perception, perspective, and potential

Presto! Consider the pervasive perspectives of profane politicians with potentials to fixate the position of people’s assemblage points in an attempt to permeate, and pervade reality without permission. The penetration of pointless propaganda that promotes poisonous points of view is poised to perpetuate perplexity while placing us in the predicament of a precarious plunge into a pestilent existence. Putting us in peril of a state of platitude, we pause to ponder this illusion of persuasive power. If you find this paragraph to be puzzling and perplexing, just remember it’s possible to promote a positive and persuasive paradigmatic permutation of peace and profundity beyond the patterns of puppeteering. Patience and persistence are pertinent as we poignantly and poetically persist in a pragmatic manner to prevail in pure perception. ~ LV

When we become aware of something through one of our senses, to include our sixth sense of intuition, we perceive; we become aware of something. Our ability to perceive provides us with a way to interpret and understand our world. How we each perceive differs vastly based upon the conditions that shaped our reality. Enter in perspective.

Perspective is our point of view or opinion about something. Perspectives provide a frame of reference that allows us to filter perceptions in order to create meaning. We do this based on our particular frame of reference that is unique to each individual based upon our attitudes, values, culture, or belief system. Perspectives allow us to discern, reason, and form opinions to determine appropriate, as well as inappropriate, responses to people and situations. These perspectives lead to penetration.

Penetration is an extension of one’s perspective or influence into another. It is an act of power that has the potential to greatly impact a person, society, culture, or nation. Penetration may be carried out as a mutual understanding or consensual acceptance where multiple parties reach agreement and conformity. It may also be presented in a subtle, coercive manner or as a plain out attack. This penetration of thought infiltrates people’s minds and puts them in the mode of pro, con, or neutral about the perspective that is being offered.

A perception that has turned into a perspective that penetrates the thoughts of people has the potential to become pervasive. The perspective that exists regarding a specific perception now has the probability of wide-spread belief which serves to greatly influence people. As the pervasive penetrating perspective that was born of perception spreads quickly it often become accepted as the norm, even if it is not favorable, and has the potential to permeate the minds of millions, like the spread of a virus. All this from a single point of perception.

Rather than living within a state of fear, dread, anger, confusion, distrust, and all of the many other adjectives that can be used to describe the current state of our existence, consider a perception – a point of awareness – that is free of the predatory evil of mass corruption and consumption, and that has an equal opportunity to prevail and overcome.

We are that point of awareness and unlike a terrible plague or  virus being unleased onto the population, we have the opportunity to become human Mycelium, a network of fine white filaments (energy) reaching outwards that works as an antidote to remedy out-moded, patternistic behaviors. Our spread of collective higher consciousness has the power to detoxify seemingly resistant attitudes and promote new growth. We are the mycelium.

It may be that we are puppets – puppets controlled by the strings of society. But at least we are puppets with perception, with awareness. And perhaps our awareness is the first step to our liberation. ~ Stanley Milgram

Disclaimer: I don’t associate with a specific political party. In the words of John Trudell, I’m just a human being trying to make it in a world that is very rapidly losing its understanding of being human.


6 thoughts on “perception, perspective, and potential

  1. Hi Lorraine, Great article. It is a good reminder that regardless of how things appear that they are only perceptions, some of them mass perceptions. Our own perceptions are just as valid, we don’t have to accept the default.

    Hope all is well Steve


  2. Hang gliders hang onto the wind and trust. We will raise the bar. We have wings, and we can fly. Because we live in eternity, the alien installation has no power over us. it is trapped in time and tries to mislead us because it hates our creativity and freedom. we go gently because we know there is no night. all is light, all is star dust, the spirit lives forever. Pray for it to descend on everyone you know.


    • Yes indeed. We are eternal beings and are witnessing life on Planet Earth reach a tipping point. Spirit lives forever, and the spirit of this beautiful earth lives within each of us. Thank you!


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