When Did I Lose My Decision Making Authority?

We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so. ~ Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity

Depths of the cosmos my ass. Some say that the energy of the Predator is otherworldly, that it has come as an alien force to this planet and infiltrated the minds of man. It is called by different names including archons, inorganic beings, reptilians, walk-ins. The predator is energy, not a being from some extraterrestrial dimension. It was birthed by humans on earth, it is a predatory energy that over the course of thousands of years has its toxic energetic lines enmeshed in everything; government, money, food, religion, spirituality, education. It imposes itself upon us in every aspect of our lives by attempting to remove our decision making authority and has a stranglehold over us in the subtle form of slavery. Slavery to an illusory world of man-made concepts and obligatory consumption that only serves to keep those who reside in a state of influence and power lucrative and in control.

If you ever happen to turn your attention to externals, so as to wish to please anyone, be assured that you have ruined your scheme of life. – Epictetus

Those who are appointed and elected into positions of power are given decision making authority. They convey rules, dictate rules, and uphold rules and to ensure that the system is functioning with compliance and efficiency. They are often perceived as people who supposedly hold a modicum of divinity and/or wisdom and are honorable enough to warrant a palatial estate, sometimes with thrones, robes, scepters, and crowns. It’s extremely pompous and self-important and what they uphold is a barbaric and outmoded paradigm that manipulates humanity like the pieces in a board game, a game in which the system is geared to always win.

This so-called leader in the US has mandated that we purchase obligatory healthcare coverage if we do not receive it from our employers. Helluva place to be if you are unemployed and don’t quality for government assistance. Seriously though, if you don’t have a job and don’t have state funded assistance how they heck can you pay for healthcare? Failure to do so results in costly fees. How then do you pay the fees? Well, if you can’t you are threatened with prison time so they’re basically telling you to beg, borrow, or steal so you can give them exactly what they want whether you have it or not, whether you want to or not.

As a self-employed person I had no choice but to apply for this coverage. I am a healthy individual and when I do get sick I utilize natural remedies but I had no choice in this ridiculous mandate. I was forced and had no personal decision making authority in this directive. I had to submit my estimated annual income and then I was able to at least choose my plan and so I selected the cheapest plan available. I used it once and my benefit amounted to zero because you have to meet a $5,000 deductible when you choose the cheapest plan. Now taxes are due and I’m being gauged by the government for an unrealistic amount of money because my annual income has exceeded my estimate which allowed them to determine that I could have afforded to pay for a more expensive healthcare plan. Really? So much for choice of plan, they have it all mapped out for you. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Sorry but the fault for this inane system does not land in the hands of aliens or archons or reptilians or walk-ins or inorganic beings. We cannot continue to project this control over our lives upon something extraterrestrial because the shit is going down here and now by the predatory energy that it instilled into our world’s leaders. It is easy to place the blame of corrupt systems of greed, control, and profit on an alien force but by so doing, we are relinquishing our responsibility as humans and the barbaric, vicious and cruel behaviors are easily justified when we don’t want to admit that they are born of humanity. Sorry don Juan, the origination point of the predator was man on earth.

For the people who are oppressed by rulers, once their decision making authority is removed, they no longer have the impetus to take responsibility for anything. They simply rely on being told what steps are necessary to follow. Like hamsters in a wheel, humanity continues to spin, around and around as unwitting slaves to a corrupt system of diabolical agendas rooted in greed and profit. Blinded to the schema through an outdated and corrupt reward system of unnecessary and obligatory consumption, those in compliance continue to run around the wheel only to get kicked in the ass once again.

Humanity has turned into a guaranteed food source for the predator with the system leading people into believing that they are still capable of choice. The predator is positioning itself to have possession of all things, including humanity. By removing people’s decision making authority and imposing upon them the man-made rules that are so far outside of the natural flow and order of things, they are taking away every aspect of freedom, vision, and creativity. Where are we headed? Socialism, Communism, Marxism? What happened to land of the free?

For how much longer will we allow this to go on? Will we ever prepare to go into battle against the predator or will we simply arm ourselves instead, for the battlefield of consumption in forced compliance as we have been trained to do all our lives?

Through it all, keep dancing!

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  1. great truth telling article, ~ when i ask people “what is america”? often times these concepts of “land of the free, home of the brave” …are said as if these concepts are reality, rather than seeing the 2D concepts have been manufactured for believing rather than knowing the difference between free and the illusion of free.
    I always so In Joy your writing, thank you Female Warrior.


  2. A very romantic view has been painted of this country. But, it’s no different really than every other country, we are all victims of greed and profit that originated from a single point in history. Thank you for reading!


  3. The so-called predator is nothing more than the skims contrived and agreed to by ‘we the people’. Did we agree and participate in a government made up of self indulgent people? Yes. Did we participate in choosing the lesser of evils, again and again? Yes. We drank the koolaid. Now we own the belly ache. The option, as always, is to assume a position that retains the ability to ignore the folly. Produce enough energy to make the siphoning negligible. Or relocate to a more acceptable position and harvest the energy necessary to offset what is coming. Not acting is acting. Break it down. What can be released (there is certainly something) to eliminate the demand? What can be provided that will neutralize the shortfall? There is ALWAYS an option or choice toward freedom.


