Manifesting Your Reality

Intention is the important thing: for the old sorcerers of Mexico, intention (intento) is a force that intervenes in all aspects of time and space. To be able to use and manipulate this force calls for impeccable behavior. A warrior’s final goal is to be able to lift his head above the rut where he is confined, look around him, and change what he wants. To do so he needs to have discipline and pay attention all the time. ~ Paulo Coelho

Dream a new dream, create your reality, you are what you think, law of attraction, everything you do affects the web; all familiar catch phrases. But how many people actually realize that this is true? When we allow ourselves to awaken from the fog that surrounds us we begin to see that we truly are free to create our reality. When a warrior is committed to the practice of recapitulation and truly functions from a place of constant mindfulness they begin to see just how easy it is to connect with intent and create their reality. The more energy they have, the easier it becomes to create with efficiency and impeccability.

So what is the fog? Quite simply it is the remnants of other people’s creation and we are surrounded by a lot of it; a thick, dense, heavy fog. I perceive this fog as lines of energy that reach out and touch everything. They are leftover dreams, some of them thousands of years old that are being maintained by those who keep them alive by feeding them through trying to make them their own dreams.

A Toltec warrior is a creator, someone who consciously connects with intent and creates their reality by walking it into the world. This is why it is so important for a warrior to be impeccable with their words and thoughts. When one has enough energy to be completely aligned with intent, they are aligned with the power of the universe, the collective flow to the nature of things, and as a result, their words and thoughts begin to manifest in real time.

An example of this that most everyone can understand would be ancient Native American Indians or Indigenous tribes who gather together before a hunt. They are not, as most people commonly believe, praying for the animals to come and be their food; they are connecting with intent and while in this life-force flow the animals and every other planetary thing are riding along the same lines of energy. The animals emerge, the hunt is on and gratitude is given to the force of intent, to the whole beautiful circle of life through connecting once again with intent.

We have to recognize, once again, the powerful energy that exists through us and all around us and stop taking it for granted. When we awaken each day in gratitude for everything we are reinforcing our connection with intent. To continually feed old lines of energy or other people’s visions weighs those very lines down and makes them denser. Whether one can see them or not doesn’t matter, the energy that those lines hold are prevalent and easy to become attached to. These lines are illusions and illusion causes suffering because there is no connection with the creative force.

A warrior has no attachment to these dense, old lines and sees them for the traps that they are. When we can truly see these lines as repetitive patterns that don’t even belong to us we begin to realize how free we are to create and manifest our reality in each and every moment. Is there any other choice?

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