Ocean of Awareness

t’s not the people around you who are at fault, don Juan said. They cannot help themselves. The fault is with you, because you can help yourself, but you are bent on judging them, at a deep level of silence. Any idiot can judge. If you judge them, you will only get the worst out of them. All of us human beings are prisoners, and it is that prison that makes us act in such a miserable way. Your challenge is to take people as they are! Leave people alone. ~ Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity

In response to my outburst in my previous post a fellow warrior sent me the above quote that immediately put things back into perspective. Thank you for that. Yeah, I know. I over-reacted. The reason I go to Mexico has nothing to do with the scope of how things are assembled and arranged on a physical level, the reason I go is to immerse myself in the energy of the area and to connect with intent.

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