Unity vs Solidarity


The warrior seeks impeccability in his own eyes and calls that humbleness. The average man is hooked to his fellow men, while the warrior is hooked only to himself. You’re after the self-confidence of the average man, when you should be after the humbleness of a warrior. The difference between the two is remarkable. – Carlos Castaneda, Tales of Power

The world is reeling from the infiltration of the predator having become so immense, the biggest humanity has ever experienced and the current state of frustration is due to so many corrupt and deceitful things that are deeply rooted in centuries old Illuminati and Deep State conditioning and control. What we need now is not unity, it’s solidarity. While unity is unaccountable oneness and the total buy-in of single-mindedness for one single organized effort for a common purpose, solidarity is a countable bond of unity between individuals united around a common goal. That said, solidarity will unite everyone in their effort to maintain their individuality without blindly acquiescing in “unity” for a one-mind, same-mind existence. Fine line indeed.

Freedom has been the backbone to the articles I have been writing since I started blogging in 2007. Freedom from the Machine, Personal Freedom, Freedom from the Man-Made Matrix, Freedom from the Dominant Paradigm, Freedom from the Predator, Freedom from the Foreign Installation, Freedom from the voices in your head, Freedom from Routines, Habits, and Patterns, Freedom from Illusion, Freedom from Perception, Freedom from Suffering, Freedom from the Mold of Man, Evolutionary Freedom, Freedom from the Social Order, Freedom from Dogma, Freedom from the Karmic Wheel of Life and Rebirth, Freedom from the Madness. And so it goes.

Freedom is the drive to my existence (some might call this a purpose) and is the so-called contract that I adhere to in my attempt and passion to keep humanity strong in its connection to what is authentic and real. What has always mattered to me is that we are not held prisoner by the greedy few who would attempt to consume us in ensuring their false sense of power grows by exerting so much control upon us until we eventually acquiesce and become like them. Hiding behind masks, wolves in sheep’s clothing. How very fitting.

This past year with Covid and the election has been extremely challenging for me as a warrior of freedom. I have written several recent articles expressing this, predominantly on Covid and the loss of free speech and believe me when I tell you, there is so much more I wanted to write, to express, to say. I have refrained because experiences with people, including friends I have known for a long time as warriors of freedom and who I trusted have raised their voices and yelled at me when I expressed my opinion, put their hands over their ears if I debated something, or pounded their fists on tables to prevent me from expressing my thoughts. I quickly learned that it was best to shut-up and instead of fighting or arguing I chose to listen to them and give them my love. This is the best way to preserve my integrity, to not give them power or cause them to lose energy. Utter impeccability.

The majority of people rarely take the time to do research to determine what it is that will serve the greater good of the whole. Instead, they either do what their friends are doing or do the things that best serve them in the moment. Selfishness replaces selflessness without the ability to see any ripple effects that might affect the greater whole.

The intention of my blog has always been for the fostering and preservation of awareness and I will continue to write about just that, even if some of it comes down to venting my frustration, but who am I, after all, to be so bold as to try and convince anyone of my own personal beliefs? You are free to choose just as I am.

What I leave you with is the premise of Dr. King’s quote, Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. There has been not greater time on this planet than now to diffuse the fear and anger by walking in love and light. I am not going to fight for my freedom by fighting. There is nothing to fight for, we are already free. The best any of us can do is to continually remind ourselves to remain unplugged and disengaged from an illusory fight.

We have to remember that we came to this earth to play, to thrive. So play! Thrive! By connecting with the earth I am returning my focus to higher consciousness and my connection to the eternal with the knowledge that this life is but a short stop on the highway of universal existence. Transcendence! What a long strange trip it’s been.

In solidarity,

30 thoughts on “Unity vs Solidarity

  1. Thank you Lorraine ! You can vent all you like as I believe the people reading your articles are like minded and going through the same troubles and obstacles.
    When I read your article I sort of felt relieved that someone else feels the same . It was like reading my own life and mind.
    After doing so much shadow work in 2020 , I am now creating my own reality ( at least trying ! ) I go for very long walks every day and concentrate on doing the garden and staying present. I realized I had started drinking too much wine in the evenings to fall asleep , so I have given that up totally and my mind seems to have stopped racing.
    Well …. life is just an experience so I suppose we have to get through it .
    All the best


    • Thanks for your kind words Sarah, and congratulations on your success in the creation of your own reality!!! I will continue to write about freedom in constructive ways and from the perspective of higher awareness. It felt as though I got caught up in the sludge and my personal feelings got in the way. Most of the links and videos that I had posted in my Covid rant had been removed, disabled, or deleted anyway. I stand by my beliefs and my words.


