The Assemblage Point

Many people have emailed me requesting clarification on the assemblage point. The best point of reference for this is in the book The Fire From Within by Carlos Castaneda and here is information through my personal experience united with the teachings of Carlos.

People repeatedly choose to perceive the same reality for two reasons. First, and most important, because we have been taught that those particular realities are perceivable and “normal”, and second because our assemblage points select and prepare those realities for being used on a regular basis.

Having done considerable amounts of energy work and teachings for people over the course of many years, it became evident that a major distraction was almost always required for the purpose of facilitating success in assisting one in shifting their assemblage point. One person, who worked with me on a regular basis, asked me if I could assist him with something when we got home from our walk in the desert. I said, let’s do it right now and he asked me if we could without the assistance of sage, feathers and a rattle. As a committed apprentice on the path of awareness, he was at a point in this juncture when he needed to move beyond this distraction so I explained that those items simply serve as a tool to help provide focus to the task at hand. He asked me if I needed them to do my work and was surprised when I told him no, they are only utilized to create a focal point in order to shift the assemblage point and that they don’t serve me at all.

Rituals and incantations are indeed necessary at one time in every warrior’s life. But only for purposes of luring one’s first attention away from the power of self-absorption, which keeps his assemblage point rigidly fixed.

The obsessive entanglement of the first attention in self-absorption or reason is a powerful binding force, and ritual behavior, because it is repetitive, forces the first attention to free some energy from watching the inventory, as a consequence of which the assemblage point loses its rigidity.

To shift your assemblage point, one needs a lot of energy or assistance from an impeccable nagual. What determines the shift is energy. When the assemblage points moves from its fixated point, if you are not a warrior, you think you’re losing your mind. If you are a warrior, you know you’ve gone crazy, but you patiently wait. You see, to be healthy and sane means that the assemblage point is immovable. When it shifts, it literally means that one is deranged.

Impeccable warriors don’t lose their marbles. They remain untouched. Impeccable warriors may see horrifying and strange worlds and yet the next moment they are telling a joke, laughing with their friends or with strangers.

Two options are opened to warriors whose assemblage points have shifted. One is to acknowledge being ill and to behave in deranged ways, reacting emotionally to the strange worlds that their shifts force them to witness; the other is to remain impassive, untouched, knowing that the assemblage point always returns to its original position.

If the assemblage point doesn’t return to its original position, then those people are lost. They are either incurably crazy, because their assemblage points could never assemble the world as we know it, or they are peerless seers who have begun their movement toward the unknown.

The fixation of the assemblage point begins as toddlers. Parents restrict their children’s sense of perception by forcing their own upon them, the very perceptions that they were taught by their parents and so on and so on. A small child’s rendering of a house may not look anything like a house but the parent or teacher will promptly draw about six lines on a piece of paper and exclaim, “now that’s a house.” The child’s perspective, therefore, becomes fixated on those drawn lines and future renderings of the “house” will always maintain that perspective having been locked in by the person that they trust to be right.

To shift ones assemblage point is to utilize the vast amounts of energy that become available through recapitulation. The extra energy allows one to perceive at a point beyond the limited perceptions that have been placed upon us from birth. To imagine this all you have to do is realize that everything in our existence is simply energy. Cars, people, buildings, kitchen utensils, shoes, etc. They are tangible objects that are made up of infinite atoms, electrons and sub-atomic particles. Most people perceive them as concrete, solid objects. Sorcerers perceive them of the very thing they are, pure energy. This is not only possible but it is incredibly frightening when it first occurs. Your rationale is challenged on an extreme level as you witness the “melting” or transformation of form. It is the impeccable warrior that keeps his act together and not surprising that if these shifts occur to ordinary people they are apt to go insane.

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