    • Jag, we are always free… there is no choice in that, it just is. That’s why it amazes me what we choose create. What the predator is all about is feeding on the excess un-filtered energy of our creations. The drippings or spilt milk. Interesting that you chose “to relocate and harvest energy…” sounds predatory, just change the forest for the desert, the human band for…. if all we are doing is constantly harvesting then we are doing the predators work well.


      • Hi Don
        I responsding to this piercing and revealing article, I used the word “position” 2 times. Both examples refer to the position of our assembled awareness. The movement of that position creates a different condition, because as you know, the position creates the condition! If we want to experience a different condition, we need to perceive from a new position. The old axiom that ‘expecting new results by doing the same old thing doesn’t work’ applies here.

        Regarding your observation that “to relocate and harvest energy…” sounds predatory”… you are spot on. It is predatory. There are many ways to harvest energy…., usually dictated by personal preferences or moral fixations. I prefer to consume friction and conflict within my immediate surroundings. When that doesn’t suffice, I employ techniques with the energies of the sun and earth.


  4. My limited understanding of what the Affordable Care Act was meant to be was free health care for everyone as is the case in Canada and many European countries. Those currently employed in health care/insurance industries in the private sector would have had public sector/government jobs paying the same. A few people at the top of the private health care/insurance industries lobbied heavily against that thus protecting their money machine. Some would say that that money when spread across 250 million taxpayers doesn’t amount to very much to any individual person and that the 99% should support the 1% so they can “guide” the nation in the proper direction. In reality is this young country ready to live without an elite?


    • Without getting too political, the problem with the health care program is that it was created to change nothing. All that happened was managed private insurance at a governmental level. We have essentially created a shell game and moved the pieces (money/energy) around and solved nothing. Thus we get what we asked for, because we never came to a real consensus, only more drama and more fighting on all levels. The only thing that won in this battle is the predator, feeding off of…. everyone.


  5. fw the rabbit hole gets deeper all shamans will wake up soon. iam a being you are a being, the human gods are the spiritual leaders, the ones on earth the spirit I have known in my life are thothe and Athena and the atlantians, before they would come to us abstractly as spirit do to our lower understanding of energy, you must understand even a shaman cant see the energy body of an inorganic being they’ve had secrets,some secrets will be well known soon, im sure you’ve heard aliens are here, jesus sorry for this but you have all right everyone reading this, there are many races of aliens here they have contact with many groups of earthings who are waking up spiritually, to a new time, as soon as 2012 came by a new time began earth will wake up,the vibration of the planet has already changed shamans were in there own world ,and that’s okay they were finishing the task the were on. I know its unpleasant but u are not without clues, remember when the party Castaneda had was trying to reach 5d its in the books somewhere.


    • Maybe aliens are here, maybe they’re not. The point is that the predator is not an alien force from out there, it is human made. And because it is man-made we have the ability to remove ourselves from it’s stronghold over us. Everything in its own time I suppose.


  6. We spend buckets of money at gun point. Property taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, FICA tax, fees. That’s life in a pickle jar. You are healthy now, and write like you have all the answers to maintaining your health, but you don’t have all the answers and you won’t always be healthy. Many families have lost everything because they were blind-sided by one serious illness or accident, and many people of modest means – not just poor people – are glad for Obamacare, because health insurance in the U.S. is crazy-priced.


    • Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everyone should be entitled to healthcare, it’s just the way that Obamacare has been implemented and managed that is terrible and will ultimately cause everyone more dis-ease and stress and loss of income.


  7. This article also fits into what is happening in Portugal. We lived illusorily. We are a sleeping and separate people. Do not feel or think for themselves. What is called as predator took over this people.


  8. I prefer Tolles’ concept of predator, he calls it “pain body” and it loses all “magic and stuff” that is surrounding it in Castanedas’ books, even simple folks can do something.

    By the way if you want an unlimited decision making authority you better start own country. Otherwise you can immigrate or try one very unexpected solution: FLOW WITH IT.


    • Jed, Thanks for your response. The pain body, as I understand it is what a person carries due to their own emotional pain and the “cure” so to speak is to move from your mind to your heart. The predator is not personal. It is an all-pervasive force that dictates how humanity must exist and it feeds off of our energy and it has been cycling successfully since the dawn of civilization.

      The problem with being in this particular flow is that nothing changes, nothing gets done. I have written about trust and surrender to the energies that arise but the predatory nature of humanity is “flowing” towards imminent destruction and it, the predator, cannot be trusted and should not be surrendered to. It is an unnatural flow that is not connected with the natural flow of the earth and the universal life-force energy. In fact, the predator is the very thing that has and continues to sever humans from the natural flow. So, I’m happy to flow within the natural order of things but I can’t be a part of the false energetic flow of a predatory mind-set that is disconnected from heart and soul. I will, however, keep dancing!


