Life’s How-To Guide

The thing that makes some warriors fight to retain their self is something unrelated to personal concerns. To belong to a lineage of power implies bonds of such a deep nature that our personality is annulled. In that situation, individual choice no longer exists for the warrior, properly speaking. All he can do is accept his destiny and fulfill the commands of the Rule; anything else would just lead to his extinction. ~ Don Juan, Encounters with the Nagual

Awaken to your life’s purpose, be patient, forgive, embrace pain, meditate, transform, transcend, go-within, change, release, heal, pray, focus, create your reality, believe, hope, be positive, do yoga, find inner peace, let go of desire… in other words become like everyone else in a spiritual way. There are guidebooks, gurus, classes, workshops and how-to-guides all over the internet including instructions on How to Become More Spiritual on eHow, rated as “moderately easy”.

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