Magical Things … Like Orbs!

Some people claim that orbs are specs of dust, reflections, or dirt on the camera lens. Others believe that they are energetic manifestations of spirit beings, angels, or even ghosts.

What I can tell you is this. They are real. My friend and I were camping at a place in South Dakota that many consider has been a power place for Native Americans for centuries. It is very dark there and there aren’t any power poles, etc.

One night we were talking and I suggested we call in the spirit beings to our camp. And then I thought that perhaps I could get a picture of some orbs in the event that the spirit beings did decide to join us. The proof is in the following pictures.

At the moment of calling in the orbs, one big one showed up right away.

Giving them time to arrive we waited and then I snapped another photo to see if they were coming.

The orbs seemed to be approaching from above. So I took a shot pointing above the tree.

Coming in for a landing! We were getting really excited and kept encouraging them to approach us. And did they ever!

So I said to her, “quick…run over there so I can get a picture of you with them.” Fleeing in the dark she ran towards the tree, tripped on a rock and fell, got up quickly and I took the picture.

She scared them away and we’re not sure if it was the running towards them or the falling down that did it. There are a couple of them still lingering but subsequent pictures showed no more orbs that evening.

There is magic in the air!

Keep dancing!!!

6 thoughts on “Magical Things … Like Orbs!

    • We called them in to have them show us the earth from their perspective, through the eyes of the old ones. Later that evening without further discussion or sightings of orbs we got what we asked for through our total alignment with intent.


  1. Amazing, there are more things in heaven and earth than philosophy dreams of. I always look forward to your posts, and they don’t cease to fill me with enjoyment. Thank you.


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