Impeccable Balance

The warrior’s final challenge is to balance all the attributes of his path. Once he does that, his purpose becomes inflexible. He is no longer moved by a desperate desire for gain. He is the owner of his will, and can put it to his personal service. When he arrives at that point, the warrior has learned how to be impeccable. And for him to continue being impeccable depends totally on the energy he has accumulated. ~ Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

When a warrior begins balancing all the attributes of her path, she comes to realize that she never has to desire anything again because she understands that she has absolutely everything she needs through sheer force of will and her connection and alignment with intent. Thinking that there is not enough of something, or no time left to complete a task, or trying to change something is replaced by simply knowing that when we are so fully in the flow of intent that we have everything we need and there is nothing left to ask for. We take responsibility for our lives by simply aligning with intent, getting out of our own way, and allowing the nature of things to unfold. Power is and power moves.

Doubt may have the tendency to creep in and attempt to take over. Futility rears its ugly head. A hundred reason may pop up that try to lead one to believe they are not strong enough (replace with any of the following: good enough, ready enough, processed enough, worthy enough…) And then we stop and remember that we are the owner of our will through which we have no choice but to succeed in our goal. It comes down to this. We either align with intent or we don’t.

There is nothing to do but trust, surrender, align and in all moments, walk with an attitude of gratitude.  I have come to find that the yearnings of the ego and are never really satisfied. I used to wish for things, intent  things, even “pray” for things and then, if I didn’t get what I desired, perhaps I’d get pissed off and shake my fist at the sky saying, “there is no divine force working on for the good of the whole, if there was this wouldn’t have happened, or that would have happened instead.” Sheer madness, giving our power over to some force “out there” expecting to have our wishes granted. What self-importance!

As warriors, we must realize that everything comes from within and then take responsibility for accumulating our own personal power and energy so that we can align with intent and become balanced between the earth and the cosmos as we find our place within all things on this planet just like every other creature that populates this earth. We need to do as they do and align with and make us of our personal power, awareness and unbending intent. Power is and power moves.

Intent is the tuning of our attention to cosmic awareness, which transforms our volition into commands of the Eagle. We must be daring to attempt it deliberately, but, once there, everything becomes possible. Intent allows sorcerers to live in a non-ordinary world, and to intend a destiny of freedom. ~ CC

And even more than intending a destiny of freedom it occurs to me that our goal as modern warriors is to align with freedom right here and now. We have the tools and we have the knowledge. What may be lacking is personal power which brings me back, once again, to restate the practices of recapitulation erasing personal history, and breaking free of the mold of man. When this is done the fixation of the position of the assemblage point shifts and then a warrior must take the necessary actions to realize their potential and free themselves from the imposed limits and patterns that prevent them from achieving their goals.

Take a risk! Get out of the trap of self-reflection and dare to perceive all that is humanly possible! A warrior of knowledge makes an effort to be authentic, and he won’t accept any compromises, because the object of his fight is total freedom. ~ Carlos Castaneda

Keep Dancing!

16 thoughts on “Impeccable Balance

  1. times, time, and time and a half refers to the first, second, and third attention which must be stacked in layers when awake-dreaming the third attention, because the tonal of the third attention attaches to the whole of beings tuned into or excepting the commands of conscious participation in growing the understaning in awareness or intending awareness on even the smallest level. its tapping awareness on a place beyond possibility and beyond our progenitors.


  2. could be. this is a good page it would be nice if people wanted to be interactive theres a lot more help coming to those who don’t have a nagual to guide them.understanding comes with time the modern seers are only 35 years or so into this new time. its going to be hard but fun for those who like there backs up against the wall.


  3. Assuming that one has made the choice to keep one foot in the social world, erasing one’s personal history, and even the daunting task of total recapitulation, are nothing in comparison to the the challenge of breaking free of the mold of man. Whereas the first two can be accomplished “on one’s own”, so to speak, the constant vigilance required to maintain one’s personal power in the face of the constant onslaught from the social world is truly not for the faint-hearted. Impeccable balance is indeed required.


