Ocean of Awareness

t’s not the people around you who are at fault, don Juan said. They cannot help themselves. The fault is with you, because you can help yourself, but you are bent on judging them, at a deep level of silence. Any idiot can judge. If you judge them, you will only get the worst out of them. All of us human beings are prisoners, and it is that prison that makes us act in such a miserable way. Your challenge is to take people as they are! Leave people alone. ~ Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity

In response to my outburst in my previous post a fellow warrior sent me the above quote that immediately put things back into perspective. Thank you for that. Yeah, I know. I over-reacted. The reason I go to Mexico has nothing to do with the scope of how things are assembled and arranged on a physical level, the reason I go is to immerse myself in the energy of the area and to connect with intent.

It’s interesting that my journey to Mexico provided me with exactly everything I had asked for. The gifts of deepening my connection with intent, reunions with the oldest members of my sorcerer’s party and the ability to ride the energetic waves through stalking and dream far outweigh the petty drama that is a result of the foreign installation. The foreign installation is very immense and its job is to bleed over into everything as it continues to feed. In spite of my diligence to protect myself from inorganic beings when working within the most heightened energetic levels of awareness, the foreign installation invades at any chance it gets in its attempts to get its hooks in and feed. It was even successful at momentarily distracting me from the purpose of my trip in the first place. Don Juan always said that once the recapitulation of something was successful you would be tested once again to make sure you were done. I am grateful for that final test.

The trip was intended as an appointment with power and that’s exactly what it was. Continually opening myself to intent and riding the energetic lines of awareness provided me with the fluidity and awareness that is needed at this time in order for me to accomplish various tasks that I have recently embarked upon after years of cultivating a seed planted almost a decade earlier. The seed was planted on the cusp of second and third attention and the time was now to pay personal physical attention to it and to move it to its new and permanent location in the dark sea of awareness.

This was no easy task and to those of you who know me, I thank you for the assistance that you provided. The ability to connect deeply in dream and in new ways was necessary and to have had the opportunity to meet and travel in dream with the South American keeper of the sacred plants prior to my departure was an essential component of this journey. Likewise, the “ride” through time and space that was facilitated in the desert through the stalking abilities of a mighty sorcerer friend allowed me the ability to remain balanced with a foot in both worlds.

I’ve been reluctant to talk about dreaming because it is very hard to discuss or find the words for and very hard to understand unless you have actually experienced it. As don Juan discusses in the Active Side of Infinity to use the word dreaming weakens a very powerful act and that dreaming was not a matter of being surrounded by mystical clouds but of having access into bona-fide entrances to other worlds of perception. Suffice it to say that the ability to be boosted simultaneously by a powerful dreamer and stalker is a precious gift packed with an enormous punch and if not guarded carefully, a feast for inorganic beings.

Don Juan said in The Active Side of Infinity, Don’t worry about verbalizations, you’ll verbalize all you want in due time. Today, you must act on your inner silence, on what you know without knowing. You know to perfection what you have to do, but this knowledge is not quite formulated in your thoughts yet. And so it is.

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