  2. We live and learn. Warriors DO fight for their freedom….., but we are not inclined to attempt the folly of fighting for the freedom of others! This world will always be in turmoil. FYI, I agree with your stated sentiments. Personally, I WILL fight for the Earth.

    A bit of preaching to the choir, if you will:

    The first principle of the art of stalking is that warriors choose their battleground.
    The second principle of the art of stalking is to discard everything that is unnecessary.
    The third principle – A warrior must be willing and ready to make his last stand.
    The fourth principle of the art of stalking is; relax, abandon yourself, fear nothing.
    The fifth-when faced with odds that cannot be dealt with, warriors retreat for a moment.
    The sixth principle: warriors compress time; even an instant counts.
    And Seventh- A stalker never pushes himself to the front.

    Enowah Awaho,


    • Thanks, Jaggg, and I understand. At times I digress knowing full well “each to his own.” 🙂 Thanks also for the principles of stalking, a necessary reminder. It’s time for a much needed vacation from this tonal. Peace and gratitude.


    • Jaggg: Thank you for sharing these insights into being a warrior!

      I am quite certain that the dark occultists wanting to fully enslave humanity know all about these principles, and we would all do well to follow them scrupulously! Personally, I have the biggest challenge with #5 because I can be very impatient (“Why does every here TAKE SO LONG?!?!”), haha. The good news is I know where my work must be done.😉

      Also, preaching to the choir is crucial, as we can all benefit from new perspectives of new preachers: The predator has many eyes/ears, and so must we warriors, all!


  3. Loraine keep on venting and never stop, after all though we are warriors we are still human and we all have to relieve our pressure especially now that the predator is in full force and he is manifesting through dirty politics, there, I said it.


    • LOL! Thanks Philip, I appreciate your kindness. Yes, we are indeed human and I feel as though we are being tested to the extreme. The hard part over the past year has been the amount of fragmentation that is occurring in humanity, by humanity. It becomes difficult to be a witness to it and to be a part of it. Everything that everyone has ever known is being stripped away all at once and I find myself seeing people I know and friends in despair, hopelessness, isolation, and fear. It’s all so overwhelming and I want to scream from the highest mountain “You’re being lied to!” But in my deepest heart of hearts I know that this just adds to the confusion. To be a being of love and light is what is most needed at this time because these are the things that dispel fear and hopelessness. All we can do is be the best we can under maximum tension. Namaste.


  4. Warriors have no friends; they may have allies, but do not have relationships that would cause them to deny their their own person, remove their posts so as not to offend. The truth is never offensive


    • I appreciate your response. I did not remove my posts due to friends, I will never speak anything but my truth with those I consider friends whether they want to hear it or not. I removed the posts because I made recent events personal and my blog has always been written to foster and preserve awareness for the greater good of the whole, not as a platform to express my own agenda. Thanks so much for reading and contributing.


      • I too have thought on my post to you. One of the things that Don Juan said to Carlos impressed me. He was talking about a big cat they had encountered, cougar, panther, I forget. He pointed out that Carlos would not judge the cat if it came charging at him, consider hi violent, aggressive, a bad cat. No, he would immediately charge to avoid being killed. Bad and good are relative terms that only serve to quell the populace. There is violence in the world and people do stupid things. One needs to protect oneself and, if possible, change the situation — the path of heart.


        • Yes, I agree. And it is with passion, not fear, that a warrior protects oneself. To run headfirst into battle with ferocity, fortitude, and a knowing ‘that they can take our lives but they can’t take our freedom.’ The last part is a quote from William Wallace, aka Braveheart. And, I agree. 🙂


  5. I woke up early this morning, too early, and thought about this article and how I expressed in it that freedom has been the backbone to all my articles. I decided to update the links and republish the articles that I deleted because these posts are essential to our freedom from the predator. I guess I briefly lost my mind in the chaos of overarching mind-control. Something like that. I stand by my beliefs and will continue to take a stand.


    • Lorraine, I’m SO GLAD you did the updates and reposts! So many of us are second-guessing our warrior words and actions, and I think you are absolutely correct that it is the predator mind-virus creating the freedom-quashing chaos that can take even the strongest of us out of heart-centeredness on occasion.

