thoughts create reality

Thought is not, as is many times supposed, a mere indefinite abstraction or something of a like nature. It is, on the contrary, a vital, living force, the most vital, subtle and irresistible force there is in the universe. ~ Ralph Waldo Trine, In Tune With the Infinite

Thoughts have the power to create and we must be mindful of the thoughts we put out into the world. My thoughts are most associated with the power and beauty of this sacred earth.

I love the wilderness, the plants and creatures that inhabit this planet. In Robin William’s movie, What Dreams May Come, the characters created their reality through their thoughts. William’s reality was of creating beauty and since I first saw that movie I have held the intention to create even more beauty in my life in the manner through which he did in the movie, by making my thoughts my reality. To imagine flowers at my feet and seeing them become manifest at the next footfall. While living in Oregon, I manifested a Japanese maple tree. I wanted one so much but never purchased it. One day, while picking blackberries on the perimeter of my yard, lo and behold, a Japanese maple that was about 18” tall was growing under the berry patch. I transplanted it and it grew very big in a short period of time.

One of the ways through which I create my reality is to plant flowers and grow my own food. I love having a garden to nurture and nourish and it nurtures and nourishes me. Whenever I feel as though I am lacking balance or connection, all I need to do is put my hands in the soil and connect with the earth. All of the energy that no longer serves me is absorbed by the earth and transformed into energetic food for my yard.

My backyard is my sanctuary, an oasis in the middle of the desert. I harvested potatoes yesterday that I didn’t even plant, they grew of their own accord from the compost that I turn into my garden all winter. The broccoli, garlic, onions, squash and some of the tomato plants were volunteers this year too.

In my yard there are bird seed feeders, bird baths, and hummingbird feeders. A new addition this year is a Bullock’s Oriole feeder and these amazing bright orange birds come and drink the same sweet nectar as the hummingbirds. There is an herb garden with culinary sage, oregano, thyme, and parsley and fruit trees that include nectarines, apricots, peaches, apples, and figs. I love to can my own food and got a huge haul of figs this year with which I made preserves. Yumm and thank you fig tree! The peaches are abundant too but they aren’t ripe enough to pick. The birds would think otherwise and I happily share this abundance with them as I wonder if there will be any left without pecks in them when them come to sweet and ripe fullness.

So-called weeds love my backyard too and some of them are so beautiful and add a nice touch. After years of living in different geographic regions and painstakingly nurturing the beautiful Datura plant for its beauty and fragrant flowers, which attract hummingbird moths and butterflies, they grow wild in my yard. Plants that are labeled as annuals think they are perennial when they come to my garden and they bloom year after year without fail. My medicine man said to me that you can grow anything anywhere with the right intention. And so it is.

The butterflies flutter through the yard, the birds sing, the bees hum, the lizards sun on the rocks, and other critters including bull snakes, sand snakes, and even tarantulas thrive as a result of this incredible oasis. At night the crickets are so loud bringing me much joy through their evening serenade. People who visit are nourished by its natural simplicity and its splendor, becoming part of the beauty in which they exist in those moments. Everything in the garden emanates life and beauty, death and rebirth. The nurturing energy of life that is absorbed by those who visit often walk it out into the world. Some create their own backyard oasis or some other incredible, thriving reality that feeds themselves and others. And so the ripple goes.

This amazing opportunity of life on earth presents us with the ability to live in harmony with Source energy and all of its creation. When we recognize our oneness with all things, we harmoniously resonate with the infinite.

With which thoughts do you create your garden of life?

7 thoughts on “thoughts create reality

  1. El Cuervo truly is a wizard of lodge building. Walk in Beauty indeed. At first glance I thought you wrote, “The teachers are abundant too but they aren’t ripe enough to pick.” But of course, that couldn’t be true – the teachers (and teachings) are abundant and all around us, and certainly ripe and overflowing with wisdom, as is evident from the photos of your lovely casita. ─Coyote running in circles


  2. What beautiful art abounding everywhere in your pictures. Interesting post about thought creating reality. I can recall exploring this deeply–around the time we met. Remember thinking “I need a chair to put by the fire pit” and the next day an old chair fell off someone’s truck right in front of our driveway. However, that manifesting never seemed to work well when I wanted something too much. An ease of being in harmony with Source, an almost effortless allowing, seemed to open that doorway.


    • I hear what you are saying. Manifestation comes about by merely connecting with the flow, with intent. Desire and attachment to outcome seems to negate the whole process! 🙂


  3. Bought some herbs, not realizing they were hydroponically raised. the label said they wouldn’t make it, but I planted them (a window garden as I live in an apt.) and fed them, and watered them in a large pot, and now they are thriving. I love the aroma they give, rosemary and sage and basil. All doing well and they give so much loveliness to the place. So even a small garden can be a huge joy. Your post reminds me of a time I was house sitting and caring for a garden. I sat down to enjoy a cup of tea, and a butterfly landed on my shoulder. somehow I went into a state of satori, as long as the butterfly remained, about 15 minutes. My gift to that garden, weeding, and cultivating, the gardens gift to me, a reminder of the spirit.


    • I too have enjoyed the power of the butterfly. It is said to represent transformation and it sounds like you were gifted just that from the butterfly. Yes, small gardens bring much joy. Decades ago, when I lived in a city apartment five stories high, I had lots of houseplant and herbs. I also created a very nice rooftop get-away. No one else ever went up there so always had the roof to myself. We can create our reality where ever we live, however we want.


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