Dreaming From Within a New Band of Awareness

When the assemblage point assembles a world, that world is total. This is the marvel that the old seers stumbled upon and never realized what it was: the awareness of the earth can give us a boost to align other great bands of emanations, and the force of that new alignment makes the world vanish. ~ Don Juan, The Fire from Within

Humans have the ability to assemble, to create, new bands of awareness by simply aligning with the emanations of the earth. What are these emanations? They are the force of power, the fibrous lines that lie within the reach of our fingertips, the indescribable commands that are awaiting their creation through our intention and our purpose as incarnate awareness in human form. It’s a masterpiece, a manifestation of beauty just as we, ourselves, have become manifest through intention alone.

When our awareness is aligned with other energetic forces of the universe, including the earth, great and amazing things become manifest as a result of what is perceived by the awareness that is doing the perceiving. We are a feeling, an awareness encased here. ~ Don Juan, Tales of Power

We are a feeling…a mood…a sensation devoid of thought, randomly floating through the universe; aligning with other emanations within the universe. Merging with them and becoming something more than nothing. Becoming aware from the sheer force of perceiving in tangent with intent itself and in that awareness all things become possible and true.

Every time the old seers made a new alignment they believed they had descended to the depths’ or ascended to the heavens above. They never knew that the world disappears like a puff of air when a new total alignment makes us perceive another total world. ~ The Fire from Within

Yes, personal power is key here but we’ve discussed that enough. If we, as warriors, are able to recognize intent for what it truly is then all we need to know is that creation is a matter of will; it is within our innate ability to, through determination and fortitude, align with the emanations at large to bring something into existence. We are the manifestors and the creators of our realities. We created our very existence into this realm of human form. If we are capable of that, are we not then capable of anything? Just sayin’…

Keep dancing!

9 thoughts on “Dreaming From Within a New Band of Awareness

  1. We are not lacking in power, it is refinement that we need to become really powerful. Imagine we have all the power to break anything but how powerful are we when we do not have the refined awareness to actually create. So, that is why power is a real enemy on the path of knowledge.


  2. This blog post needs to go on my refrigerator, No, make that my nightstand, so I can read it before I fall into dreamland, and when I wake to start my day with the power of focused intention, seeing before me the glittering strings of emanations, and making my own music, harmonious with Mother/Sister Earth, Gaia.


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