Be Here Now, It’s What We Chose

When the assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of an entirely different world – as objective and factual as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go into that other world to get energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or to face the unimaginable. ~ Tales of Power

Creating and entering into another band of awareness is fun, creative, and let’s face it . . . a form of escapism. I know, I’ve done it for years. With a foot in this world and through the applications of shifting my assemblage point, I have succeeded in being in this world but not of it. But the bottom line is that I am always truly here.

Transcending the man-made matrix is a goal that people have and have had for a very, very long time. Through the practice of transcendental meditation, ingesting psychedelics, mantras, chanting, drumming, vision quests, praying, sweat lodge ceremony, dancing to heart-pounding music and a myriad of other creative endeavors we become free from the monkey mind. I know this too, for I’ve practiced this way for years.

The rewards have been great and I feel as though I have become balanced between earth and sky, a hollow bone through which the universal life force energy can move. Able to observe the insanity of humanity without being attached to it. Recognizing that emotions are concepts and not what defines us as people. Able to look fear in the face and make death an advisor. Having recapitulated my ass off and moving more wholly towards freedom from the karmic wheel of repetitive and derivative patterns that define and limit humanity.

We are here now. We chose to be here now. In fact, from pure conscious awareness, we manifested ourselves to be here on earth now. And it’s overwhelming us because it is not what it could be, should be or once was. The natural flow that pulses and vibrates throughout the earth and the universe has become possessed. Yes, possessed as in (1) influenced or controlled by something (as an evil spirit, a passion, or an idea), and (2) held as a possession.

It’s easy to lay blame outside of ourselves on anyone and anything but while “ordinary man” who is clueless to what’s going on and just keeps jumping through the hoops, isn’t it true that spiritualists and new age enthusiasts and religious fundamentalists are culpable in their own way? Their unearthly desire to escape the plagues of the world border on absurd. An existence of magical realism is all well and good because it helps people to bring extraordinary perceptions and factual realities into the minds of others to open them up to the possibilities and expands their limited perspective, however, too many people in their quest towards freedom become trapped by the portended utopian qualities that await us in some ethereal and attractive existence.

I have always liked the Native Americans message of living by thinking seven generations ahead to ensure that future generations are minimally impacted by our actions and are able to uphold the basic tenets of living their lives connected with the earth to not only ecologically preserve her but to morally and justly preserve the value of life upon her.

We must continue to shift our assemblage points in order to enter into that entirely different world that don Juan speaks of in the above quote. To escape? No, to get energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems in order to deflect, repel, and eradicate the age-old manipulative, energy-depleting and consumptive force of the predator constantly pushing on us to be depleted of energy and consumptive.

Escapism will not ensure this. In fact, escapism into some Utopian dimension will allow the predator to grow stronger, to consume and possess at such an alarming rate that in seven generations from now, at the rate we’re going, our earth will look like that from the movie The Book of Eli, Elysium, Cloud Atlas, The Road, Mad Max, or some other futuristic apocalyptic movie. No sun, dense ash, overpopulation, serious violence, polluted water, extinct animals and plants, and depleted natural resources. Get the picture?

So how do we fight the predator? Head on. Not through war and terrorist acts and more of the blame game. By taking responsibility to expose the truth of what’s going on. To have thick skins and not be afraid to die for such a noble cause. As Sonmi-451, the fabricant from Cloud Atlas said, “If I had remained invisible, the truth would stay hidden. I couldn’t allow that” and “Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.” Powerful, indeed.

An alternative band of awareness is ours and available to us when we dart past the karmic wheel of regurgitation to be free. Our action for redemption from this predatory influence is to reside and harmonize together in visionary, resourceful and artistic acts of creation; to BE – HERE – NOW, it’s what we chose and the preservation of this beautiful planet and our own evolution depend on it.

15 thoughts on “Be Here Now, It’s What We Chose

  1. Right on sister. The contradictions of reality are the main tool to entering into union with it. Contemplate the question (not trying to answer it), “Where does the reflection go when the pond dries up?”
    Your mind dances.


  2. We need more love, peace, understanding, empathy and connection. This is what will satisfy the deep longing in our hearts. We don’t need more consumer goods and shopping centers. The predator energy would convince us all to trade the beauty of mother earth and the wonders of creation for little more than bricks, concrete and plastic. When we connect with our hearts and shift our longing from the mind to the longings of our heart we realize the folly of the prevailing socio-economic system and become part of the solution, the dreaming that satisfies our hearts deepest longing, and not our ego’s endless grasping for the things that will never truly satisfy us. I am convinced that the energy that sustains us all is love, and when we seek this, we find truth.


    • Yes and what we really need is a lot more gratitude. Gratitude for this splendid earth, gratitude for each other, gratitude for our food and our water.

      “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” ~ Mark Tullius Cicero

      Without gratitude how could we possibly know the totality of the other virtues?


  3. I got your e-mails for over a year now. First I want to thank you for your insite into this world and all the realms and dimensions surrounding everyone of us. I have been journaling on this topic for over 40 yrs. The doctor diagnoseed me as mentally insane,little do they know. Maybe one day I can share what I’ve learned about life and Death itself.


    • Forget the DSM-5 and the like in the mundane world -but still there are many truths and points made there, but mainly to make you productive as a slave or avoid your self-destruction that would lead to theirs.

      But there some interesting finds relevant to the path here even in modern Psychiatry!
      Be selective, be self-aware, be knowledgeable!

      “Mentally insane” is someone who has no control over the movement of the AP -and all that it entails and comes with that.

      Mentally insane people can NOT come back from certain AP positions and worlds, thus can NOT assemble themselves back. They are lost for ever!

