“Crazy Horse is coming. Crazy Horse is coming!” Off toward the west and north they were yelling “Hókahé!” like a big wind roaring, and making the tremolo; and you could hear the eagle bone whistles screaming.” ~ Black Elk as transcribed by John Neihardt, Black Elk Speaks

It is often said that the Lakota phrase, Hókahé, was Crazy Horse’s battle cry to mean today is a good day to die but this is incorrect. Hókahé loosely translates to let’s go! yeah! I’m not afraid, and let’s unite!

Oh how my heart aches, how my skin crawls, and how my mind cannot begin to make sense of what is going on in the US. I am not one to cry easily but every time I see a post or an article on DAPL or Trump, the tears fall. Trump’s attitude of leading the country as a greedy dictator, who has not the resume or qualifications for his “new job”, confuses me to no end. DAPL’s inhumane and sickening behavior in their attempt to greedily consume and endanger our county, our planet, and all her inhabitants’ rocks me to the core, of which, incidentally, Trump is a share holder. Trump’s idea of making America great again is an act of undermining all of the amazing successes and evolutionary events that have been accomplished over the past seven decades in order to restore us to the so-called Golden Age. We cannot allow his misplaced nostalgia to trump the rest of us.

Back in 2009 I wrote a blog called Freedom from the Machine. The original post, (before I had temporarily removed all my posts from the internet during my own rage against the machine), had received about 90 comments from readers who are sick to death of being controlled and manipulated while history repeats itself over and over again.

While we are each able to attain our own individual freedom, turn a blind eye, and look away, even that is no longer possible and reeks of self-importance. We have to band together and unite, just as the protestors are doing in North Dakota.  They are the example, the precedent and catalyst for what’s to come, and they have my deepest respect as they connect deeply with the Earth, our Source, in order to protect her and all of us. The Earth is where it all begins and it’s no accident that this protest is the driving force of what we are headed for. Pilamaya! Thank you to my tokala (warrior) brothers and sisters who are standing rocks at Standing Rock for your bravery, courage, and fortitude.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse has called for all people to join him at Standing Rock on Sunday, December 4th, for an Interfaith Day of Prayer. Whether you align with intent, pray, meditate, chant, sing, cry, hold a c’anupa (sacred pipe), or just plain light a candle, it is time to unite all of our energies with the intention of creating an incredible shift of the assemblage point, one that will show the world that we, the people, are more than just sheep within a flock.

The Earth is our Source, not a resource, and as Carlos Castaneda said, The refocusing of the Earth’s attention is the product of the combined action of many generations of naguals. The new seers conceived of it as a possibility, and discovered that it was part of the Rule. They incubated it with their intent, and determined that now is the time to begin it. To move the fixation of the planet is the only way out from the dramatic state of slavery to which we have been reduced. The course of our civilization has no exit, because we are isolated in a remote location of the cosmos. If we don’t learn how to travel along the avenues of awareness, we will come to such a state of frustration and despair that humanity will end up destroying itself. Our options are the way of the warrior, or extinction.

The protestors and tokalas of DAPL know this and are in the front lines undertaking this humongous task. We all have the energetic potential to incubate it with our intent.

In know it’s difficult but Keep Dancing! Hókahé!!!


24 thoughts on “hókahé!

  1. Got kinnikinnik and the chanupa on loan to me, will pray with it sunday. sent some help to our local community. the donald lost by 2.5 million votes, 21% of those who did vote for him said they detest him, but detest SHillary more. When he said he will make Americia great again, I heard Grate again, as in my teeth grate, or look at that sewer grate. He is trying to take us all down the tubes working from Hitler’s play book. Hoka to all the Earth and Water Protectors who are standing in the snow being blasted with water cannons, rubber bullets, tear gas canisters to the head, being bitten by dogs. While The Rump counts his billions, (200 million invested in Dapl)
    and appoints anti women, anti gay, anti minority, pro KKK to cabinet posts. I thought W was bad, I thought Nixxon was the pits, but this is a time warp back to the 1880s.
    Cointelpro is running on stearoids again. They have the guns, but we have Wakan Tanka. Solidarity will prevail.


    • Pipes, not pipelines. I will connect and fill the oyate and vision pipes, that I carry, on December 4th and plan to keep them loaded until December 8th. My Lakota elder taught me that for very deep and complex matters that the c’anupa gathers power from all the directions and similar intentions and prayers when it sits filled for four full days before being smoked out. It is no accident that December 8 is also the symbol for infinity because Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit) is the infinite mystery – the universal life force energy that flows through all things.
      Wakan Tanka nici un!


    • Thanks, Adam. Drove past Shasta last week and connected with you energetically for a cold and snowy moment. Sorry I did not have time to stop and meet you in person. Another time.


  2. Dreams trouble me of late… as though we are in a later day human phase. Nothing counts more than our mother the earth. Without her we are nothing. My prayers align intent, Intent, INTENT with Standing Rock. I too will raise the vibration a search deal for renewed hope.


  3. The rule of rhe nagual was a chance at freedom when i reached that point i found god there confessing it was just a point to examine while contemplating blind faith wo the examination of what truth would be revealed at the conclusion of the inclusive reality of living in a 40 to 50 dimensional reality. Did i mention 40 or 50 core. Dimension is not total it is a portion of the dimensional truth. The total truth is a surmised one being that the goal was given by inorganic scouts to make us unwitting particapatants in a secret agenda.remember the forgein mind is total it is us we have no spare inch to move if we do we mist know ot is a lie. Truth be told our only weapon against them is if they overabuse the system galactic war woild break out
    Energy and resources even those of concious beings is all harvested by the highest form in this galaxy


      • At what point do u think self reflection begins.have u addressed the matter that our mind is not our own .not the matrix mind not the subconcious I ether. We are held seperate from our energy body. Who do u think controls it. A name please if u will .


