gratitude for all she is, for all she gives. Through this connection you come to know true love, unity, and harmony as it exists within the web of creation. It is within this web where all dreams and visions are born and from where you have the freedom to assemble your reality in order to dance awake your own dream.

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