higher frequencies

Since the beginning of its creation the Earth has had a pulse of life to which every living organism is connected. This pulse has surrounded and protected all living things with a natural frequency vibration. It is like a heartbeat that unifies everything in a diverse and interdependent web of creation.

Did you know that there is a pulse, an electromagnetic field surrounding the earth that beats at a frequency of 7.83 hertz? More interesting is that this frequency correlates with the average frequency of alpha brain waves in human beings. This is known as the Schumann Resonance.

If we vibrate at a lower frequency than that of the surrounding frequencies, we become dense and heavy. We begin to feel as though we are dragging ourselves through life with a lot of resistance, feeling as though we are under pressure. We feel this way because we are under pressure. It is the basic law of physics. If we are not aligned with the energetic frequency of the Earth, we have essentially increased our body mass, which increases the density. When our bodies are deprived from natural exposure to these frequencies, we are less likely to live in a state of wellness and will become out of balance with the electromagnetic vibrational frequencies of the Earth.

Density consciousness makes us heavy. It is weighted with the fear of death and of separation. It’s no wonder so many people feel lethargic and fearful, they are not in equilibrium with the external vibrational frequency pressure that is surrounding them.

The good news is that more and more people are aligning with the higher frequencies of awareness. They are experiencing an increase in their own vibrational frequency which allows their awareness to become heightened and then they come to know that the better choice is to live authentically and in connection with a higher frequency. The only dream we have is the dream of the planet; the dream of the universe. And the only reality that exists is the one in which we are creators and co-creators.

When we are grounded in our root chakra we are better able to successfully open and clear all of our other chakras through which the flow of unobstructed energy can move continuously through us. This allows us to be energetically nourished and whole which in turn ensures that our vibrational frequencies are rhythmically in sync with everyone and everything around us. This is when we are able to fully be in the natural flow of life in order to live within the moment.

Attuning to earth’s frequency allows us to equalize our pressure so we can be in harmony with Source energy around us. As we begin to increase our energy and align, once again, to the vibrational frequencies that flow through us at all times, we achieve a state of neutral buoyancy, so to speak, and are able to feel the positive effects of this by experiencing lightness, ease, and fluidity. Fear dissolves as it is displaced by the presence of divine love.

Within the vibrational energy of the Earth, we find ourselves to be in the moment without the distractions of the past or the future which allows us to begin to perceive things in a most incredible and new way. It is at this moment that we are completely aligned with the power of creation and the silent knowledge that allows us to know that we already know.


6 thoughts on “higher frequencies

  1. Hiking up to a mountain top is a great way to get into sync with the flow of universal being awareness. If the body cant hike, driving up there and just sitting there is also great. If confined to the home, try reading “Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg” by Pierce. It has a lot to say about how we already know, but our words cut us off from our knowing. Ironic of course, that only with words can we speak to one another over time and space, when we want to be in the flow of time and space where no words can speak.


  2. This is a well written post. I look forward to more information on energetic frequencies in relation to the earth from your perspective. Thank you.


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