What do you Cling to?

But why? Why do you need prophets to tell you how you ought to live? Why do you need anyone to tell you how you ought to live? ~ Daniel Quinn

It’s getting harder and harder for me to write anything. I have come to realize through my many journeys and numerous life experiences that the more I come to know the less I actually know. This is a good thing, a very good thing. For me, it provides me with the satisfaction that I am succeeding in the choices that I have made to fully be myself on a path of freedom, free from the patterns and expectations, content to just observe this amazing world unfold. I don’t have as many opinions anymore because I have come to know that everything is true, right and correct, at least from the perspective of the person who holds those beliefs. And that’s okay; it is, after all, their world and we can’t possibly know what they’ve been through or what they are doing to maintain it. And unless they ask, there is nothing we can tell ‘em.

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