Awakening to Your Authentic Self

Nagualism is at once taking off one mask and wearing another. Naguals take off the mask that makes us see ourselves and the world we live in as ordinary, lusterless, predictable, and repetitious and put on the second mask, the one that helps us see ourselves – and our surroundings – for what we really are – breathtaking events that bloom into transitory existence and are never to be repeated again. ~ Florinda Donner, The Witch’s Dream

Someone who reads my blog recently emailed me and said, “You’ve mentioned “authentic self” and “being authentic” and so on. How so?” My short response was, “In freedom, of course, free from the patterns and impositions from others that attempt to force us into compliance of how or who we should be. Finding innermost passions and allowing those to flow freely as an expression of one’s self.”

Yes, we are awakening after a long, deep sleep that has had us fulfilling someone else’s dream. A dream of an idea of what could be perceptually called “normal”. Normal is a word that I never identified with and as a school girl, when others would say I was weird, well that was the biggest compliment to me. My current circle of friends have got to be the weirdest, quirkiest group of people around and I feel completely at ease with them, each of them so secure in being themselves and in so doing bringing a luscious entrée to the feast of life.

Humans are breaking free from what don Juan referred to as the mold of man. No longer content to put all of their energy into an imprisoning system of compliance that keeps humanity ever-reaching for the unattainable carrot we are wiping the sleep from our eyes, taking a deep breath and risking to be who we want to be rather than being for others who they think we should be.

Like any transition, we must be patient as humanity transforms. We must exercise patience with those who have only ever known us while we were fitting a mold whether it is a work, with family, with our community and we must be open to those who are breaking out of the molds that we may have, unwittingly, held them within. So much is shifting now; knowledge, awareness, patterns, consciousness and people. We are returning to the beautiful diversity of which we were intended to be, letting go of all masks in the process.

This human awakening extends far beyond our personal selves. Our return to ourselves will usher in the other components of that which have been molded into things other than its original form such as animals, plants, natural environments, and atmosphere. When we become willing to be ourselves on all levels we will no longer accept any substitutes for anything, our food included. Monsanto’s poisons, factory farming, bio-engineered plants and franken-meat will become a thing of the past. Plastic solutions for plastic people will no longer be the forefront of our existence.

We don’t always see the effects of how what we do to ourselves is imposed upon others, all of creation included. Shed the mold of man, if you no longer conform to the mold you will no longer rely on that mold to sustain you.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do. No parts to be filled, no filters to be broken, no mirrors to reflect, no mirrors to be shattered. There is no truth, there is only perception, each person’s tale a tale of power. Just knowledge and authenticity shared and the beauty of individual diversity so that one can truly create and be the totality of their own authentic self.

In a better society, with more understanding people, nobody will change you. Everybody will help you to be yourself — and to be oneself is the richest thing in the world. To be oneself gives you all that you need to feel fulfilled, all that can make your life meaningful and significant. Just being yourself and growing according to your nature will bring the fulfillment of your destiny. ~ Osho

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