  9. hmmm HeartMind ~ emotion, as in energy in motion ~ emotional intelligence. The heart actually listens, feels, sees prior to the thinking. Intelligence ~ lucid clarity.
    Am seeing in the great dream of humanity, which is only one species created by the harmonic union of earth and sky, that humans have created predatory matrixes of belief, and fed it to themselves in many forms ~ culture, religion, education, false history, man-made laws…etc This also goes for what indigenous peoples refer to as the body of knowledge called the “prophecies” ~ [Hopi, Eagle-Condor, 8th Fire, 2012 -5th Sun, Whirling Rainbow, Black Elk, Rise of the Feminine etc ] ~ “Prophecies” being the ability of our ancestors to see over the horizon of humanity. Once again these are movies, scripts. While they promise the One Great Peace, every single one of them do not speak publicly about the the fact that the four prior worlds have each been environmentally different, and have each ended with Earth – mother going through a great change – birth. With each “new world”, indigenous peoples have recorded in their memories, and oral traditions their “creation stories” ~ the movement from one world to the next. maybe this is similar to the words “shifting the assemblage point’?

    So, we see today ~ even in the spiritual communities ~ there is a jockeying for “position” among the masses who are seeking every self-help genre to “wake-up” ~ and figure out how to navigate through this time of a dyeing empire in the midst of environmental change brought on by our own pollution / internalized oppressive predator and earth’s natural cycle from one world to the next. In my humble opinion ~ we are going to need each other ~ as in similar frequencies forming cooperations.
    Even John Trudell says “this is a time when souls get eaten”.

    To date, i have found no dreamers privately, online or in public, [ we are an elusive bunch don’t you think? lol ] … that are even willing to discuss ~ what the dreaming peoples role at this time may really be about….. oh i get that we have to clean up our own house first, and we may even succeed in having personal choice in the particulars of incarnation or not ~ yet seems rather individualistic in the dreaming that is inner and inter connected with All Life, and as one humanity – that for some, seek an evolutionary leap rather than regime change of a revolution. Thank you for listening ~


  10. I suggest the reading of Joseph Chilton Pierce’s book “The Magical Child” as a partial look into the individual personal aspects of the predators grip on our minds, and John Le Carre’s book “Absolute Friends” for an brief overview of how the economics has grown over the past 50 or so years to engulf all social concerns.
    The non-affordable insurance act is not socialist, it is fascist, in the sense that it serves the insurance companies, is mandated by the Govt. and is predatory on the people. It is not possible to briefly state the history of the past 200 years and show why it is fascist and not socialist or communist, but having spent decades looking into that history I know that it is so. For beginners I recommend reading Howard Zinn’s book “The Peoples History of the United Sates, and then moving on to Oliver Stone’s “The Secret History of the United States”. “The Merchants of Death” is another good read and shows how (1934) the arms industry is designed to create wars and profit from the death and destruction of millions of lives. Any book you can find about “The Great Game” is worth reading. A close examination of the works of Leaky, and other professional archeologists will give a clue to the origins of high density population cultures associated with the end of the last ice age, and the development of horticulture, agriculture, and animal husbandry, (the enslavement of animals and humans by the psychopathic elites). It takes many more books to find the course of economic imperialism in the centuries long growth of banking techniques, in Switzerland, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, England, and the US. The toxic growth of the petro-chemical industry is much more recent, and only dates back to the 1850s, though to be sure “bitumen” was used a little in the middle east as long ago as 2500 BC.
    Genocide under any name, fascist communist or capitalist is genocide, and all modern states have risen on the ashes of genocide. The English committed it in India, the Russians in Poland, the Americans all over the North American continent, the Spanish in so called New Spain, the Chinese are doing it right this minute in Central Asia and Tibet, and so on and on. For those who would direct the engine of state into the channels of the charnel house, the eco-cide of a planet is nothing to be concerned about because they have already murdered millions of humans and in so doing destroyed any soul or spirit they ever may have had. The future is not something they contemplate, for them the game is all right now and the only markers are money units. They constantly “count their winnings while the cards are on the table”, but we know that what they think of as a game is not a game at all.
    When humans forget that the purpose of life is to unite the individual awareness with the flow of the creators intent, that is when the alien presence begins to destroy the human potential. When money, or status, or so called power (over) becomes the end all and be all of existence, then we come to grief. It doesn’t matter if that false idea of power is exercised in the name of some political idiot ology, or some re-ligion (binding) or some corporate enterprise, because the result is the same old conflagration of the spirit of what it means to be truly human. So does it come from somewhere else or from right here, the result is the same, and the effort to escape is the same. The only way to escape is to work in small groups of warriors to develop an alternative society, and a separate reality where love, kindness, courage and research into the distal and proximate causes of our failure to attain full realization of being can be pursued. And not deviated into some kind of cult al a Jim Jones or what have you.


