Just Breathe

The most important thing of all is to be in the breath. When we connect to the creative center within ourselves, we kindle our connection with spirit and then with authenticity and originality we are able to walk that pure consciousness into the world.

Being in the breath allows us to shift our attention and open our ability to perceive in new ways. Being in the breath ushers in the ability to accomplish something new and moves us beyond the habitual fixations that may prevent us from seeing beyond the world as we have come to know it. We are capable of shifting our attention through a number of modalities, each person needing to dedicate some time in discovering which method may work best for him/her. For some it may be dancing, or sitting on the earth in silence, or swimming in the ocean, or meditating, or traveling to a place for the first time. There are a number of things through which we can shift our attention and what works for one may not work for another. The point is to allow yourself to find what works for you in order to do something different, something outside of your comfort zone while holding the intention of exploring all possibility and potential that lies dormant or obstructed within you.

Be in the breath. Breathe deeply into every part of your body holding the awareness that as you do, you are introducing new energy into your body at the cellular level and exhaling the old, stale and stagnant energies that have accumulated in your form. Allow yourself to become the hollow bone, the conduit through which spirit and awareness flow. Be patient with yourself as you begin to release limiting thought forms and the patterns that have prevented you from perceiving in new and different ways. Breath with fortitude in the forefront of your mind; fortitude being the strength and firmness of your mind for providing you with the courage needed in facing whatever may arise within you in an attempt to keep you rooted in your habitual behavior. Allow each new breath to displace old feelings of fear and doubt and then exhale those feelings through your mouth as if blowing them away forever.

As you inhale and exhale you are cleansing your body and mind and spirit of old patterns, habits, thought forms; the things that may have prevented you from moving forward in your life. Each new breath is energy, pure conscious awareness that allows you to awaken and rejuvenate every cell of your body to new ideas, vision, and creativity. The more you breathe mindfully, the more you are able to displace and replace old energies and patterns

When you do this you come to realize that you have the world at your fingertips, that you are the creator of your reality. When your body is full of new, pure energy you are revitalized and can dance your dreams awake into the world, manifesting whatever your heart desires. When you are aligned in the totality of your breath, you are aligned with the universal life force that flows through the cosmos. You are the breath, you are the flow, you are intent!

Thank you for my breath, my life.
Keep dancing!

7 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. That which feeds off of us does so through the pattern of breathing we are habituated to.

    What we interact with- the matrix enters our energy bubble through the breath, feeding off of our attention. The Tonal assembles the world and this thing(s) feed on us.

    I call it the shadow self of Being- Doing. It tries to imitate Source in doing so. Nature intends you to evolve into more complex entities, this thing desires your entropic end.

    Control the breath and you control the mind. Control the mind and you control your emotions. Easier said than done. Pranayama is a great way of understanding the potential of breathing.


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