Freedom from Bad Habits

There are three kinds of bad habits which we use over and over when confronted with unusual life situations. First, we may disregard what’s happening or has happened and feel as if it had never occurred. That one is the bigot’s way. Second, we may accept everything at its face value and feel as if we know what’s going on. That’s the pious man’s way. Third, we may become obsessed with an event because either we cannot disregard it or we cannot accept it wholeheartedly. That’s the fool’s way. ~ Don Juan, Tales of Power

Denial. The state of turning a blind eye when current circumstances are discarded so one can feel as though it never occurred. The majority of humanity is in state of denial. They want so badly to believe that everything is okay just the way it is and with the exception of a bit of lip service in order to wow their friends through the initiatives they claim to take, they do little to effect change.

Delusion. The belief that everyone and every situation needs to be accepted without question is detrimental to the well-being of everyone, everything. People aspire to live in a state of perpetual acceptance as a means of demonstrating their high level of love and tolerance for their fellow humans. This is folly at best and maintained predominantly to make the one who functions in a constant state of acceptance feel as though they are somehow validated as “enlightened” in their spiritual quest.

Obsession. This is an extreme fixation of the assemblage point. It traps people into a state of mania as they replay a situation over and over again in their head in their attempt to arrive at a different outcome in order to have their beliefs authenticated.

These three “bad habits”, as don Juan called them, are a direct download from the foreign installation and an extreme waste of energy for the warrior. While everything is in a state of evolution, warriors are evolving as well. In this I refer to the fact that they are taking a more pro-active approach in most matters. Carlos explained, in one of his final interviews, that the modern seers or new warriors are inflexibly committed to each other and how they have sacrificed their individual concerns for the sake of the whole. They are men and women of knowledge who are forced to scrutinize everything said in the past, adapting traditional knowledge to the modality of the time in order for the warrior’s way to be truly and finally understood by people.

Those whose assemblage points have become fixated within the false matrices have the same opportunities as warriors to claim freedom as their birthright and to assemble their awareness for liberation from the foreign installation or dominant paradigm. It is up to warriors to provide them with the opening by allowing them to see that they do, indeed, even have a choice. Carlos characterized the seers of today as warriors who are distinguished by their frankness. The old seers hid from the world and kept their knowledge and awareness secret. This was an extreme act of self-importance which ultimately led to their limited freedom. They were free, perhaps, from the foreign installation yet they remained food for the cosmic predator. The commitment of the new seers is to wake up as many people as we can. We must continue to present the concept that it’s okay to question everything and that to take concepts at face value is to merely uphold the beliefs and principles of the false web.

In addition, we must encourage people to believe that it’s not always okay to accept everything just the way it is. This is one of the greatest misconceptions of all, especially amongst those who believe they are acting in the highest sense of spirituality. Those who believe that acceptance is a critical step in spirituality are maintaining a very damaging aspect of the mindset of the foreign installation. Acceptance at this level reinforces the status quo in a way that is difficult for the average man to understand. It sounds really nice, doesn’t it, to accept everyone exactly where they are. Spiritual people will say that this is perfection itself. A warrior knows that blind acceptance can be a consequentially damaging force that may affect the life-force of so many others and that it is okay to hold others accountable for an unreasonable reality and they are not afraid to do it.

Unconditional love and acceptance, a warrior knows, pertains to people’s free will and their true nature and will challenge one vehemently in an attempt to assist them in aligning with their authentic self, free from the dominant paradigm. Conditional love, on the other hand, merely applies to compatibility. For instance, if you accept this or that, you are ensuring the notion that everyone is happy in acting how they want to act as well as ensuring that they remain happy with each other. This mindset is selfish in the extreme and only serves to support those who cannot accept reality without discernment. They are saying that it is okay to accept without discernment, the lies put forth to them. They think that discerning is judging or blaming. This thought process prevents the expansion of their consciousness. If they choose to accept everything of this third dimensional reality without question or discernment then they will not be able to find any reasons to ascend from it and will become trapped into playing out the same role lifetime after lifetime. It is when one can discern the truth from the lie of acceptance and admit to their non-acceptance of those lies that will create a variation and power necessary to shift themselves into a state of heightened awareness and freedom from the predator.

What this means is that the world is predominantly attempting to flow in a false state of balance that is out-of-sync with the universal flow of life-force energy. This fabricated balance is the thing that the predator counts on in order to continuously feed off of your energy. Non-compliance to this false state of balance will hopefully create enough of an imbalance to disrupt the status quo, destroy the false web and help people to reclaim their personal power, stop feeding the beast and move into a state of authenticity where they will, indeed, question everything. Pushing others into becoming accountable and taking responsibility for their actions will ultimately free the planet from the false matrix that counts on keeping the planet and her inhabitants as its prisoner. It is the kindest thing a warrior can do.

If we learn how to curb our self-pity, and at the same time make room for the authentic ‘me’, we will become drivers of cosmic intent, and conduits for torrents of energy. In order to flow in such a way, we must learn to trust our resources and to understand that we were born with everything we need for the extravagant adventure which is our life. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

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