      I myself have had more of these “oh-no-I-shouldn’t-have” moments in the past 9 months than in the rest of my life combined! Whether that is trying to advocate for employees who don’t want to wear face masks just to keep their job at our local Trader Joe’s, or writing research-based rant posts on Medium.com, or sharing with a long-time friend my real views on the covid, etc., each time I had a “nooooooooooo” moment (or twenty, haha) when I regretted my words or actions. But each of those moments drifted away under my quantum observership, and I saw that the power of my voice/words/actions IS THE CREATOR MOVING THROUGH ME.

      For I envision the Divine Life and Sacred Home we were originally promised before the predator/invader/evil began to invert it, and part of my existence here is to send these “parasitic, pathogenic occupiers” BACK TO ENTROPY so we can once again “see” our forever-freedom as we live it, moment by moment.

      And so I encourage you to keep your amazing groove going, girl! Dance, dance, dance!


      • Thanks for your support Sharine. I agree 100% that spirit is moving through us in an attempt to reveal the truth in order to overcome the darkness. I’m glad that Jaggg’s wise words about the seven principles of stalking on the path of the warrior resonate with you and welcomed the reminder. I think the fifth one – when faced with odds that cannot be dealt with, warriors retreat for a moment – is where I landed the other day. It just feels so overwhelming, all of it, and the feelings of giving up had arisen albeit very briefly. I get to the point of just throwing my hands up in the air saying what’s the point to fighting? And then my warrior nature kicks me in the butt or spirit says, it’s all worth fighting for and I realize that this is basically my so-called purpose. To fight for freedom. I watched BraveHeart last night for the first time in 20 years and right before the Scotts charge the British on the battle field he says, “Aye! Fight and you may die. Run and you will live, at least awhile. And dying in your beds many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days from this day to that for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives but they will never take our FREEDOM!” Feeling pumped and ready to continue the dance. Thank you so much!


  6. Hi Lorraine
    Why was my comment not approved? Did I say something unprintable?
    anyway, I came back to provide some more information on the dangers of the vaccine that I hope get shared far and wide.

    detailed understanding of what is really being delivered here.
    please let me know privately or however, what happened to my post and why it wasn’t approved. Thank you Lorraine.




    • Hi Kara, I only see this comment here, did you write something else? I am strongly opposed to this vaccine and I’m happy to share your videos. I had put together a blog about the dangers of vaccines but I didn’t post it. It’s been difficult to pick my battlefields. Thanks for contributing and getting the word out there.


      • So strange. Well I reposted below. So funny this happened, as I didn’t know if I should share this personal experience, and I wasn’t sure of how I should begin to warn people, then your blog gave me the courage.
        thank you!


      • Hi Sharine,
        In a conversation with Jarrod, he has also looked into terrain theory, and would likely agree with your thoughts! Thank you for more links. His opinion, and I tend to agree, is that there is Way more to this then even terrain theory. Stay diligent and discerning!!!


        • Kara, I too have looked into terrain theory and find much missing. The human mind/body/spirit complex is far too, complex, haha, to separate out cells from thoughts, or unhealed ancestral trauma from current physical pain, for two examples.

          There is also Tolerance Theory, but it too deals mostly with the physical body and does not fully address our mental/spiritual capabilities, nor the fact that we have been f**ked with by dark occultists and their Luciferian exotic technology worshiping “friends” for millennia.

          As I keep saying (from Crosby, Stills & Nash): “We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden”!


        • Excellent, I love his thorough explanations and research-backed facts!

          And—not to toot my own horn too loudly—but I have done a few tons of research myself and have been vocal about most of these same points since last February, before CovAIN’T supposedly hit the States.

          I’m so glad to have found Lorraine’s blog and you!💖


  7. This is a post from Karafree. For whatever reason it was blocked from coming through in the comments section.
    The following is from Kara:
    Here is the message I have tried 2x to post and share with you and others. Please feel free to post it.