    • Thank you for providing this information. You are correct, it is impossible to express what I am trying to communicate in a blog. The level of frustration I feel at this Predator (which so few truly understand) pushes harder and harder the closer we get to freedom and away from its horrific machinations. I do not think we will ever be truly free of it while in human form and that is why don Juan says that a warrior must prepare for battle every day. I’m just grateful that you get it and that there are others that understand. I have been working on assembling a new band of awareness, apart from this predatory band, and have been feeling lately that in some ways I’m shirking the responsibility that I have to this planet and the beings upon her. I vacillate between departing for the new band or running head on into this current band with a sword in each hand. Thanks for being here, for your wisdom and insights. Keep dancing! 🙂


  11. Yes, ~ remembering who we are ~ if we recapitulate our lives ~ isn’t it rather apparent that each one of us has been intentionally guided since birth as dreaming people? No matter where we were born, what skin we chose, what tribal cultures we may genetically walk with, all becomes irrelevant in the see of ocean. i meant see.

    the “alternative societies” are already here ~ we already tried unplugging, resisting, protesting, assimilating ( change the beast by working within their construct, get a degree become a social worker, lawyer, teacher, yada yada, etc)… and the beast got bigger and more oppressive ~ after all i only came out of the corn field in the fall of 2011, due to that dang military copter hovering over me while i was planting corn ~ so have watched the encroachment for a long time, like a wild one, who’s territory is being gobbled up.

    so in the re-membering of “who we are” ~ therein is the boarderless, care less about the predatory constructs, and more interest in the power of creationing ~ ing ~ as in energy in motion … the only universal constant is change. Metamorph like a butterfly (hunab-ku), dance like a bee, fly like a hummingbird, with the birthing of mother earth’s hive.

    Seems to me, that all the dreaming people are awakening as well ~
    if the dream-visions only become our reality when we choose to live them,
    in this human form, or not, and ripples out creating the new bands ~ it would seem that there in is the power of the dreaming societies, personally and collectively.
    ~ old ceremonies are beginning to incorporate the “new” dream-visions, as was our role
    and authority in prior cultures ~ as dreamers
    ~ ceremony being one of the oldest sciences to shift reality

    have found that all the internal predators are as much response able for maintaining the external oppression ~ imagine if everyone woke up tomorrow and said ” i’m not going to play this movie of omnicide anymore” …practiced total non compliance and non cooperation. Everything would come to a screeching halt. We are many, elites are few.

    ….. what modern society fears is that they have forgotten how to cooperate via tribal-heart mind and don’t want to go through the withdrawls from what the predator provides.

    So am thinking we either make alliances, or not, the choice is always ours to make and what to do with those allied energies….. there are many ways to cook a duck and make soup. And the Dreaming Societies have their recipes as well. Indigenous peoples have decided to run the movie of their prophecies, ~ and at the moment have the only “legal” levers to push back on the construct of the doctrines and bulls that we are living at the moment. Again thanks for listening ~


  12. A couple of erratum in my previous reply. It is “Magical Child” not the magical child. It is “The Untold History of the United States” not the secret history of the united states.
    Sometimes when I am writing on the fly, I make these kinds of errors.


  13. I beg to differ FW.
    I offer my 2 cents.

    If you look at the bigger picture- at real estate, Earth is considered a piece of real estate, with owners. Look how the people in power behave(I’m referring the the ones behind the scene). Look at how they treat the masses. I have thought about this for a long time, I reckon the predator has its origins elsewhere, not within the human matrix. The human matrix is the instrument of predation. We are the cattle fodder.

    When people use the word “we” there is a distinction between us and the so called avg.man. Have you tried talking sense to anyone lately? Have you tried pointing out some of the facts to them? Its the same shit reaction you get from all of them. The truth is the masses and ourselves are on different vibratory levels. I find its best to leave them alone, let Earth deal with them.

    Regarding the right of choice.
    The lowest denominator is- survival. Most of us find ourselves in a flow in which we are left with no options but to go with the flow, till will come up with a workable strategy. And strategy is important from a warrior’s perspective.( I reckon, mother Earth works along this line..)
    You saw this coming a long time ago, there were signs and warnings. You could have avoided this problem had you moved to another country(easier said than done, I know.). Wait, its going to get worst. Not just for you and your lot but for all of us.

    Deep down, some of us still believe in constitutional rights and shit- that bit of the predatory matrix is something we need to recapitulate. We are survivors first, then warriors. And survivors know that there is no such thing as justice, constitutional rights or fairness when dealing with humans.
    Is anyone familiar with the Council of Trent? We never had any rights to begin with, people. It is time to wake up.

    All roads lead to the F ‘d-up-‘atican. Thats where the human aspect of the predatory matrix ends and the other ones begin.

    Homo-recessive has been carrying out the dirty work all along.

    We must remember ourselves, yes.
    We must remember our ancestors,
    We must remember the goddess who sustains us,
    We must remember our primordial ancestors.
    We must choose to return to the sanctity of this knowing in every moment.
    Our ancestors had mapped this time out in our planet’s destiny long long ago.
    In seeking their guidance and returning to their ways of wisdom, we would find the energy to transcend this predatory bs.

    “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.”- DJ was right about this one.


    • Winged One – I can truly understand both perspectives and for a long time I believed that the predator did, indeed, come from the cosmos, some foreign extraterrestrial force that pitted human against human in order to have a vast food source to feed from. But through my recapitulation and seeing I have come to realize that the predatory nature of humanity was born of humanity. I danced along one of the darkest of all lines on earth to arrive at the point of origin for this “monster” that has taken rule of life on earth and all of her resources only to find that it is doubling in mass, from the exact same point on the planet from which it originated. And it’s feeding hard and multiplying fast and squashing, maiming, imprisoning, beating, and killing, everything that it perceives as a threat to it.