      “Indulgement” is what could drive someone insane, both in the everyday world and people in this path!

      Only Warriors survive themselves and others!

      Being a Warrior is the best med! 😉


  4. Thanks for keepin us on the best path. Its easy to get carried away in exuberance, when creating bands of awarness. However our focus works optamaly in the present. Thanks for the uplift in facing the “predator”. Its nice to read that we’re the noblest when engaging the parasite, and that the commemensement of such, is self responsibility. I also like the quick refrence as to our supreeme concise choice in manifesting ourselves here and now on earth. Your words will reverbrate in my works so that i will not slide into a pleasured realm of excapeisim, and realise that if i do elude to blinding my self, i will recover what i wasent ready to see. To be here now, potentiates our capabilities
    because only right now, is everything happening, to every one, every where, around the world, right now, this very second.


  5. Your insights comes to meet some of my’re feelings. Reassures me know I’m not alone or crazy.
    Grateful for your sharing.
    Also have tendency to escapism.
    Work on myself to be able to deal with what I feel and what we live for the moment. Being in the world in conscious, balanced and harmonious expressive form.
    Interesting this week reminded me of the movie Cloud Atlas. Came the feeling that I have to continue to face discrimination and other reprisals head high. And that death is a possibility. without dramatism.
    That our hearts shine. That we can work for change of consciousness.
    We are all connected.
    Again, I`m grateful for your writing.


    • There is great comfort in knowing we are not alone but in truth we are never alone, we are connected to an intricate and amazing flow of awareness that touches all things in the universe. Thanks for doing your part in the preservation of the ultimate oneness and keep dancing!


  6. Pretty good post, many truths and some wisdoms here.

    So, everything comes down to Knowledge, self-knowledge in particular i would say, (ok with some external accommodations and references) and a productive post-illusion productive Warrior Self, and then the courage to move on and keep on going.

    We can NOT have love, gratitude, respect, connection etc., all of those great things mentioned above, and courage without Self-Knowledge.

    Self-knowledge leads that Spiritual Knowledge that also becomes the connection with the Spirit -via stalking and parasite removal, and then the very same build up cumulatively!

    Personally I disagree about the ’emotions as concepts’ only just bc, and from another perspective and approach, everything, including the movement or fixation of AP, stalking etc., has to do with ’emotion’, thus, it is also a directing Force for the rest to follow (including past=recap and future=Intent). Maybe are differences here are just semantical but there is an ENERGETIC part of emotion that is NOT just conceptual!

    Furthermore, Emotions don’t only define a few things but become the catalyst and the means for further development and ‘actualization’ in very practical matters and manners (Sober or otherwise).

    Entering a 3rd attention-like (while still here) is both the goal and the means for Freedoma.

    I think it is the ultimate challenge, along with a healthy demolition of the pathologically-developed Ego which is the source of all human Evil….

    All of the above just seem to lead there and/or serve as the connecting link…with OurSelves=Spirit…

    Well done though….and please keep up…

    Yeah… be here, so we can be ‘there’ too!

    “Stalkers face the oncoming time. Normally we face time as it recedes from us. Only stalkers can change that and face time as it advances on them.” -CC, The Eagle’s Gift


    • Yes, so true. Self-awareness = recognition that the universe lies within. Too many distractions for too long preventing people from making that connecting link. But you know me and my mood swings, calm … explosive … calm … explosive. Kind of like the sun, or a shooting star sailing through the universe. 🙂


      • Being ‘moody’ is not that bad as long as you can have some control over it, and it’s the same as controlling the movement of AP.

        On the other hand, if everything is about going with the flow -and the Spirit, then one has to be moody, actually one has to master the art of being ‘moody’ and still somehow productive -and remain alive!

        Sober understanding is required to achieve all of the above, no matter other enchantments and other mystical experiences.

        “Peace” is good, but only good as a parking place to recover, heal, contemplate, recharge and develop strategies for the battles ahead.

        Remember, we are in magical but still hostile Energetic and Political Universe (inside/out ourselves) in constant change.

        We all have to ‘fight’ to survive and Warriors do it with style and respect and with that incurable moody curiosity for the Spirit’s power and marvel!

        Then it’s all about saving energy and “peace’ is a good place to do it!

        Peace and Bliss then, and get ready… for whatever is coming…!

        “The sorcerers’ world is not an immutable world like the world of everyday life, where they tell you that once you reach a goal, you remain a winner forever. In the sorcerers’ world, to arrive at a certain goal means that you have simply acquired the most efficient tools to continue your fight, which, by the way, will never end.” CC. The Active Side of Infinity


  7. This is a very stimulating thread. In this brave new world our affinity groups do not need to meet face to face. In the same way, the self does not have to meet face to face with the Self, but awareness is all important. A unity of sense, feeling and thought is a key goal. There are so many fields of interest, and such a vast array of knowledge to penetrate. Theory and Practice of the way. The descent of the spirit is unpredictable and particular to the individual, so thank you so much for this blog and the openness of it that allows us to interact from our personal experience and share our various perspectives. I also want to say that this thread is one of the most cooperative thoughtful treads I have ever found on line, and that it is much appreciated. My meditations on the source always begin with an affirmation of thanks for all the creatures and all of creation, and for my own part in the discovery of the mystery. PS I also very much enjoy the art work.


  8. Seers are busy now days but no one has noticed the collapse of the tonal, could it be all warriors are immersed in there tasks to the point of losing there reference points of the tonal of society, in fact it’s changing, and will never be the same just as the view of shamanism is not the same, the tonal will not fall back to its previous state therefore all future shamanism will come from these beings that are already 4th dimensional and are ready to dream awake.


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