    Hi Lorraine,
    Thank you once again for sharing your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, your struggles, and why you make the choices that you make. You are a brave and caring soul, with the talent to help others, and it can be very difficult to help others when they are walking their own path through their own fortress or doors of perceptions.
    Last week, I had just arrived in the Mts. of Winter Park CO. for a little get away and to meet up with my daughter. Not even 15 minutes after arriving to the cabin I got a call from my mom. She told me that my brother-in-law was on life support, he had suffered a massive heart attack. He was found unconscious about an hour after he received his second jab of the V. He was put on life support and pronounced 2 days later when there was no sign of brain activity. His case was reported to the CDC for investigation. He was only 56 years.
    It was only a week before that I had called my sister and tried to convince her not to take it, and a week before that I had tried to convince my mother not to as well.
    Neither of them listened then and even after the death of my brother in law, they have taken the V.
    I share this personal story because it made a profound impact on my understanding of how each of us is walking in our own reality bubble and it’s very hard to really communicate what you perceive and have others really be able to stand in your shoes and see what you see.
    Speaking of reality bubbles and perceptions, beliefs, and how we create our realities, I’d like to share what I experienced immediately after the devastating phone call from my mom. The winds started to pick up wildly, the weather report said to expect hurricane force
    winds up to 80 miles per hour especially in the higher elevations. I was with my son, in a strange new place, no feel yet for it, no supplies, no flashlights, and reeling from the news. I was still crying from the conversation with my mom who insisted that she still planned to take the V.
    Suddenly the electricity went out and the winds picked up with ferocity. I felt my way through the pitch blackness to my bed and laid down, and instead of crying about everything I started to laugh. It’s like the whole scene was echoing/mirroring my inner turmoil, my greatest fears or being powerless, my inability to do anything about what was happening.

    The lights remained out for the next 10 hours. When I awoke the next day I realized that the only thing we do have control over is our own inner development. The only thing we can do is be true to ourselves, in being compassionate to self, in being honest to self, hopefully our light becomes strong enough so that it shines through to others, and we can come together in solidarity. Until then being alone is not so lonely, it’s our opportunity to do our work and become the powerful Spiritual Beings We Truly Are.

    Your light shines Lorraine, I hear you, and I see your life’s work! keep on shining… And Dancing!!!



    • Dear Kara, I’m so sorry for your loss and the turmoil you are experiencing as you try to make sense of how such a harmful thing such as the vaccine is being administered to people. There certainly seems to be more than enough evidence that this is life-threatening. You said, “The only thing we can do is be true to ourselves, in being compassionate to self, in being honest to self, hopefully our light becomes strong enough so that it shines through to others, and we can come together in solidarity,” and I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing more frustrating that “seeing” or knowing the truth and having so many people ignore it. I just shake my head in disbelief. Thanks for also sharing the part about the electricity going out and the winds coming with ferocity. In my experience and from stories from others I have come to know that the wind comes in with all it’s force (or thunder, lightening, and power outages) when we are in need of validation from spirit that we are on the right track. Stand strong in your knowing that you are on the right track.


      • Lorraine, thank you for sharing your perspective, understanding and confirmation of the wind and spirit. This really hit home for me… So emotional about it all. The next day, the Sun came out, and as we were hiking a Lone Crow came swooping down out of the pines and circled my daughter and me. I started to cry, and my daughter asked what was wrong. I told her the Crow was a sign and to watch because it would return. The next day we were heading into the grocery and the Lone Crow flew over me as I was walking into the building, I stopped to watch it and it circled above me then disappeared over the building. I exclaimed to my daughter “See I told you it would come again” The day we were leaving, while I was applying chains to the tires in the garage, I heard the cawing of the crow,
        I stepped out of the garage and looked for the crow. There it was on a branch sitting and looking down at me. We looked at each other for a few seconds then it flew up into the air, circled over me and flew away.

        “Crows symbolize transformation and change. They are watchful creatures that have a sharp and powerful foresight. If you cross a crow and think of it as an adverse outcome, then you must remember that this is just one of the many possible results. You can tap into the potent power of this bird to transform the bad into foresight or something useful.

        The crow represents change or transformation. But much more than that, it refers more to a spiritual or emotional change. These intelligent birds give us valuable insight into situations around us and help us adapt as needed.”

        a quote from Native American Crow symbolism and understanding.

        Thank YOU Lorraine, You’ve just confirmed my special experience with the Crow!


        • Kara, I always appreciate your research and clarifications on misunderstood spiritual concepts, in this case, on crows. Your recent personal experience in Colorado is very intense!

          In our little housing development, we have a park that attracts lots of crows. It’s funny, though, how we don’t hear/see them every day. Now, when I do, I think of you explaining the crow symbology. Last week, we visited a nearby lake for a picnic lunch. There were SO MANY CROWS around us. We have visited that lake several times a year since 2000, and I don’t EVER remember there being even a few of them!

          I will be watching/listening for crows! xoxo


          • Thanks Sharine,
            I love hearing your Crow experience.
            It was you who said to me “Mountains and vast forested terrain are alive with wisdom and healing energy!”
            And it was the experience of the Lone Crow that validated this knowing.
            Bring on the Crows!

            They really are very intelligent birds. I have read many stories of their ability to watch humans, bring humans gifts, understand a human’s personality and develop a relationship with humans.


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