The Power of the Womb

The womb is the way female animals sense things and regulate their bodies. Through the womb, women can generate and store power in their doubles to build or destroy; or to become one with everything around them. ~ Nelida, The Sorcerer’s Crossing by Taisha Abelar

This is true. When we sit in the breath with intention and open our wombs to receive the life flow energy we become one with everything around us with so much fluidity we can no longer discern any separation. According to sorcerers, the womb makes it easy for women to enter into exotic areas of awareness. This makes perfect sense since the womb is a creative universe unto itself. In an interview, one of the witches said, “Sorcerers maintain that, due to the presence of the womb inside the body, women have the facility to displace the assemblage point to a new position.”

Taisha Abelar was reminded by Nelida to breathe directly through the opening of her vagina while recapitulating as a means of accessing the double. This is an incredible act of power and one that I have used repeatedly in my Reiki and Sweat Lodge practices. In fact, two weeks ago I poured a women’s sweat lodge ceremony and was guided, by intent, to have the women do a chakra clearing process starting with the crown chakra. By the time we got down to the root chakra they were guided to open their vaginas to mother earth and draw the breath into them raising it through their chakras and out of their crown to completely clear their energy body. This resulted in a near earthquake as the lodge shook and the women became disoriented feeling as though the lodge was flying through space. Those inside the house later told us it was like a freight train moving through the yard and the house shook and the power went out briefly, accompanied by an intense energetic shift and overwhelming silence.

It is important for women who are committed to this path to completely recapitulate their sexual encounters in order to release the energetic lines that have become anchored in that portal of creation. The womb is its own universe complete with the lines and fibers similar to those which burden our cosmic universe and earth with stories and patterns. When women completely recapitulate their inside and outside universes, we attain equalized pressure, so to speak, which allows us to become completely fluid within the flow of life-force energy. A pure Mandelbrot within a Mandelbrot within a Mandelbrot, ever moving and flowing.

This fluidity allows for the assemblage point to not become fixated on any one position for very long, if at all. Nelida said that other ways of reaching the double besides using the energy of the womb, is through movement and sound. That’s why I love the sweat lodge. It is essentially a womb and when we connect with intent through the breath, chanting and swaying we are utilizing all of the tools that connect us in fluidity and buoyancy with our double.

Female warriors, you must make the time to connect with your womb energies, your universal life-force. Open yourself to the practice of breathing through your vaginas. When you do, you will experience many sensations. This is life-force energy moving through you and when you open yourself up to it with intention you will find that you will begin to see with ease what needs to be recapitulated. And as you recapitulate you gain more personal power and the sensations increase opening you up to infinite possibilities of creation.

Female warriors, when impeccable with their energy, may guide a male warrior or group with focused intention, through an amazing and powerful abstract flight. It is in these moments that assemblage points loosen significantly from their fixated locations allowing access to the double and into the depths of what it means to be surrounded by infinity.


7 thoughts on “The Power of the Womb

  1. Interesting.. might you know if Taisha Abelar is still alive? I am looking for hidden recent book gems that are of similar nature as her book and Castaneda. Im sure there are some more somewhere which i don’t know of. Do you have any clue? Appreciated.


    • I think she is still alive and in hiding. I totally understand if that’s the case. I enjoyed the papers by Armando Torres who had an interview/apprenticeship of sort with Carlos. You can find a link to his work under the book link under Castaneda on my menu bar. Thank you.


  2. Thanks Lorraine, Ives read your book and Taisha Abelar’’s. I’ve just finished recapitulating my sexual life. I had a sort of nervous energy following it then a feeling of sadness but that has passed. Just wondered if this was normal.


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