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My book received a really cool book review, with this accompanying image from Carlos Castaneda’s book, The Fire From Within, and I want to share it here. It’s been so interesting to receive feedback about the book and I appreciate the time that has been taken by those who have left Amazon book reviews and/or contacted me with personal insights from the readers’ perspective.

Thank you, John, for a very interesting and supportive review!

Beyond Carlos Castaneda’s Teachings: A New Perspective

Rare is the book that comes along that is both a pleasure to read, as well as serves as a treasure trove of insightful knowledge into personal and spiritual growth. Lorraine Voss’s Becoming Awareness is one such book.

Early within “Becoming Awareness”, Lorraine mentions Carlos Castaneda and the books he has written. Some explanation is due to this mention.

Castaneda writings became a knowledge base for a discipline of awareness established by an ancient race called the Toltec. His seminal works started a movement (commonly known as the Toltec Path). While this movement is still very much alive and growing today, there are problems with Castaneda’s teachings today.

Old-World Perception

Castaneda first established his audience during the cold-war era of the 1960s and 70s. While he continued to publish until his death in 1998, he wrote for a world that was greatly unawakened to the problems that seekers face on the Toltec path today.

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