      I honor all perspectives because I certainly know that I don’t have all of the answers but what I do know is that we have to take a stand against it, we cannot just “let the earth deal with them” because if we don’t confront it, expose it, and guide people to the spirit of truth that lives within them the entirety of earth and every living being and resource upon it will be consumed. By humans.

      Thank you for being you, for dancing so beautifully on this marvelous earth!


      • FW, to me it doesn’t make sense that it originated by humans, mainly because of the mind factor, we have a mind. it makes more sense that something invaded in ‘this’ area but I don’t hold it dear, or tough as something I know.

        though I ‘m interested about the point of earth you refer to. …if you like to share ……


      • I appreciate the wisdom you share with us FW.
        It has helped me evolve.

        You can talk sense to people who visit your blog.
        But I don’t think talking sense into the masses is a good idea. Its a waste of energy if you ask me.
        The way I see it, we are responsible in raising our own vibration(s).
        Perhaps the hundredth monkey effect may kick in.


  14. History is replete with examples of the evil little ego mind using all the tools of anxiety and error to manipulate a core of rapacious fear driven soldiers to enhance its own sense of potency. Attila the Hun, Gengis Khan, Woodrow Wilson, Pope Innocent the ix, Dubya, take yer pick. 200,000 burned at the stake here, the city of Baghdad razed there, Mexico city ravaged or the Lakota Nation betrayed. It goes back a long way. It comes again and again into the world, and the agency is always Humans, never Eagles or Bears or Snakes or Dolphins or Elephants. To look around us now, it appears that our home planet is being Zenoformed to make it fit for alien life. Nuke meltdowns, chemical poisons by the thousands of tons, heavy metals in the rivers and the oceans, plastic trash in the seas, landfills, ozone depletions (thank you Dupont) weapons of horror, mass extinction, genetic freakouts, and on and on. It does not all come from Ur, not all from New York, not all from City of London, not all from Jerusalem, not all from the fall of USSR, not all from China, not all from the chain saws in the tropics, not all from the Vatican or from Mekkah or from New Delhi, not all from any one place or one people or one institution. What we are witnessing is more like an avalanche. One that is ten thousand years old and like any avalanche it grows as it goes. Did you ever see an avalanche? You want to stand in front of one of those, be my guest, but it is not for me to do. I maintain that the very inmost purpose of human life is to connect our limited awareness with the cosmic source of all being, not to muck around with the deviant mentality of the marines and the commanders of death and destruction. In the words of Philip K. Dick, “If they can get you to asking the wrong questions, the answers don’t matter.” DJ saw this quite clearly and said so in many ways. His stories of the Toltecs all point in this direction. It doesn’t really matter if the predatory mind originates here or far off in the depths of the universe, because it is not our business to enter into it, or to give it combat on its own terms. Our business is to delve deeper into the highest mind we can imagine, and find a way to, to paraphrase of Gary Snyder “find a place of comfort even in hell.”


    • Thank you. I do know all of this but I cannot bear the thought of this beautiful earth destroyed. Other warriors have told me that I am too attached to the earth and while that may be so I truly believe that everyone must align deeply with the earth in order to rid themselves fully of the predator. Like a massive cleansing, when we are immersed in the earth we become immersed in total silence to fully connect with the pure and primal universal life-force energy and as such we are able to be free for the next part of this infinite journey.


  15. ” But through my recapitulation and seeing I have come to realize that the predatory nature of humanity was born of humanity. I danced along one of the darkest of all lines on earth to arrive at the point of origin for this “monster” that has taken rule of life on earth …”
    Is the origination relevant to know? Within my self, yes.

    This post is one of the most refreshingly honest
    conversations in a very very long time ~ In the same way JT says, he is crazy,
    I am wild, so if you disagree, that is ok ~ am not here to fight with anyone, only to share my perspective ~

    If this is “civilization”, then am returning to the Wilding.

    Please consider these 3 teachings:

    In taking into consideration the fabric of collective
    indigenous teachings (prophecies) , which is the current movie
    non-mainstream is running at the moment ~ and in particular
    the teaching that 1. ” at this time the resonant frequencies of the feminine
    will rise to guide humanity forward for the One Great Peace. ” and

    2. ” We are made of earth and sky. We are a microcosm of the macrocosm.” we are as old as the cosmos and earth, because we are made of this. This all is alive and conscious or sentient.
    3. connect the heart-mind ( heart-mind + womb-hara is not being spoken of…as if the whole lower part of our bodies do not have relevance)

    Elders acknowledge that around 5,000 + years ago the indigenous peoples
    agreed that because they knew that nearly everything and all knowledge of the feminine principles of life would be smashed ~ that at this time the mysteries
    would be re-membered by women and 2 spirit peoples ~

    Will agree here regarding the imprint of the predator via the Vatican …namely the Doctrines and Bulls. Ideologies rooted in religion. Religion’s god/goddess matrixes the opiate of the masses – that keep us forever in the matrixes of religions and “civilizations”, rather than the energy of creationing. The obsession of this predator is to have control and domination over creationing, namely the Egg of the female. Why? because it is the Egg that contains the ability to metamorph … the sperm (representing the energy) to activate the metamorphic process.

