merging with plant consciousness

Have I not just told you that Intelligence moves through all physical forms? Whereas form is separate in its physical identity, Intelligence is One. We (plants) welcome an attitude of respect and admiration. For too long the forests have been exploited to meet your needs on a physical level. It is time now to merge our energy with mankind on higher, finer levels. ~ Michael Roads, Talking with Nature

Wild Tufted Evening Primrose promotes hormonal balance, helps rheumatoid arthritis, and a wide range of female remedies.

The spring equinox is the first day of spring and is a time of the year when we plant the seeds of dreams for the earth, dreams that have the potential to become nourished and brought to fruition. Chanting and drumming in the sweat lodge on March 20th, we each shared strong intentions for planting the seeds of change; intentions for more conscious awareness to take root in humanity. These are the seeds of creative, universal life-force energy that can be nourished by all of us to liberate the planet from the grasp of seeds that have produced fear and confusion.

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This Beautiful Earth

My exquisite passage on Earth is the very Earth herself. She is the ultimate playground on which to hone awareness and do our best to live in profound harmony with everything. And deep in the darkness of the night I hope to sit peacefully upon the Earth looking up at the stars and the planets into infinity knowing that my existence is merely pure energy within the flow of oneness and freedom. ~ Female Warrior

Enjoy. All photos taken by me.

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