  4. I believe that we have 8 years to change the intent. As im the “indian” from Serbia, the only country that has been bombarded in1999 by the Clintons, you can extrapolate a conclusion. No, Trump is not the soltion….we all are….we have 8 years…


  5. The primary principle needed to prevail over the predatory practices of those who seek to pervert the public perspective, is to promote the progressive values of pwer to the people through promoting peace above the perilous program of war, which always becomes the main position which ultimately is pushed into the forefront when fascist policies proliferate, threatening progressive and healthy wholistic values.

    This implies the primary need to politically transform the public perception regarding capital punishment which is the primary impediment to our society’s ability to move beyond barbarism.

    Then, if faced with the impending perils of inevitable wars promoted by pschopaths who pander to narcissim and conlict over peace, the people will have the power to push back against the power of the perverted military industrial complex and provide a practical path promoting healthy social programs nurturing awareness, peace, pragmatic ergonomic and ecological policies that enlist science and enlightenment over failed practices chained to the forces of desrtruction and imprisonment which plagued mankind perenially, prevent passionate and peaceful living and perpetuate the tragedies of civilizations’ past.


  6. We, (funny) must realize we live in a unique time for a short period. And that’s all. Life is wholesome and self explanatory said don Juan. Talk about power and you have all kind of distorted ideas. Someone recently mentioned how information is power. lol, are you sure ?


    • Information and knowledge are power. If the Native American’s living on the reservation where the proposed pipeline was to go through were the only people who knew about it, then they would have been a small minority with a futile cause. Because the information about DAPL spread around the world, people were able to join forces, unite, and rally together to get it stopped. Though there are others, information and knowledge are a form of power.
      Keep dancing!


  7. I am already dead but it looks like a great day for a struggle with folly. Intent and the Earth will prevail beyond mind control, and futile petty propaganda promulgated by the takers-the messenger in final preparations-may your lines all be tight and light…always


    • Yes, agreed, however, the earth will not prevail in this current state of beauty if we continue to zap her resources and essentially poison her. As the population continues to explode and all of the resources are used up we may wind up living on a planet found in the post apocalyptic movies like Mad-Max and the like; a dead planet without a flowing supply of clean water, plant life, and animals. What kind of Earth would that be?


      • Dearest warriors, I should not be so vague, but was insinuating your thoughts- the Earth is already poisoned and the population growth curve and resource depletion curve do not compute- that is the reality (a sad one Indeed). The Eagle showed me how this would go down 36 years ago and thus my preparation for the completion of my task and all the other warriors DJ set up years before that to do the same. I ran out of time 43 YA and now everyone else has too. As a peerless ethnologist, I will say the only consolation is that the worldwide collapse will end the source of the damage: the advent of the capitalist world system and industrial society. It will make the Road Warrior look like a minor skirmish. That is the biggest secret the takers have obscured since 1973 when they figured it out, and for obvious reasons: it does not inspire confidence in their system. The Eagle says that I will be blessed in that I will not have to harm anyone, unlike Mad Max. I pray that a new cycle will appear and you all live the promise of power, whatever path intent has joined you with. Thank you all so much for letting me join with you in Lorraine’s fine forum and best wishes and luck-17 is the number of the Nagual… forever


  8. Yes, Shadowmessenger, you are so correct. And this is a truth that is, for me, difficult to live with. For years I have referred to it as the inevitable. As hard as I try to align with a new band of awareness upon the earth the bottom line is, it’s too late. But to live with that thought in the forefront of my mind is painful and I attempt to align with bands of awareness that are elsewhere, away from this beautiful planet that I have called home for so long. I know that this is my last life in human form upon this earth and it still saddens me to realize that in spite of all of the hard work done by the seers for centuries that the predator is victorious.

    The number 8 comes up three times in these comments – Dec. 8th, 8 years, and 17. Eight is infinity. We are eternal. With deep affection here, now, and always…Lorraine


  9. Years ago I felt the pain of the earth everywhere she was cut open for roads. Then I started walking as much as possible. while walking I saw something else, one, coyote shits in the path way. Two, healing herbs grow continually into the road. Three, ants build their hills next to the road. Four, little critters dig under the roadway, undermining the and healing the destruction. So even in the face of the current dieback, life will come on in a new wave. The time frame of Earth is not the time frame of humans. We are the star people to other planets in other sun systems. Dream and dance in the infinite, and do not let the disasters blast your immortality. A hard lesson. We are not as smart as we like to flatter ourselves with in imagination.
    But we are part of the high spiritual expression of the Creator. Stay in love my friends, and advance in the face of the situation as it is, with clear intent.


  10. Thanks for the beautiful message Jack. I woke up this morning feeling completely detached from everything and marveled over how easy it is to become attached or aligned to a particular story. It is sometimes difficult to remain in a state of fluidity when there are so many fibers and lines of awareness flowing through the ethers. I have discovered that not only can we grab on to specific lines of awareness; those lines can enter our field as though they somehow have importance. The key, as always, to not lose energy to the things that attempt to prevent us from aligning with total freedom.


  11. The eternals and immortals are having their day right now. As warrior, death has become the great advisor… it has been for years, like many here… but of late more clarity and simplicity. As warriors, we know just how temporary everything is, so we love, live and laugh as completely as we can in the moment or even cry. Easy to let the immortals convince us that the temporary is so important. Their story of infinity not the one we see daily. And thus we are already free. What an amazing thing to experience all this and that…. let go of the eternals and immortals they will destroy themselves when they run into time… never really knowing infinity…….. 8/0


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