    [ the perfect race, gmo’s, and even the splitting of the atom is about control of this metamorphic process ~ instead ~ created death and pollution. The heart thinks before the mind. The heart thinks before the mind. Therefore heart and mind needs lucid clarity to be rational. We are all survivors of the predatory matrix. Emotion is energy in motion ~ currently we are in a grid lock with this because Men do not have a Womb and have forgotten their Hara knowledge… sex, being used as violence, control and domination. The splitting of the human species – man and woman – was and continues to be the First War ]

    Over thousands of years, all that was considered “female” feminine knowledge and wisdom was put into the 2D reality of good and evil … am sure that i do not need to review the last 5K years of womens Herstory ~
    The “dark” vs, “light” scenario of all that is evil predator Programming is associated with the feminine and her Dark Womb… of Creationing. Woman’s Womb is inner and interconnected to the womb of Earth, the womb of the Galaxy and the Womb of the Cosmos ~ this is why Don Juan…imho said “the predator came from the depths of the cosmos”. And why it is said when She heals, all else will heal ~

    What makes women uncomfortable today is to recapitulate all that has been put into the “darkness” and return our wombs, our inner stillness…and therefore the womb of creation to it’s sacred space and ability to birth light and form.
    in my recapitulation i went as far to innerstand how when we are balanced energetically .. with our energy, a woman can activate her egg on her own…without a sperm ~ now if you were a predator, obsessed with the “perfect race, slavery, hierarchies, pyramid schemes” would you not want that ability and power? and if not own it, control and dominate it? Especially if the feminine principle has “choice to Metamorph and birth” ? ahhh the holy grail and innerstanding the Elementals birthing pond.

    So if we de genderize Energy ~ we are experiencing the conscious, aware living life source energy of creationing…some people call this “Presence”. The Predator, has many tendrils, programs and matrixes of belief. We are the micro of the macro.

    We are made as direct portals to Creationing…all temples, sacred sites and birthing ponds of our ancestors were about this relationship, yes relationship to the Life Death Rebirth process. We are the ancestors, now, and future generations.

    So, women are rising all over mother earth ~ i consider many things in this scenario
    1. that if women are to “lead or guide”… by what criteria would anyone “follow” ?
    especially if women have had only the patriarchal model to learn? Ugh another regime change …and moreover most humans still believe in linear, in and out breath of time space.
    as if we have to continue along the lines of going from one extreme to the other ~
    Am so bored with this ideology, that wants to propagate a mere 1000 yrs of peace, when “peace” is timeless.

    2. most women still “follow” men’s teachings and men, for a variety of reasons … can we just not be followers, rather re-member how to cooperate with one another ?
    3. at worst this is a potential set-up for another mass genocide of the female species ~ as they walk on the “front lines” to protect earth the mother of the human species
    4. Mankind will also do their Hara work and return to balance and re-member the sacred masculine principle of creationing ~ and walk in harmonic resonance with her.
    5. We will be over taken by rainbow smurf herders, and light bliss bunnies
    6. What is the potential of the Dreaming Societies to midwife the 5th World?

    So do we repair the Harmonization of energy rather than the
    polarization of energy ~ that keeps the 2D alive ?
    Water is Life ~ we are out of balance with Fire, and the feminine and masculine Principles of Creationing.

    Do we align with earth mother and assist in a healthy birth? Yes she will change …

    Can we just change our vocabulary and stop associating the predator with the dark, darkness? and innerstand the breath of life, voice, song, language as our first form of media ~ ma – matter …from this sound that creatively expresses the cosmo-quantum inner and inter relationship with Creationing and living in human Being form, arises the values of family, clans, societies of the Tribes ….

    Thank you for listening to this Wild one ~


    • There are so many good points to discuss in your response, it can actually be its own blog. As far as women leading or guiding, I don’t think men or women should be leading and I don’t think men or women should be following. What men and women and children need to do is return to the earth and allow her to be our teacher. When we sit in stillness upon the earth we are able to enter into silence and from there we just “know” how to be in the flow.
      I have said this before on other posts and I think somewhere in this thread. Our society lacks true gratitude. When we arrive at a state of heartfelt gratitude for the earth and all that she provides, and to the Source energy and all it provides we come into a state of energetic balance through which all energy may flow freely from us and to others.

      A very dear Lakota elder with whom I had the pleasure of doing ceremony for 10 years prior to his passing knew this and passed it on; a lot of it was through the songs in sweat ceremony. It is these simple things that we must return to in order to allow ourselves the opportunity to shift the position of our assemblage points to be able to feel, smell, hear, sense, and taste the natural beauty of the earth within the greater cosmos. I am not being evocative and saying that we need to live in tipis by the river free from the comforts of society. What we need to do is come into balance and live from within a state of presence.

      I have declared sovereignty from the predator (https://femalewarrior.net/2012/04/30/severing-all-links-to-the-predator/) and have moved beyond it and risen above it but my love for the earth is strong – she is my sister creator being – and it breaks my heart to watch her and the beings that live upon her suffer so much, you have no idea. And so, this back and forth dance continues.

      Man, I can go on and on but I’ll stop and I just want all of you who are contributing here and reading and doing the work as warriors on a path to freedom just how much I appreciate you. I’m so glad to know that you exist.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep dancing!


