Evolution begins with inner silence. When we take the time to sit in stillness on the earth we begin to connect to the intricate energetic web of which we are all a part. To evolve, one must have command over the totality of oneself. This means that you encounter power by removing yourself from the concerns of the group mind and replace them with decisions of power and strategies that bring you to awareness. You are an autonomous individual who has come to realize that your next step is to raise your vibrational frequency to help evolve your consciousness.

The only thing that prevents us from evolving into states of consistent, heightened awareness and transcendence of human limitations is our self. How easy it is to fall back into the stories and patterns that we have been taught to perceive. The force behind collective coercion is so strong and yet, people are awakening and connecting once again to the deep awareness that they are able to glean from silent knowledge. If you are resonating with this you can now look deeply into the abyss in order to determine how to best become free from the paradigmatic structures that keep you bound to patterns that no longer serve you so that you may live your life in complete freedom; uncomplicated, joyful and beautiful freedom.

Your commitment to evolve must be to yourself, not to another. Once the decision has been made, you become excited with the possibility of recreating yourself and can fully immerse yourself into new roles by learning everything there is to know for creating your new reality.  It is at this juncture that one decides whether to find solace in the security of her routines or to jump into the abyss.

As you release any limiting beliefs, you begin to strengthen your energetic configuration. As you strengthen your energetic configuration, you begin to evolve. You become open with the opportunity to align with the pulse of the earth in balance with universal life force energies for your evolution. It is your destiny to evolve and that time is now.

Read>> Evolving through Silence.

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