jumping into the abyss

Don Juan and don Genaro stepped back and seemed to merge with the darkness. Pablito held my forearm and we said good-by to each other. Then a strange urge, a force, made me run with him to the northern edge of the mesa. I felt his arm holding me as we jumped and then I was alone. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

Rich in metaphor, Carlos Castaneda authored a number of books beginning in the 1960’s. Within them, between the sometimes humorous tales and startling allegories, are nuggets of wise and profound information to be gleaned for the adherent on any evolutionary spiritual path. The trouble comes in when people actually take the metaphors literally. I’ve explained to many people, when asked about their confusion over a Castaneda metaphor, to connect to the energy behind the words and don’t take everything he says so literally.

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