  16. This thread is a symphony of song and poetry of our time space. It fills me with hope for the first time in years. I know that inipi song heat love in the deep heart that makes one feel so very alive and real. That eagle bone whistle in the yuwipi house dark drum singing night. Oh yes, we are connected sisters and brothers, dancing in the heart mind of the Tao, the full integration of the dyad of being, in the tryad of creationing. Thank you so much for this blog, it means a lot to me to hear these voices of Earth love.


  17. thank you for listening to my rants Female Warrior ~
    and agree with our harmonizing with earth and sky
    becoming natural beings vs the whole leader/follower trap ~

    and yes, am grateful for you too Female Warrior,
    All Life, and all our relations here ~

    your “severing ties” post ~
    is another breath of fresh sweet nectar for the spirit
    to step out of the matrixes !

    when i came out of the corn fields…there are these people that
    ask me to put on this or that “identity”
    …another way of saying “purpose”……or here is a “story” to play.
    why would we ever live someone else’s story, identity or anything else?

    I really needed to hear this:
    FW ” I can no longer feed the predator nor can
    I help anyone to strengthen their own stories that are
    ultimately food for the predator. To do so is too much of
    a compromise and costs too much.”

    do we ever ask a tree, a dog, a bird, a porpoise to “find it’s purpose” ?

    erasing one’s herstory and
    be able to step into the metamorphic wilding flow
    of synchronistic harmonic energetic beauty of the
    dreaming dreaming of creationing

    is a very different way of living than what people
    living in modern ‘civilization’ live
    this ‘tribal relationship’ of cooperation with
    each other and mother earth ~ being living
    harmony with earth an sky ~
    is a longing for free that our youth are certainly
    stepping up and willing to fight for ~ after all they certainly are
    inheriting a mess and beautiful visions ~

    so ~ can only guess that Don Juan’s meaning of “erasing” one’s self
    as being similar to the “hollow bone” ~
    and do not even like to speak those words any more ~ fmor

    after all this is said ~ there is the aspect of innerstanding a tool
    and how not to become the tool ~ as in walking with the sharp edge of the
    obsidian or jade blade

    May beauty bless you in all ways ~ paz y amor


  18. Alis, your word jazz goes deep. Dances on the webs of meaning, and touches so many points of truth. Every mind is a universe, every being a portal for the infinite creation sustainer to look hear sense through. And I hear this awareness resonating in all you write. So there is joy and gladness in reading and re-reading your tapping on the keys.

    Fear and desire, as one thing, dominate the mind of the predator. Those who are ridden by it, wish to control everything and everyone to protect themselves from pain and death. They are so terrified by reality that they have retreated into their selfish illusory delusions and subjected the world to their rules. The very idea of private property is a projection from this fear/desire. The predator mind resists all efforts at enlightenment, not just for itself, but for all those it wishes to control. While joy and ecstatic experience open the mind of the spiritual warrior, they only sow reaction in the mind of the predator. Our mortality is our weapon, if you wish to combat the insanity of the predator, then keeping in mind that all are mortal while the egg is next to eternal is vital. Egg wisdom is supreme, it thinks to and beyond the seventh generation, to and beyond the fifth degree of separation, to the unity and potential immortality of being immanent in full expression of loving essence of wombanity.
    I love that science has recently discovered that the fourth arm of the second x chromosome has over 50 independently switched developmental genes that allow millions of on off combinations thus leading to greater diversity in the wisdom expression of wemyn than of men. I am male so this is not an argument for inter gender conflict, but an homage to the greater variety of potential in the gender I feel the greatest affection for.
    It interests me that Buddhism is the fastest shrinking religion in the world today, because having studied it, I find it not to lend itself to a religious understanding. It seems to be so hand in glove with Tao and Shamanism that it is a frame work for a world view, and a philosophy (wisdom love) not a re-binding of the individual to the empire (Roman View).
    The feminine creates, (gives original birth to) sustains (provides nourishment out of itself for) and transforms (keeps every particle and formation in motion) every being and object in the infinite and eternal universe. How anyone can buy into the concept that the deity is male is beyond me. Consort, and in the social and tribal culture a protector of the gene pool yes, but the prime consciousness, in and of itself, no effin way.
    This one realization that the source is feminine or at least in human society it bodies fourth primarily as woman, (Goethe, at the end of Faust wrote “The eternal feminine leads us upwards and on.”) is just so obviously the way to overthrow the power of the predator.
    I know we all notice that the purpose of the legislators is to thwart every perceived advantage of the masses by writing new laws to change the rules of the game to make certain that the people remain enslaved. That the purpose of cops and judges and lawyers and prison guards is to enforce the subservience of the people. That the purpose of the military industrial complex is to terrorize all of humanity into subservience. That the purpose of education is to indoctrinate the managerial class into subservience of the elite. That the purpose of the spy networks is to monitor non-compliance and promote addiction dependence, and to further the fear dominated elites endless wars on freedom to think and feel and sense the reality underlying the social surface of existence.
    So the most radical act is to think freely, to feel freely, to sense freely, and to recognize no authority over our being.


