Warriors for Gaia, our Sweet Mother Earth

Ask yourselves these questions: What am I doing with my life? Does it have a purpose? Is it tight enough? A warrior accepts his destiny, whatever it may be. However, he fights to change things, and he makes something exquisite of his passage on Earth. He tempers his will in such a way that nothing can deviate him from his purpose. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

For far too long humanity has been asked and coerced and at times forced to acquiesce to religious order. Think about it. Religious order. What exactly does that mean? A religious order is basically an organization that, like any organization, instills particular rules, structures, bylaws, guidelines, etc. that one must apply and comply with in order to be part of. In early times when anyone resisted the religious order in preference to their devotion to the earth and her bountiful gifts they were called witches, pagans and heathens and burned at the stake, drowned and hanged. In return for your compliance, acquiescence and good behavior you are promised your salvation, deliverance and entry into the kingdom of heaven which is depicted by rainbows, lush meadows, fluffy clouds, angels tooting horns and stairways lined in gold! Some depictions show dolphins swimming in the clouds and a promise to reunite with loved ones with lots of peace and love.

This is detrimental to our existence which cruelly and methodically separates us from our mother earth. It is right here, right now and only right here, right now that we have the opportunity to live amongst lush meadows, fluffy clouds, and rainbows with dolphins swimming playfully in the oceans and to be in the company of our loved ones. It is here and now that we must embody peace and love and walk it into the world, not to wait, instead, to be embodied by it within a promised kingdom of heaven, another story.

Someone recently wrote on another forum, “The indigenous revered Mother Earth as just that, the mother and provider of all life on this planet. They have an emotional and spiritual attachment to what they believe is a living being, the creator spirit – Gaia. The shaman begs us to regain this connection to the world around us.”

Once people regain their emotional and spiritual attachment to Gaia then they come to know, as the shaman knows, a level of awareness that surpasses all other knowledge. It is through this knowledge, silent knowledge, that humanity will find their ultimate connection to the earth, to each other. We have arrived at a critical crossroads in regard to the course we will follow. Here are the choices:

1) Continue forward in an old paradigmatic structure that keeps you imprisoned by constantly retelling the same old myth, over and over and over again. A slave to an arrangement, an order that has systematically deceived you into destroying your one and only true creator as you grasp far outside of yourself to touch upon and be accepted by an unknown and potentially false entity that judges your every move and punishes you to a point that demands the continual fixation upon self-healing, as though no one is ever good enough; or

2) To let go of the myth and live upon our beautiful Mother Earth, paying homage to her, honoring her for the food, water, shelter, vitamins, minerals and everything that she gives so selflessly. She doesn’t judge you or punish you in order to keep you weak at heart, quite the contrary. She shows you her beauty in each and every moment, in the trees, the flowers, the marine life, the mysteries of a cave, the mountains, and the animals. She provides you with the plant medicines that make you whole and well, with the food that makes you strong.

We have everything we need right here. What we have to overcome is our attachment to wanting, to taking, to not having enough and to striving to become something that we are not in order to be accepted by the puppeteers who control everything through their greed and convoluted efforts in perpetuating and keeping people in a state of fear. If we continue to operate in the manner that we have been it won’t be long before the oceans have been destroyed, the forests have been cut down, the skies will be darkened, the animals will be dead and the water will no longer run clear, if it runs at all. Desertification is occurring at an alarming rate in our attempts to feed the world and we can’t keep up with that task at a rate of over 130 million births each year. This oil tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico, if not resolved soon, may result in a cataclysmic event of such astronomic proportion that it can ultimately cause the collapse of the environment in a way that few can imagine and if that happens, we are doomed.

We must collectively return to the earth, to honor her once again, to become immersed in her consciousness, to be filled with the splendor of love and completeness that we were born of. In turn we will once again embody a sense of connection with all living things within this great and beautiful web of creation, this web of life.

Warriors must, as Carlos said in the above quote, fight to change things, and to make something exquisite of his passage on Earth. It’s difficult to change or eliminate outmoded patterns and behaviors but it is not impossible. Are you up to the challenge?

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