the center of consciousness within ourselves

When we live our lives in alignment with the center of consciousness within ourselves, we come to know that our connection with every living thing is an extension of the great energetic flow of awareness that serves as the most transformative force in the universe. This force is the universal life force vibration of pure primal and original energy that resides within us and simultaneously all around us; in everyone, and everything that we know.

This vibration is our connecting link with spirit. It is a harmonic frequency that resonates with the combined, similar energies that invariably produce the state of oneness with all things within the universal life-force flow of infinite energy. To attain this vibrational frequency, practicing mindful meditation or entering into silence allows us to focus on the present moment without judgment. And when we focus on gratitude we find that as we open ourselves to the center of consciousness within ourselves, the energetic vibrations that we send out will be returned to us many times over.

Aligning with the universal life force energy that constantly flows through us while we are in a state of silent gratitude, we may come to find ourselves floating in complete surrender and looking into or feeling into the unknown. Once we get our bearings we begin to understand and come to know what it means to experience the oneness with the Universe. The sacred hoop of eternal oneness is restored. This is the connecting link that unites us to the profundity of an infinite and eternal universe.

Dancing within the sacred hoop we begin to see ourselves reflecting out into the primal life force energy and reciprocally, the primal life force energy mirrors back into us. We realize that we are no longer separate and that we exist in our entirety, as a piece of the oneness of being. When this occurs, we no longer place any emphasis on the “what ifs” in life and simply allow ourselves to be in the flow of “what is” in life. We come to recognize and observe things from a universal perspective which allows us to see the big picture of the interconnectedness of all things.

Like a magical doorway opening into the unknown, the sacred hoop or connecting link is made with the eternal universal life-force energy through our intention, surrender, and gratitude. An undulating vibration is created that moves along the energetic lines of the established connecting link and on either side of the portal, both the infinite and the mortal, we are empowered and energized through an incredible and reciprocal harmonic frequency.

With our awareness expanding as the direct result of our imminent connection to the consciousness within, we are free to create our own story, to co-create with the energy of the universe in a dance of harmonic frequencies and vibrations; the very ones through which we arrived on this planet in the first place.

As more and more people begin to awaken to the universal truth that not only exists in the cosmos but that is a spark of light ready to be ignited within themselves, the opportunities to move forward and evolve into the creative and co-creative beings that we are meant to be will come bursting forth and a deep sense of humility, trust, fluidity, and mutual respect will prevail.

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