Blue Moon – New Cycle of Awareness

Don Juan said that seeing was the crucial element in both the destruction of the ancient seers’ world and in the reconstruction of the new view. It was through seeing that the new seers discovered certain undeniable facts, which they used to arrive at certain conclusions, revolutionary to them, about the nature of man and the world. These conclusions, which made the new cycle possible, were the truths about awareness he was explaining to me. – The Fire From Within

All full moons are energetically powerful. They remind us that when we become too full with thoughts, ideas, indulgences, etc. it is time to gradually release so that we can move back to a state of newness, of emptiness. When we are empty, we begin to become full again, just like the moon. We are filled with new ideas, visions, intuitions; all of which allow us to become more attuned to ourselves so we can continue to move with fluidity through the monthly cycles of renewal and release.

When two full moons occur in one month they are called blue moons and they only appear on an average of once every three years, rarely seen more than once in a single year though this does happen. The last blue moon that appeared was on August 31, 2012. The next blue moon to appear is scheduled for January 31st, 2018. Tonight’s blue moon is very powerful on an energetic level.

We all know that 2012 kind of came and went. The blue moon that occurred in 2012 brought a great emptying. Expectations had been high for a major shift to occur and while nothing of astronomical proportion occurred such as the shit hitting the fan or major catastrophic events, something did indeed happen. Everything went quiet. Some people experienced a sense of loss, loss of creativity, loss of incentive and loss of energy; others were plummeted into states of turmoil and confusion. Things that had seemed important no longer seemed to be so. So the earth did what the earth does. It just kept spinning on within the flow of the universe.

Tonight’s blue moon is bringing another shift. The state of stillness and silence and even aimlessness that had been prevalent over the past few years is moving us into the direction of power. We have had the time to sit in retreat, in deep thought about forward direction and now we are being ushered more deeply into the abstract.

Don Juan said in The Fire From Within, Seers aim to be free, to be unbiased witnesses incapable of passing judgment; otherwise they would have to assume the responsibility for bringing about a more adjusted cycle. No one can do that. The new cycle, if it is to come, must come of itself.

Warrior travelers and seers have been waiting patiently for this new cycle to commence and for the warriors that are emerging. That time is now. This new cycle of warriors know that they must take ownership for everything in their lives. That whatever choices they make require constant acts of creation with commitment and fortitude. They are recognizing that they are free and in this knowing, they are allowing others to be free without trying to alter or influence their chosen path.

The warriors of this new cycle will be leaders but not in the old way of doing what has always been done. They will be the forerunners who lead through example. They will rely on their vision, their seeing, their knowing, and their intuition without becoming stuck in the past. They know that this existence and the sustainability of the planet depend upon their ability to create, recreate and co-create. Those who follow these new warriors are not following blindly; they are doing so because they are able to see the energy that is leading them to freedom.

Keep dancing!


5 thoughts on “Blue Moon – New Cycle of Awareness

  1. Thank you. your insights clarify things my reason cannot express. My energy body knows things well beyond my ken. you express the changes I have experienced since dec 2012 bad, now returning to well. It is time for me to turn around and thank all of you from the emptiness I have recently found. A new syntax: a dire day in the life of a man. The messenger-overwhelmed by folly turned to silence


  2. Butterfly warriors are dancing in the moon light.
    Toltec knowing rings out from the heart of the Earth.
    The torus of time unfolds new beginnings.
    Mind moving far beyond words.


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