    • Indeed.
      On the cosmic scale, the strength of a being is not measured by its physical capability, but by its capacity to manipulate awareness. It follows that if we are to take the next evolutionary step, it must be done by means of discipline, determination, and strategy. Those are our weapons. ~ Carlos Castaneda


  4. “The tonal makes the world only in a manner of speaking. It cannot create or change anything, and yet it makes the world because its function is to judge, and assess, and witness. I say that the tonal makes the world because it witnesses and assesses it according to tonal rules. In a very strange manner, the tonal is a creator that doesn’t create a thing. In other words, the tonal makes up the rules by which it apprehends the world. So, in a manner of speaking, it creates the world.” “I’m using your own words now,” he said. “The tonal is the social person.” “There is a personal tonal for every one of us, and there is a collective one for all of us at any given time which we can call the tonal of the times.” “Look! Every table has the same configuration. Certain items are present on all of them. They are, however, individually different from each other. Some tables are more crowded than others. They have different food on them, different plates, different atmosphere, yet we have to admit that all the tables in this restaurant are very alike.
    The same thing happens with the tonal. We can say that the tonal of the times is what makes us alike in the same way it makes all the tables in this restaurant alike. Each table separately, nevertheless, is an individual case just like the personal tonal of each of us. But the important factor to keep in mind is that everything we know about ourselves and about our world is on the island of the tonal. See what I mean?”
    its a new time new perception is available and seers need to be there first to make sure the proper terms of knowledge can be conveyed to the society thru the seers nagual and tonal since the seer knows he or she will be stalking in this new time they affect the field for the betterment of all and for leaving the knowledge readily available to any that comes across and to lead others that come across this tonal.since the seer can organize better the average man.peace.


  5. Greetings from the Arctic,

    I have purposefully “disengaged” from reviewing, visiting – “locating” the Others. Words like snares can simply valve-off movement. I hope my words and your expectations do not restrict, here, now.

    I will speak frank and open for efficiency sake. For the longest time, the vision has been faint, shaded, fixated, terrifying for the “Bridge Seers”. The solidification of a protracted “personal and collective” history along with technology, accelerating returns and narcotic, self-indulgent warping has cultivated quite the shadow-fog amongst even the most potentially-capable “seers”.

    I have come across Theun and Carlos – yet briefly. After reviewing, skimming akin material, it was quite clear to me that only a very, very rare few individuals are of “true blood”. And when I speak of “true blood” – the concept is not fixated to the surface-orientation of the measure. I speak of the impeccable. Those who have ceased to warp.

    It appears, the knock has initiated more than just a spark on the micro-level….The shift and rising tide of opportunity and challenge is rushing through the entirety. High is the wave, while most eyes aren’t up off the ground.

    I take the time here, now because it is time. We never have to find the others, as the others merely appear before us exactly – as always – in their rightful place, at the right time. Over the last two or three days, I have reviewed some Knowledge Work and am delighted to see such incredible advancement. I am exceptionally full – of what is to be.

    The unfolding has thrown us back into the mix – with tools and advanced knowledge that our predecessors did not have. We are the first of our “tier” to enjoy and utilize the connectivity of the “machines”….these machines once foreign have become useful and will become a component of our very nature. In a very “round-about” way – this has always been the case, we are simply arriving at a new “tier”, a new line of “code” within the grand matrix.

    Those trapped in lower-tier states will only become more and more disenfranchised with those not-so-trapped by their framework. This will divide our planet. The concept of Luddites jumps to front of mind. And yes, several petty tyrants along the new way – in fact a couple of them are not quite so petty – a few will be grand forces to be reckoned with.

    Funny enough….this is nothing new. It is why we feel and require a-Knowing in the first place. At all aspects, at all tiers….on every front…..we fight to remember. to re-capture… bring still… dissolve….

    I will be around….


  6. Good thing that I dont know how it can be taken. The idea

    That the earth, the winds, nature are what intent “Is

    There ‘s no intent without nature and the sun by the way is on duty doing something good for the planet.

    I observe this and makes me having feelings of love for the sun.

    On another level systems are on a crash orbit with speed, which makes life difficult.

    Feeling grateful for the sun though which is a good sign. 🙂 (for me) 🙂

    Just one more comment!


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