re-membering our infinite connection

Too much emphasis is placed upon the personal. The burning flame of Spirit, the purity, wholeness, and wisdom, are no longer fueled and are burning themselves out. Self-identity and Spirit must be brought back into balance through individuation. This will allow for an awakening of subconscious qualities.  People will remember the nature of being human within the universe, this vast sea of awareness. They will remember why they projected themselves into human form upon the Earth in the first place. ~ Becoming Awareness

Individuation is a quest for wholeness; a remembering of the self. Without getting into the detailed psychology of the individuation process which, incidentally, includes a lot of recapitulation, when the collective unconscious is brought into consciousness we are able to re-member who we are and why we are here. This brings us to a state of balance.

Integration of all aspects of the personality brings forth the totality of oneself, free from cultural and archetypal forms that one has been conditioned to identify with. A healthy ego is the center of consciousness within us and provides us with a sense of uniqueness, the wisdom that we are to function as individuals and not mechanistic copies of each other. When we recognize the center of consciousness within, we are able to merge into wholeness.

Wholeness allows us to function from states of awareness that help us to recognize unity, our intimate connection with all of life. Burning with the fire from within we are able to perceive that in honoring our differences and accepting our uniqueness as individuals, we are all equal. This equality extends from our human family to include plants, animals, minerals, planets, solar systems…everything. We are able to see the great net or web of life that unites us all. When we re-member, we are uniting our physical form with the energy of the cosmos and entering into the great flow of life.

In witnessing and connecting the rhythms of nature and the cosmos, we come into acceptance of who we are as individuals. We are able to live as the creator beings we were destined to be. Surrender replaces control, trust replaces fear. Our lives become an outward expression of peace, ease, beauty, joy, and love. The return to ourselves, free of archetypal symbolism, is the freedom that allows us to move through the manifestation of form as pure awareness with infinite connection.

Keep dancing!


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