A Dark Force

Sadly, we are up against a lot of challenges, distractions, perplexities, confusion, resistance, sadness, bewilderment, helplessness, and anger, as we try to figure out how we have arrived to the mess we’re in.

In lieu of all that is occurring right now, I am giving away a free chapter entitled A Dark Force from my book Becoming Awareness.

This chapter illustrates how the dark force, also known as the predator, infiltrates the minds of humans in order to disrupt, confuse, and dilute the natural flow and balance of life. I hope this chapter provides a deeper understanding to the age-old patterns of consumption, power, and greed that must be transformed and put to rest, once and for all.

Excerpt from chapter:

“The predator,” Alejandro continued, “is energy, not a being. Though working through humans on Earth, it is a predatory energy that over the course of thousands of years has had its lines enmeshed in everything: government, money, food, religion and spirituality, education, resources, and wilderness. It imposes itself upon us in every aspect of our lives by attempting to remove our decision making authority and has a hold over us in a subtle form of slavery. Slavery to an illusory world of man-made concepts that only serve to keep those who reside in a state of influence and power, lucrative and in control.


With a deeper understanding of the centuries of tyranny that have brought us to this moment I believe that together we can continue to shift the energy of the planet so we may evolve into a sustainable, balanced, and peaceful existence.

Keep dancing!


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