    • Am humbled by the generosity of your
      tone and reverence for the mother tongue
      Jack Daws-Corwin ~
      thank you ~ and to FW who sparked
      the flame to bring us all here together
      to sing, dance and share this way ~

      with the infinite cosmic yes
      when we no longer acquiesce
      our living conscious energetic sovranty
      to anyone or anything
      freely dancing energy ~
      for giving and receiving life’s beauty

      we are made of earth and sky
      am beloved to at least try
      to awaken the dreaming people ~
      about the “Mystery Egg” – Nohu ~
      within every woman
      and is what we protect
      that is the seed,
      the tree of life
      the mother earth …
      that was birthed
      from the milk and honey galaxy
      birthed from the cosmic womb
      of the dreaming dreaming of creationing

      the egg of potentiality of reality
      that births from the unseen to form

      can we imagine the beauty
      after thousands of years
      of trying to fashion
      her from him ?
      i do have a luscious sense of humor
      after all ~
      still adoring mankind
      and all of earth and sky’s
      many forms of children

      thank you for that nugget of science

      Buddhism is ok ~ but it has it’s traps too ~
      depending on how a particular human being’s
      frequency is made

      natural lore’s living dance with creationing
      is always wilding

      yes love and truth walking together ~
      are adapting, responsing , ever changing and flowing
      with creationing
      relationings are magnetizing from this honesty
      rather than predatory’s make-believing

      alas ~ would be of great benefit
      Now and for the next generations
      ancestors remembering
      the metamorphosis of mother and her children
      would the first 3 tribes,
      agree to heal and dance in harmony again
      for the one great peace to be realized
      starts within
      and with our togetherings …
      the predator by it’s sheer force
      of trying to maintain separation
      by domination and oppression
      is unifying humanity who have left the
      shore ~ to traverse oceans rivers once more

      our species survived the changing through 4 worlds
      not because of war …
      because of cooperation
      after all the human species is
      one of many organisms
      in the dreaming dreaming of creationing

      Please do not get me wrong ~
      because of my poe-tree or song
      that the warrior does not innerstand
      the predators intensions limitations
      and mis-understandings
      of the cosmic door

      paz y amor


  19. As far as i recall the story went “Old sorcerers met Bobby somewhere far out. Bobby offered ‘knowledge’ in exchange for location of earth. Sorcerers then sold earth, including us, to Bobby,
    in exchange for useless knowledge.” Somewhat sounds like the tales of both the snake of Eden and masonic lodges too promising ‘knowledge’ to the member. ‘Knowledge’ which turns out to be lies and useless.
    Where is the point of objecting agaisnt “that came from the depths of the cosmos”?
    They are ‘only the masters of outer darkness’, as an old shaman put it. But they have created a nifty outpost here on earth.
    In Torres’ book it says, as i understand, that they travel in between earth and outer darkness, launching by jumping up prominent high hills up into “infinity”.
    It says that human TV and Radio voices their plans and ideas, and it seems their grip has tightened.
    I doubt the pseudoelite will massmurder us, as Georgia Guidestones say. The predators may hinder them doing so, since we are their main precious tasty food.

    FW: “…they are taking away every aspect of freedom, vision, and creativity. Where are we headed? Socialism, Communism, Marxism? What happened to land of the free?”

    In an interview with Renata Murez she said “i am protected by the bill of rights, which grants us the right to free speech.”
    Well, I always wondered what the approach of ‘top toltecs’ would be to this aspect of impending tyranny. Does being a witness cut the mustard all time, when the globe is being made into a total techno-tyranny? The quote shows Renata didn’t see the whole picture of predator-politics yet, but totecs always have the answer for sure. Impeccability.
    Don Juan/John Michael Abelar put it, “There are no rights. Only privileges.”
    Which seems to be true. Bobby grants no rights to anyone of it’s ‘edible employees’.
    The eagle may have provided no emanations containing ‘rights’ either.
    The plan is not fascism, and neither communism. It will be a mix of fascism and bolshevism,
    if they succeed.
    Sidenote: The Vatican with the death of the 33-days-pope fell to it’s arch-enemy, the masons. Since then the vatican works for these. Masons are international socialists. International socialism, enemy of national socialism, is just one last step before bolshevism.
    So say the researchers. Btw., americans, even several prominent truthers, know shit about german history, and being usefull idiots in the game the USA have fallen to the same human enemy that subdued germany. Bobby smiles.

    FW: “For how much longer will we allow this to go on? Will we ever prepare to go into battle against the predator or will we simply arm ourselves instead, for the battlefield of consumption in forced compliance as we have been trained to do all our lives?”

    While i had the same idea of a battle, maybe all of us have, i doubt there will be a visible one.
    The battle is already running with everyone who fights for his awareness, and with probably increasing numbers joining in.
    In Torres’ book it states that either we succeed in freeing us by increasing numbers joining the movement, thus increasing the energy field and intent of struggling for freedom.
    Or, we fail and may “suicide out of desperation”. Interestingly it seems we are being forced
    into coming to a decision in these decades.
    ‘May you live in interesting times’, is a somewhat funny chinese curse. For sure we are.

    This year cleargreen finally opened an online magical passes library. After fiercely chacmool-guarding the passes all those years, contrary to Castanedas mission of revealing all the knowledge, in times so dearly needing a change, maybe Miles and Aerin with beingenergy.com succeeded in changing their attitude.

    Amnyone may tune my views with wise remarks.
    Have a nice joyful journey.


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