A New Dream

When the assemblage point assembles a world, that world is total. This is the marvel that the old seers stumbled upon and never realized what it was: the awareness of the earth can give us a boost to align other great bands of emanations, and the force of that new alignment makes the world vanish. Since both the earth and man are sentient beings, their emanations coincide, or rather, the earth has all the emanations present in man and all the emanations that are present in all sentient beings, organic and inorganic for that matter. When a moment of alignment takes place, sentient beings use that alignment in a limited way and perceive their world. Warriors can use that alignment either to perceive, like everyone else, or as a boost that allows them to enter unimaginable worlds. ~ Don Juan, The Fire From Within

What would happen if enough people got together and made a conscious choice to change the dream of the planet? It is said that the patterns that we continuously repeat are duplicated because they are a repetitive dream that keeps playing itself over and over in the same way. Maybe different words, different cultural aspects, different modalities and yet, it’s always the same story, the same pattern. Carlos spoke briefly about the mitote and Don Miguel Ruiz clarified its meaning by saying the mitote ceremony is a sacred ritual in dreaming performed through the night. It has been passed down through the various Toltec lineages as a means to transform one’s own personal dream. It works to transform the individual’s dream on multiple dimensions.

Others who I work with talk about dancing awake the dream or when confronted with a challenge might ask themself, whose dream am I living? Ah yes, patterns within patterns within patterns. Other people’s patterns, other people’s dreams. Just today I received an email from an old soul in a young body saying, “I feel we need new realities…. new focal points, the old ones are out of date; and the truth I am finding inside of myself is that if I fail to write my own story it will be written for me… times are changing, yet all things remain the same.”

Quite the conundrum indeed! Recognizing at the ripe old age of 21 that the patterns are so strong that even in our wildest desires to free ourselves of them, if we take pause even ever so briefly we will have once again stabilized the position of our assemblage point on an old dream; someone else’s dream. We have to be in a state of Constant Movement, as I previously posted, to continually ensure that we are undeniably writing our own stories without becoming fixated upon any patterns.

While we are working to ensure that we are dancing awake our own dream we must be gentle with ourselves and recognize that we are human beings who have been conditioned since birth to see the world in a very minimized manner. It will continue to look the same unless we are ardent in our journey to constantly see through new eyes. One of the difficulties that most people have is the lack of personal power that enables them to see, to truly see beyond the patterns and beyond the predominantly fixated state of the planet. As warriors, we must continually employ the methods of recapitulation in order to have the necessary personal power that allows us to see and connect with the energy behind all things. When we can accomplish this then we will see ordinary things in a non-ordinary way. Takes practice, takes work.

The power of the earth is unparalleled. For the past twenty years of my life I have been integrating the awareness of the Toltec path with the beauty of the sweat lodge space. The essential components of the sweat lodge are the four elements; earth, water, air, and fire. The essential components of the Toltec path are shifting the assemblage point from its fixated position in order to connect with intent and perceive in a new and more authentic manner. The joining of these two beautiful paths creates a bridge and the ability to connect with emptiness, silent knowledge, intent, the infinite mystery and the awesome awareness of the earth.

Connect with the earth; she will boost you beyond your wildest dreams. The alignment of her emanations with yours will deliver you into the amazing net of oneness; with humility, gratitude and utter simplicity. This net, this web of creation, is where all dreams and visions are born and from where we have the freedom to assemble our new reality in order to dance awake our own dream.

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